Levy County, Florida

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Bronson Elem
Bronson High
Cedar Key High
Chiefland Elem
Joyce M Bullock Elem
Williston High
Williston Intermiditate

Schools Of Levy County, Fl

Here is a collection of schools that were or currently active in Levy Co.  If you know of a school that has closed down or have information on any of the schools such as year established, teachers, administrator, general stories or have class pictures that you would like to share please contact me.  I hope to have more detail information on each school, but it takes your help and involvement to create this site for all to enjoy.

School Board of Levy County:  www.levycountyschools.org

Feature Name Latitude Longitude Town
Bronson Elementary School 292647N 0823806W Bronson
Bronson High School 292700N 0823755W Bronson
Cedar Key High School 290824N 0830205W Cedar Key
Chiefland Elementary School 292812N 0825153W Chiefland
Chiefland High School 292913N 0825138W Chiefland
Joyce M Bullock Elementary School 292310N 0822703W Williston
Vocational School 292328N 0822546W Williston
Williston High School 292307N 0822707W Williston
Williston Intermediate School 292328N 0822547W Williston
Yankeetown School 290213N 0824124W Yankeetown


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