Levy County, Florida

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Church of Christ
Little White
Long Pond
Morning Star
Mount Bethel
Mount Erie
Mount Moriah
Mount Pleasant
New Hope
New Zion (Chiefland)
New Zion (Williston)
Pine Grove
Rocky Hammock
Shady Grove
Saint Johns

Churches of Levy County

Name Latitude Longitude Latitude (degrees) Longitude (degrees) Town
Bethel Church 29.06361 -82.6497 290349N 0823859W Yankeetown
Church of Christ         Morriston
Ebenezer Church 29.50888 -82.72361 293032N 0824325W Newberry SW
Ellzey Church 29.31306 -82.7956 291847N 0824744W Otter Creek
Joppa Church 29.56861 -82.8983 293407N 0825354W Fanning Springs
Little White Church 29.44694 -82.4692 292649N 0822809W Williston
Long Pond Church 29.46 -82.8975 292736N 0825351W Manatee Springs
Morning Star Church 29.47944 -82.8311 292846N 0824952W Chiefland
Mount Bethel Church 29.48167 -82.8303 292854N 0824949W Chiefland
Mount Erie Church 29.21694 -82.7267 291301N 0824336W Lebanon Station
Mount Moriah Church 29.21333 -82.7303 291248N 0824349W Lebanon Station
Mount Pleasant Church 29.47778 -82.8314 292840N 0824953W Chiefland
New Hope Church 29.38861 -82.4183 292319N 0822506W Williston
New Zion Church 29.49417 -82.7558 292939N 0824521W Chiefland
New Zion Church 29.44167 -82.47 292630N 0822812W Williston
Nolan Church 29.44417 -82.4647 292639N 0822753W Williston
Pine Grove Church 29.57139 -82.4097 293417N 0824635W Trenton
Rocky Hammock Church 29.36583 -82.8631 292157N 0825147W Otter Creek
Saint Johns Church 29.49 -82.8233 292924N 0824924W Chiefland
Shady Grove Church 29.57722 -82.7653 293438N 0824555W Trenton
Union Church 29.50444 -82.7403 293016N 0824425W Newberry SW
Wacahoota Church 29.47972 -82.4142 292847N 0822451W Williston

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