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David Levy Yulee • Walker, Laura Octavia • Watson Family


Watson Family

Daddy’s Family Photo©


A faded family picture always hung on daddy's wall

It's the only one that I know of ever taken of them all


Talmadge is holding Doris, Robert sits on Grace's knee

Dewitt and Leon are bookends holding together the other three


No one recalls the occasion or who captured the moment in time

But in that faded photo was a life they soon would leave behind


Grace would soon have Luther then shortly she was gone

Leaving Talmadge with 8 small faces and for 2 years he carried on


But one day something happened as many believed it would

That left six empty spaces in a picture where small bare feet had stood


Scattered like by a driving wind, the six youngest went different ways

Five returned over the years, except Luther even ‘til today


If only one could turn back the clock and begin anew this day

Maybe they could change the forces that sent the six away


So that next to daddy’s photo which always hung upon on his wall

Could hang one taken later that still would show them all.


Written by Frank Watson, Tallahassee, FL

All rights reserved


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