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Abatiello, Pluma (Bride)Palmer, Potter d'Orsey (Groom)12/2/1938
Abbott, Thelma (Bride)Manning, S. E. (Groom)7/27/1927
Abernathy, Catherine E. (Bride)Turner, J. T. (Groom)11/19/1939
Ackerman, Myletta (Bride)Lumley, Wilfred (Groom)2/4/1938
Ackett, Howard (Groom)Bryant, Lucile McDonald (Bride)3/31/1940
Adams, J. P. (Groom)Williams, Elizabeth Kellum (Bride)12/15/1941
Adams, Roy C. (Groom)Padilla, Helen Irene (Bride)9/27/1928
Adams, Stanley Jene (Bride)Devilbiss, Richard D. (Groom)8/31/1933
Adams, T. A. (Groom)Flint, Bessie (Bride)4/11/1928
Adams, Theodore (Groom)Stiffler, Effie (Bride)3/9/1940
Adams, Thomas Chester (Groom)Johnson, Florence Eloise (Bride)10/9/1941
Addison, A. H. (Groom)Stanford, Lillian Ola (Bride)9/9/1940
Addison, Joe G. (Groom)Weathers, Moselle (Bride)4/28/1933
Addison, Laran (Bride)Prevatt, Mack (Groom)10/1/1939
Addison, Louise (Bride)Flint, James (Groom)1/9/1941
Addison, Luce Mae (Bride)Scott, Joe (Groom)8/6/1937
Addison, Mary E. (Bride)Rowland, Custer H. (Groom)3/1/1932
Addison, Mildred (Bride)Frisby, James E. (Groom)11/14/1925
Addison, Ruth (Bride)Welch, William Brecht (Groom)3/19/1940
Addison, W. H. (Groom)Strickland, Lavon (Bride)5/15/1935
Adkins, Amon (Groom)Mills, Ella (Bride)4/14/1928
Adkins, Elmer Lee (Groom)Bell, Clara Mae (Bride)3/16/1941
Adkins, Romie (Bride)Goff, Charlie (Groom)12/26/1922
Adkins, Vernie (Bride)Keen, Clyde Aldon (Groom)10/2/1923
Adkins, Vernie (Bride)Hall, George Henry (Groom)11/7/1924
Adkins, Vernie (Bride)Kohlberg, Henry (Groom)8/24/1937
Adkinson, John (Groom)Keene, LaMerle (Bride)4/21/1936
Aeschleman, Effie (Bride)Oury, M. W. (Groom)10/10/1929
Aeschleman, Thelma (Bride)Giddens, S. H. (Groom)10/16/1937
Ainger, Julia (Bride)Chadwick, C. L. (Groom)2/14/1932
Akins, Lee (Groom)Glover, Mary (Bride)1/12/1935
Albritton, Albert Lee (Groom)Payne, Bernell June (Bride)12/25/1941
Albritton, Bill (Groom)Murphy, Marie (Bride)10/2/1938
Albritton, Billie (Bride)Lyons, Wesley J. (Groom)10/12/1929
Albritton, C. M. (Groom)Petit, Orla (Bride)4/28/1937
Albritton, Ebie (Groom)Shepard, Elva (Bride)12/7/1924
Albritton, Fannie (Bride)Powers, William (Groom)9/7/1927
Albritton, Gertrude (Bride)Tibbets, L. E. (Groom)9/21/1932
Albritton, J. D. (Groom)Tillman, Edith (Bride)10/24/1937
Albritton, Lora (Bride)McLeod, Ralph (Groom)12/21/1925
Albritton, M. G. (Groom)Gore, Margaret (Bride)8/24/1930
Albritton, Millard (Groom)Young, Maudie (Bride)5/4/1936
Albritton, William Jerry (Groom)Mansfield, Maybelle (Bride)2/16/1941
Aldacosta, Francis (Groom)Williams, Grace (Bride)4/15/1933
