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Talbert, Shirley M. (Groom)Judd, Grace B. (Bride)10/30/1937
Talley, C. L. (Groom)Simmons, Lucy (Bride)5/8/1924
Talley, George Ernest (Groom)Harrington, Louella Vesta (Bride)5/31/1941
Tanner, Ruth (Bride)Jones, Earnest (Groom)10/12/1935
Tanner, Ward (Groom)Rasmussen, Nellie Mae (Bride)5/12/1938
Tatum, Charles (Groom)Higginbotham, Zella (Bride)3/15/1935
Tatum, Charles R. (Groom)Johnson, Frances Louise (Bride)2/2/1933
Tatum, Frances L. (Bride)Hunter, Ernest (Groom)7/5/1936
Tatum, John F. (Groom)Hendry, Greetice (Bride)7/27/1935
Tay, Orville (Groom)Bardo, Mable (Bride)6/29/1938
Taylor, Alonzo (Groom)Flemons, Marie (Bride)1/14/1933
Taylor, Alonzo (Groom)Hardy, Hattie (Bride)1/18/1936
Taylor, Ashley (Groom)Newberry, Donnie (Bride)11/17/1939
Taylor, Barnie B. (Groom)Thomas, Maude (Bride)12/16/1938
Taylor, Beatrice (Bride)McGill, James (Groom)3/27/1934
Taylor, Berthena (Bride)Brown, James (Groom)6/2/1923
Taylor, Berthina (Bride)Johnson, Will (Groom)8/3/1925
Taylor, Bob H. (Groom)Silcox, Maxine (Bride)4/20/1928
Taylor, Cordelia (Bride)Williams, H. Wayne (Groom)4/30/1938
Taylor, Eddy (Groom)Baker, Minnie (Bride)12/2/1933
Taylor, Effie (Bride)Battle, Samuel (Groom)1/21/1926
Taylor, Elias D. (Groom)Hutto, Hazel (Bride)12/13/1936
Taylor, Ezra (Groom)Malone, Dorothy (Bride)5/23/1935
Taylor, Frances (Bride)Williams, Eugene Robert (Groom)1/26/1936
Taylor, Hattie Maud (Bride)Hart, William A. (Groom)7/27/1938
Taylor, Helen Olivia (Bride)Chadwick, Charles Berry (Groom)9/20/1941
Taylor, Henry (Groom)Snyder, Sarah (Bride)7/10/1936
Taylor, James M. (Groom)Lanier, Eva Mae (Bride)10/23/1933
Taylor, Lloyd (Groom)Whidden, Susie (Bride)1/19/1935
Taylor, Mae (Bride)Lanier, Alex (Groom)11/24/1940
Taylor, Milton Jr. (Groom)Boardman, Lucile (Bride)7/7/1938
Taylor, Mose (Groom)Dobie, Deanna (Bride)3/31/1941
Taylor, Norman W. (Groom)Willis, Iva Lee (Bride)6/5/1926
Taylor, Priciella (Bride)Lattimore, T. J. (Groom)11/2/1934
Taylor, Rachel (Bride)Chambles, J. C. (Groom)5/23/1929
Taylor, W. L. (Groom)Rye, Cora (Bride)11/28/1925
Taylor, Wade (Groom)Blizard, Lucy (Bride)11/11/1926
Terrell, Joseph (Groom)Jones, Mary Frances (Bride)3/29/1940
Terrill, Ruth H. (Bride)Hill, W. E. (Groom)6/11/1930
Terry, Frances (Bride)White, Floyd (Groom)12/11/1937
Teter, Ira (Groom)Smith, Mary (Bride)7/19/1930
Teter, John Howell (Groom)Cleveland, Beatrice C. (Bride)4/2/1936
Thigpen, Louis (Groom)Lowe, Ella (Bride)1/4/1924
Thisler, Martha Lou (Bride)Hogan, Elmo Matthew Jr. (Groom)1/10/1941
Thomas, Alberta (Bride)Richards, Eleanor (Groom)5/25/1933
Thomas, Bessie (Bride)Ulmer, Clifford (Groom)10/24/1940
Thomas, Clara O. (Bride)Milerson, Lemuel (Groom)7/20/1925
Thomas, Daisy (Bride)Brown, Hobson (Groom)3/11/1939
Thomas, E. L. (Groom)Masters, Veva Mae (Bride)10/31/1941
Thomas, Ed (Groom)Wright, Lula (Bride)3/13/1937
Thomas, Edward (Groom)Campbell, Lucille (Bride)2/15/1930
Thomas, Edwin B. (Groom)Wingler, Maxine (Bride)2/15/1939
Thomas, Eliga M. (Groom)Moce, Ara (Bride)5/17/1941
Thomas, Euritha (Bride)Daniels, John Burt (Groom)6/3/1935
Thomas, George C. (Groom)Wright, Maud Elizabeth (Bride)4/14/1933
Thomas, Isaac (Groom)Dorsey, Leontine (Bride)4/7/1932
