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Benjamin J. Baker
Charlotte Christian Academy
Charlotte Harbor
Charlotte High
Charlotte Vocation Techinal
Deep Creek Elementary
East Elementary
First Babtist Community Christian
La Ainger Junior High
Lemon Bay High
Meadow Park Elementary
Neil Armstrong Elementary
Peace River Elementary
Port Charlotte Christian
Port Charlotte High
Port Charlotte Junior High
Port Charlotte Middle
Port Charlotte Seventh Day
Punta Gorda Junior High
St. Charles
Sallie Jones Elementary

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Schools of Charlotte County

Feature Name County Latitude Longitude Map
Benjamin J Baker Elementary School Charlotte 265601N 0820239W Punta Gorda
Charlotte Christian Academy Charlotte 265813N 0820325W Punta Gorda
Charlotte Harbor School Charlotte 265808N 0820437W Punta Gorda
Charlotte High School Charlotte 265541N 0820219W Punta Gorda
Charlotte Vocational-Technical Center Charlotte 265943N 0820544W Punta Gorda
Community and Adult Education Center Charlotte 265926N 0820551W Punta Gorda
Deep Creek Elementary School Charlotte 265908N 0820045W Punta Gorda
East Elementary School Charlotte 265524N 0820408W Punta Gorda
First Baptist Community Christian School Charlotte 270004N 0820434W Murdock SE
L A Ainger Junior High School Charlotte 265346N 0821839W Englewood
Lemon Bay High School Charlotte 265536N 0821957W Englewood
Meadow Park Elementary School Charlotte 265919N 0820545W Punta Gorda
Neil Armstrong Elementary School Charlotte 265959N 0820433W Punta Gorda
Peace River Elementary School Charlotte 265736N 0820406W Punta Gorda
Port Charlotte Christian School Charlotte 265849N 0820404W Punta Gorda
Port Charlotte High School Charlotte 265903N 0820555W Punta Gorda
Port Charlotte Junior High School Charlotte 265943N 0820557W Punta Gorda
Port Charlotte Middle School Charlotte 270002N 0820434W Murdock SE
Port Charlotte Seventh-Day Adventist School Charlotte 270013N 0820516W Murdock SE
Punta Gorda Junior High School Charlotte 265543N 0820204W Punta Gorda
Saint Charles Borromeo School Charlotte 265922N 0820533W Punta Gorda
Sallie Jones Elementary School Charlotte 265541N 0820226W Punta Gorda

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