Alderman, Evelyn A. (Bride)Goodwin, Ralph (Groom)9/30/1941
Alderman, Nancy (Bride)Dean, Robert (Groom)3/22/1935
Alderman, Nell (Bride)Dennison, Granville (Groom)9/22/1935
Alderman, Ursula (Bride)Hunter, William G. (Groom)1/2/1931
Alderman, Zola M. (Bride)Durrance, Joseph L. (Groom)12/24/1927
Alexander, Edward (Groom)Hughes, Mary (Bride)7/13/1928
Alexander, Genevieve R. (Bride)Crandall, Ernest L. (Groom)2/10/1933
Alford, Green (Groom)Chison, Emma (Bride)10/6/1928
Alford, Josephus (Groom)Goldwery, Odessa (Bride)11/7/1927
Alford, O. C. (Groom)Frazee, Lillian (Bride)1/26/1924
Allen, Berdina (Bride)Dorsey, Richard (Groom)12/24/1934
Allen, Bessalean (Bride)Gertz, Julius (Groom)1/27/1938
Allen, C. (Groom)Little, Lillie (Bride)3/31/1934
Allen, Dorothy Mae (Bride)Gibbs, Ollie (Groom)8/15/1938
Allen, Elizabeth (Bride)Bass, J. A. (Groom)3/29/1934
Allen, Essie Joe (Bride)Bloodsworth, Harry (Groom)12/24/1934
Allen, Ethel (Bride)Hagan, S. P. Jr. (Groom)4/19/1932
Allen, Harvey (Groom)Curry, Lucile (Bride)3/29/1936
Allen, Iva (Bride)Celee, Frank (Groom)7/6/1929
Allen, J. A. (Groom)Celec, Anna (Bride)11/22/1930
Allen, Joseph B. (Groom)Crossley, Gertrude (Bride)10/22/1925
Allen, Joyce (Bride)Davis, Evert (Groom)12/1/1939
Allen, Lucile A. (Bride)Smith, Henry (Groom)4/17/1938
Allen, Mary Nan (Bride)Shouse, Cyril (Groom)6/28/1936
Allen, Ramond (Groom)Whidden, Frances Ellen (Bride)7/17/1930
Allen, Sadie D. (Bride)Stephenson, Frank A. (Groom)7/23/1926
Allison, Mildred (Bride)Koon, T. E. K. (Groom)1/31/1930
Allman, Scottsy (Bride)Fears, J. H. (Groom)12/31/1937
Alsobrook, Mary (Bride)Brophy, James (Groom)7/10/1928
Alstair, N. P. (Groom)Townsend, Audrey (Bride)4/7/1937
Alstan, George O. (Groom)Dixon, Lois C. (Bride)2/20/1937
Alvarez, Andres (Groom)Mishler, Irine (Bride)4/17/1926
Alvarez, Manuel (Groom)Zeitner, Mary (Bride)5/23/1931
Alvarez, Taney (Groom)Carter, Frankie (Bride)8/10/1934
Anbuhl, Irene Swift (Bride)Tracy, William Thomas (Groom)10/3/1941
Anderson, Addy Mae (Bride)Gilbert, Woodrow (Groom)10/9/1937
Anderson, Alma Lee (Bride)Hunt, J. B. (Groom)5/11/1933
Anderson, Carl C. (Groom)Howard, Ann (Bride)10/17/1941
Anderson, Charles (Groom)Boatright, Eva (Bride)3/20/1929
Anderson, D. A. (Groom)Bradley, Aline (Bride)1/7/1930
Anderson, Edith (Bride)Pope, A. L. (Groom)3/19/1937
Anderson, Edna (Bride)Hohnes, Silas (Groom)12/31/1933
Anderson, Edna (Bride)Holmes, Silas (Groom)12/31/1932
Anderson, Eric E. (Groom)Phillips, Mae Jewell (Bride)3/27/1938
Anderson, Frank N. (Groom)Forth, Francis F. (Bride)7/30/1938
Anderson, Harry L. II (Groom)Maharry, Elise (Bride)6/20/1940
