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Eaddy, J. (Groom)Jordon, Lucus (Bride)4/24/1926
Eady, William Johnson (Groom)Anderson, Willie Lee (Bride)6/7/1937
Eagerton, Mary (Bride)Kennedy, Kenneth (Groom)3/4/1928
Earnest, D. C. (Groom)Strickland, Iva Helen (Bride)4/1/1931
Earnest, George Robert (Groom)Williams, Bessie (Bride)10/29/1921
Easter, Carrie (Bride)Banks, Ed (Groom)9/5/1928
Easter, Irvin (Groom)Briggs, Dessaway (Bride)4/2/1928
Easter, Lillie (Bride)Bryant, Robert (Groom)4/2/1928
Easterly, Robert (Groom)Williams, Billie M. (Bride)9/27/1930
Easterly, Tivis (Groom)Crews, Lue (Bride)5/26/1937
Easterly, William (Groom)Cason, Grace (Bride)1/14/1934
Ebert, Charles F. (Groom)Bradley, Hattie (Bride)8/6/1926
Ecker, Eva (Bride)Smith, E. B. (Groom)12/4/1928
Eddy, Earl J. (Groom)Steele, Flossie (Bride)1/2/1937
Eddy, Isreal (Groom)Brinson, Zela (Bride)11/17/1927
Eddy, Johnson (Groom)Outly, Gussie (Bride)9/22/1923
Edwards, Charlotte (Bride)Bacus, John T. (Groom)11/6/1937
Edwards, Cleo (Bride)Lee, Dan (Groom)9/7/1940
Edwards, Flossie (Bride)Simpson, W. R. (Groom)3/28/1936
Edwards, Gladys (Bride)Harrison, J. W. (Groom)4/12/1933
Edwards, Grace (Bride)Johns, Eugene (Groom)3/25/1933
Edwards, Henry Franklin (Groom)Sheffield, Ethel Mae (Bride)9/13/1941
Edwards, John (Groom)Weese, Minnie (Bride)5/28/1938
Edwards, John D. (Groom)Steele, Claudia (Bride)1/29/1931
Edwards, Mary Ann (Bride)Koon, Eugene (Groom)7/20/1940
Edwards, Oscar (Groom)Ward, Elizabeth B. (Bride)12/31/1923
Edwards, Oscar (Groom)Slay, Shelly Lee (Bride)11/5/1937
Edwards, Rick (Groom)Lane, Maree (Bride)3/4/1923
Edwards, Ruby (Bride)Dycher, L. W. (Groom)11/27/1941
Edwards, Sam (Groom)Kirkland, Mattie (Bride)6/25/1938
Egerton, Martha (Bride)Wilson, Lloyd (Groom)8/6/1928
Ehlers, Marie (Bride)Berry, J. D. (Groom)11/13/1925
Ekdalk, Ruth Vernon (Bride)Smith, James Vernon N. (Groom)8/14/1938
Eliot, Eugenia Ensley (Bride)Holland, Harry L. (Groom)3/8/1939
Elliott, Gus (Groom)Robinson, Mary (Bride)2/16/1929
Elliott, W. M. (Groom)Sylvester, Josephine (Bride)6/7/1923
Ellis, Arburn (Groom)Duprey, Eloise (Bride)4/28/1931
Ellis, J. T. (Groom)Sapp, Thelma (Bride)2/3/1933
Ellis, Louise (Bride)Pyatt, B. H. (Groom)3/7/1937
Ellis, Thomas Jean (Groom)Hutson, Lucile (Bride)3/18/1928
Ellis, Ward Lou Williams (Groom)Jerniger, Therine Margaret (Bride)12/23/1938
Elmore, Sam (Groom)McNeill, Ruth (Bride)3/18/1928
Elwell, Mary Elizabeth (Bride)Pike, Oscar A. (Groom)7/11/1927
Emerson, J. P. (Groom)Newborn, Sallie (Bride)12/19/1941
Enfinger, Dorothy (Bride)Clark, Clarence (Groom)2/15/1941
Enfinger, Ollie May (Bride)Willis, Walter B. (Groom)5/26/1926
Enfinger, Voncile (Bride)Powers, Earl Phillips (Groom)4/27/1941
Engle, George S. (Groom)Slack, Thelma (Bride)10/23/1925
English, Dan (Groom)Davis, Alberta (Bride)1/12/1925
Ensley, Alexandra (Bride)Brown, Lawrence F. (Groom)3/17/1940
Epley, Caroline M. (Bride)Smith, Ernest H. (Groom)10/23/1938
Epps, Richard (Groom)Parker, Katie (Bride)7/16/1940
Erby, Willie (Groom)James, Annie Mae (Bride)9/27/1941
Erickson, Mary (Bride)Crowley, J. Wyman (Groom)12/1/1939
Erkman, Ruth (Bride)Perkins, Emmett L. (Groom)12/23/1927
Ernest, Frances (Bride)Thurston, Harry A. (Groom)1/25/1927
Estridge, Wilmer V. (Bride)Warren, William (Groom)8/5/1927
Evans, Burel (Groom)Thompson, Zeola (Bride)1/2/1927
Evans, H. D. (Groom)Cook, Geneva (Bride)12/14/1925
Evans, Joe (Groom)Collins, Annie Lee (Bride)5/10/1934
Evans, Josh (Groom)Williams, Lizzie (Bride)8/2/1924
Evans, King (Groom)Chaney, Willie Lee (Bride)1/22/1927
Evans, Lillie (Bride)Hopper, Moffett (Groom)5/29/1933
Evans, Louise (Bride)St. Clair, Arthur (Groom)4/21/1924
Evans, Otis (Groom)Rosher, Inell (Bride)1/30/1937
Evans, Simon (Groom)Cree, Jissie (Bride)8/11/1927
Evans, Troy (Groom)Roddy, Leola (Bride)1/20/1939
Eveans, Jennie (Bride)Andrews, Mark (Groom)3/19/1931
Everett, Mildred (Bride)Flint, R. J. (Groom)8/3/1932
Everett, Russell M. (Groom)Davis, Alma M. (Bride)1/18/1927

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