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Locations within Charlotte County, Fl

Populated Places
Feature Name County Latitude Longitude Map
Acline Charlotte 265306N 0820054W Punta Gorda
Aqui Esta Charlotte 265423N 0820249W Punta Gorda
Bermont Charlotte 265644N 0814538W Bermont
Blue Heron Pines Charlotte 265258N 0815936W Cleveland
Burnt Store Lakes Charlotte 265334N 0820134W Punta Gorda
Cape Haze Charlotte 265101N 0821739W Placida
Charlotte Harbor Charlotte 265730N 0820401W Punta Gorda
Charlotte Park Charlotte 265436N 0820314W Punta Gorda
Cleveland Charlotte 265742N 0815902W Cleveland
Deep Creek Charlotte 270101N 0820054W Murdock SE
El Jobean Charlotte 265752N 0821238W El Jobean
Englewood Sarasota 265743N 0822109W Englewood
Fishermens Village Charlotte 265543N 0820341W Punta Gorda
Gasparilla Charlotte/Lee 264817N 0821636W Placida
Gilchrist Charlotte 264631N 0815332W Gilchrist
Grove City Charlotte 265451N 0821937W Englewood
Harbor View Charlotte 265809N 0820228W Punta Gorda
Harbour Heights Charlotte 265927N 0820008W Punta Gorda
Manasota Key Charlotte 265531N 0822107W Englewood
Mobile Gardens Charlotte 265545N 0821909W Englewood
Morgantown Charlotte 270022N 0815803W Fort Ogden
Murdock Charlotte 270046N 0820846W Murdock
New Point Comfort Charlotte 265551N 0822027W Englewood
Peace River Shores Charlotte 270149N 0815745W Fort Ogden
Pirate Harbor Charlotte 264810N 0820242W Punta Gorda SE
Placida Charlotte 264956N 0821553W Placida
Port Charlotte Charlotte 265834N 0820526W Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda Charlotte 265547N 0820243W Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda Beach Charlotte 265524N 0822135W Englewood
Punta Gorda Isles Charlotte 265503N 0820442W Punta Gorda
Ridge Harbor Charlotte 265926N 0815716W Cleveland
Riviera Lagoons Charlotte 265258N 0820010W Punta Gorda
Rotonda Charlotte 265301N 0821724W Englewood
Rotunda-West Charlotte 265128N 0821741W Placida
Sancassa Charlotte 265604N 0821806W Englewood
Sans Souci Charlotte 265907N 0815803W Cleveland
Shaefer Charlotte 265426N 0821931W Englewood
Solana Charlotte 265649N 0820133W Punta Gorda
South Punta Gorda Heights Charlotte 265156N 0815927W Gilchrist
Sparkman Charlotte 270023N 0814241W Long Island Marsh SW
Tamiami City Charlotte      
Tee and Green Estates Charlotte 265642N 0820008W Punta Gorda
Tropical Gulf Acres Charlotte 265031N 0815927W Gilchrist
Tuckers Corner Charlotte 265128N 0814534W Tuckers Corner
Vizcaya Lakes Charlotte 265828N 0821239W El Jobean
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