Anderson, James (Groom)Fain, Marie (Bride)5/31/1937
Anderson, Joseph (Groom)Franklin, Bertha (Bride)4/12/1938
Anderson, Madeline (Bride)Williams, Chas. L. (Groom)12/8/1938
Anderson, May (Bride)Davids, A. V. (Groom)12/6/1926
Anderson, Nancy (Bride)Saunders, T. W., Rev. (Groom)11/27/1929
Anderson, Neoma (Bride)Sweet, James (Groom)2/26/1938
Anderson, Nick (Groom)Goff, Julia (Bride)3/25/1934
Anderson, Retha Lee (Bride)Kinchen, Jack (Groom)1/15/1941
Anderson, Robert A. (Groom)Nielson, Pearl (Bride)5/6/1941
Anderson, T. W. (Groom)Johns, Alice Gertrude (Bride)1/16/1922
Anderson, Willie Lee (Bride)Eady, William Johnson (Groom)6/7/1937
Andrews, Alma (Bride)Sanders, Willie L. (Groom)8/25/1934
Andrews, Alma (Bride)Washington, Lanie (Groom)12/31/1940
Andrews, Bernice (Bride)Fulton, Silas (Groom)9/26/1923
Andrews, Carrie (Bride)Watkins, Fred D. (Groom)5/15/1928
Andrews, Etta Mae (Bride)Ramer, Lucian (Groom)10/11/1936
Andrews, Harvey (Groom)Hall, Pauline (Bride)4/6/1933
Andrews, Mark (Groom)Eveans, Jennie (Bride)3/19/1931
Andrews, O. L. (Groom)Greer, Thelma, Mrs. (Bride)6/9/1923
Andrews, Richard (Groom)Long, Martha B. (Bride)3/26/1923
Andrews, Sally (Bride)Richardson, Robert (Groom)1/6/1940
Andrews, Wilson K. (Groom)Carraway, Clara (Bride)4/19/1924
Ankney, Mussetta J. (Bride)Stanley, Austin N. (Groom)5/8/1936
Annadown, T. S. (Groom)Guinness, (?) Astrid (Bride)5/16/1935
Applebee, Carlton M. (Groom)Wilkinson, Mabel Beven (Bride)4/19/1941
Arendt, Matt E. (Groom)Brisbing, Genevieve (Bride)5/26/1936
Armstrong, Hoyet (Groom)Williams, Clarice (Bride)10/29/1927
Arnold, Edward W. (Groom)Knight, Mary Kathleen (Bride)6/8/1935
Arnold, Henry Bascom (Groom)Dockerman, Willie (Bride)1/28/1941
Arnold, J. H. (Groom)Black, Carrie Mackey (Bride)11/28/1922
Arnold, Lillie (Bride)Salter, John (Groom)9/16/1922
Arnold, Mongolie (Groom)Williams, Clyde (Bride)12/7/1941
Arnold, Sylvester (Groom)Howard, June (Bride)1/18/1936
Arrington, Martha LaRose (Bride)Gorman, Raymond Xavier (Groom)5/10/1941
Artis, Estella (Bride)Owens, Ossie (Groom)9/2/1939
Ashley, Jessie (Groom)Green, Annie (Bride)8/3/1928
Atkins, Mary (Bride)Koonce, William (Groom)7/24/1923
Atkinson, Frances Irene (Bride)Malone, B. D. Jr. (Groom)9/29/1940
Austin, Alfred (Groom)Wooden, Louise (Bride)4/18/1931
Austin, Dorothy E. (Bride)Depfer, Frank G. (Groom)3/22/1927
Austin, Inez (Bride)Stevens, Regie (Groom)2/10/1934
Austin, Peter (Groom)Donaldson, Edra Fair (Bride)4/7/1938
Avant, Irma (Bride)Hall, Chic (Groom)12/31/1935
Avery, Lucile (Bride)Gay, Mathy (Groom)5/9/1936

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