Thomas, James J. (Groom)Copeland, Odell (Bride)2/14/1941
Thomas, Lillie Mae (Bride)Davis, Frank (Groom)7/31/1931
Thomas, Loney (Groom)Dorsey, Willie Mae (Bride)2/17/1928
Thomas, Marian (Bride)Flynn, William (Groom)9/19/1938
Thomas, Maude (Bride)Taylor, Barnie B. (Groom)12/16/1938
Thomas, Myrtle Ann (Bride)Knight, Earl E. (Groom)3/24/1940
Thomas, Roy (Groom)Trowell, Anna (Bride)5/6/1933
Thomas, Simon Jr. (Groom)McCray, Eliza (Bride)3/3/1928
Thomas, Sisrio (Groom)Dorsey, Rena L. (Bride)10/4/1941
Thomas, Vina (Bride)Jones, Hud (Groom)12/30/1935
Thomis, Willie (Groom)Hall, Dasy (Bride)8/11/1940
Thompkins, Daisie Mae (Bride)Gresham, R. C. (Groom)12/16/1934
Thompkins, Walter C. (Groom)Goulding, Luella (Bride)7/12/1925
Thompson, Albert (Groom)Henry, Estelle (Bride)3/28/1934
Thompson, Bertha Clarice (Bride)Delaney, Cois LeRoy (Groom)6/4/1941
Thompson, Clarissa (Bride)Glenn, Earl (Groom)2/27/1932
Thompson, Edward (Groom)Rowan, Ona (Bride)5/31/1924
Thompson, Ernestine (Bride)Neel, J. B. Jr. (Groom)11/25/1923
Thompson, Estelle (Bride)Flint, Lewis (Groom)7/29/1929
Thompson, Frances (Bride)Sanchez, Robert (Groom)10/20/1935
Thompson, G. G. (Groom)Rhoden, Margary (Bride)1/25/1934
Thompson, Georgia (Bride)Brown, James (Groom)5/27/1932
Thompson, I. Hubert (Groom)Brandon, Avis (Bride)7/30/1938
Thompson, Kirby Hopton (Groom)Calder, Helen E. (Bride)4/29/1925
Thompson, Laura Ruth (Bride)Parker, John N. (Groom)8/1/1941
Thompson, Mack Henry (Groom)Harrison, Cora (Bride)4/4/1934
Thompson, Maranza (Bride)Ross, Carl (Groom)8/26/1927
Thompson, O. B. (Groom)Sutherland, Anna (Bride)12/24/1930
Thompson, Ray (Groom)Peters, Mary Ellen (Bride)12/17/1933
Thompson, Sarah E. (Bride)Crampton, Ira E. (Groom)3/4/1930
Thompson, T. C. (Groom)McDonald, Sara Fanny (Bride)5/27/1935
Thompson, Zeola (Bride)Evans, Burel (Groom)1/2/1927
Thomsen, Augusta (Groom)Hutchinson, Estelle (Bride)8/4/1928
Thornton, William (Groom)Williams, Minnie (Bride)7/31/1924
Thurston, Alace (Bride)Scott, C. H. (Groom)2/28/1931
Thurston, Harry A. (Groom)Ernest, Frances (Bride)1/25/1927
Tibbets, L. E. (Groom)Albritton, Gertrude (Bride)9/21/1932
Tidwell, Drew N. (Groom)Ledger, Frances (Bride)7/6/1939
Tillis, Avery Lee (Bride)Chaney, James E. (Groom)6/2/1940
Tillis, Mattie (Bride)Williams, O. C. (Groom)2/13/1936
Tillis, Ray (Groom)Davis, Thelma (Bride)10/31/1932
Tillis, W. M. (Groom)Reddick, Hazel (Bride)10/29/1938
Tillman, Edith (Bride)Albritton, J. D. (Groom)10/24/1937
Tillman, Garland R. (Groom)Weber, Ruth Margaret (Bride)1/16/1928
Tilter, Harry Eugine (Groom)Peterson, Callie (Bride)11/1/1936
Timson, Frederick Herrick (Groom)Williams, Pearl Anna (Bride)12/1/1941
Tiner, Virginia (Bride)Daniels, Charlis (Groom)12/13/1935
Tinsley, D. T. (Groom)Rodgers, Evelyn (Bride)7/30/1931
Tinsley, Mildred (Bride)Freedland, W. B. (Groom)1/20/1933
Tinsley, Wilbur S. (Groom)Williams, Julia (Bride)4/6/1925
Tison, Lois (Bride)Pellerin, H. E. (Groom)11/2/1939
Toc (?), Martha (Bride)Sup (?), Richard S. (Groom)12/18/1929
Todd, Ruby (Bride)Lee, William (Groom)10/10/1938
Tolin, David R. (Groom)Pierce, Shirley (Bride)2/8/1937
Tomlinson, Gus (Groom)Gordon, Anna Ruth (Bride)5/19/1940
Tomlinson, Manuel (Groom)Davis, Mildred (Bride)6/24/1933
Tomlinson, R. H. (Groom)Lavnder, Mary E. (Bride)12/22/1925
Tonkin, Lucile (Bride)Robertson, Robert E. (Groom)7/2/1932
Touchton, Ansuel (Groom)Keaton, Margaret (Bride)5/3/1936
Towbridge, Almo (Bride)Wright, Wilbur L. (Groom)8/28/1933
Towbridge, Clarence (Groom)Lang, Ernestine (Bride)10/24/1933
Towles, L. Pearl (Bride)Shafer, Otice Thomas (Groom)10/16/1932
Townsend, Audrey (Bride)Alstair, N. P. (Groom)4/7/1937
Townsend, Elvin (Groom)Pollack, Ruth (Bride)1/8/1940
Townsend, Richard V. (Groom)Lambert, Elizabeth W. (Bride)10/5/1940
Townsend, Ruby (Bride)Melvin, Ross (Groom)10/24/1937
Townsend, S. L. (Groom)Colclough, Lillian (Bride)11/5/1921
Townsend, Sara (Bride)Lanier, Jessie B. (Groom)12/13/1938
Townsend, William A. (Groom)Maddox, Maria H. (Bride)5/31/1926
Townsend, Winifred (Bride)Hearndon, William L. (Groom)4/16/1938
Townsend, Winifred (Bride)Herndon, William L. (Groom)8/29/1938
Tracy, William Thomas (Groom)Anbuhl, Irene Swift (Bride)10/3/1941
Tremble, Annie Mae (Bride)Wright, Ernest (Groom)3/17/1941
Trowell, Anna (Bride)Thomas, Roy (Groom)5/6/1933
Trowell, Marguerite (Bride)Pope, Joe (Groom)12/1/1933
Truesdale, Ruth (Bride)Lee, William R. (Groom)9/1/1937
Truett, Virginia Alice (Bride)Simmons, A. C. (Groom)5/27/1930
Trump, John Franklin (Groom)Carlton, Thelma (Bride)12/9/1928
Tucker, Beulah (Bride)Jackson, Eugene (Groom)7/1/1925
Tucker, Charlotte G. (Bride)Wachob, Walter B. (Groom)11/10/1929
Tucker, Elvie (Bride)Pride, Andrew (Groom)10/30/1925
Tucker, Geanie (Bride)Hawkins, D. F. (Groom)9/20/1940
Tucker, Hattie (Bride)Stetson, Harvey (Groom)6/12/1928
Tucker, Lawrence (Groom)Mills, Genice (Bride)3/27/1937
Tucker, Lawrence (Groom)Minx, Mary Helen (Bride)10/13/1940
Tucker, Margaret (Bride)Conway, Clyde (Groom)12/16/1939
Tucker, Margarette (Bride)Stephens, Walter (Groom)10/5/1928
Tucker, Paul J. (Groom)Rickenbach, Charlotte R. (Bride)3/26/1932
Tucker, W. H. (Groom)Pendarvis, Martha (Bride)7/5/1930
Tucker, W. H. (Groom)Padilla, Mary (Bride)1/10/1940
Tuggles, Claude (Groom)Padgett, Rommie (Bride)8/2/1927
Tuggles, Willie (Groom)Studstill, Marie (Bride)1/12/1929
Tulley, C. L. (Groom)Simmons, Lucy (Bride)5/8/1924
Tully, Clara (Bride)Youmans, Leland (Groom)5/30/1938
Tully, Robert (Groom)Sander, Clara Mae (Bride)3/29/1929
Tupin, Luther (Groom)McMullen, Florence (Bride)8/9/1930
Turbeville, Hollis (Groom)Perdue, Lucile (Bride)8/31/1940
Turnell, Nell (Bride)Crosby, Daniel (Groom)11/15/1925
Turner, Edward A. (Groom)Whidden, Martha D. (Bride)11/5/1931
Turner, J. O. Jr. (Groom)Langley, Goldie (Bride)8/20/1932
Turner, J. T. (Groom)Abernathy, Catherine E. (Bride)11/19/1939
Turner, James Elton (Groom)Williams, Lucy (Bride)2/5/1941
Turner, T. W. Jr. (Groom)Sands, Audry Mae (Bride)7/17/1924
Turner, Tillie (Bride)Brown, Henry (Groom)11/28/1941
Turner, Travis Floyd (Groom)Scott, Mary Alean (Bride)6/24/1937
Tuten, Kathline (Bride)Peacock, Wates Beacher (Groom)8/5/1934
Tyler, Groves W. (Groom)McCalley, Jeanette (Bride)6/17/1939
Tyre, Carl (Groom)Whidden, Kathleen (Bride)7/6/1934
Tyson, Joe (Groom)Smith, Allie (Bride)12/30/1926
Tyson, Lillie Mae (Bride)Yates, William (Groom)8/6/1937
Tyson, Rachel (Bride)Green, Leroy (Groom)3/2/1940

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