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Oakes, Robert K , M7/1/1983
Oaks, Richard Frank, Sr, Mary4/6/1983
Oathout, Larry E , Winifred8/6/1982
Oatman, Guy , Thelma4/19/1993
Obando, Javier A , Miriam11/22/1995
Obaroski, Charles George , Alice6/3/1998
Obeginski, Aaron , Erika5/19/1986
Oberheim, Christopher , Tonya12/29/1989
Obrien, Brian F , Barbara8/26/1981
Obrien, Patrick E , Dorothy3/18/1988
Obrien, Patrick Wright , Tina2/24/1983
Obrien, Robert , Vera2/16/1990
Ocallaghan, Henrietta Ocallaghan, Maurice A //1941
Ocallaghan, Maurice A Ocallaghan, Henrietta //1941
Ockerman, James L , Penelope10/29/1998
Oconnell, James J , Carol10/20/1980
Oconnell, Joseph D , Bernice7/22/1981
Oconnell, Joseph D , Cathy1/16/1984
Oconner, Eileen Oconner, Vincent Robert 6/14/2001
Oconner, Vincent Robert Oconner, Eileen 6/14/2001
Oconnor, Vincent R , Diane5/29/1986
Odegard, David D , Sheryl5/12/1992
Odom, Charles R , Dochia1/25/1980
Odom, Larry , Carolyn4/27/1987
Odom, Peter Conwell , Tanya7/17/1984
Odom, William Eugene Gillespie, Bettye //
Odonahue, John E , Mildred9/11/1981
Odum, George A Odum, Jane //1947
Odum, Jane Odum, George A //1947
Oehne, Ford A Oehne, Marian //1949
Oehne, Marian Oehne, Ford A //1949
Oeschger, Gary J , Gloria4/2/1984
Oeschger, Gary J , Debra1/6/1981
Ogden, Bruce A , Sylvia5/1/1996
Oglesby, Christopher , Rikki4/25/1990
Oglesby, Jerry D , Carolyn9/29/1978
Ohara, Terrence M , Terri10/17/1991
Ohler, Brian V , Kimberly12/30/1993
Oinonen, Dale William , Beverly8/31/1995
Okane, Gary M , Carol4/24/1985
Okeefe, Peter E , Deborah12/21/1979
Oldham, Harry Lee, Jr, Eleanor4/27/1973
Oleckniche, Ingrid Oleckniche, Robert D 1/22/2001
Oleckniche, Robert , Judy6/24/1994
Oleckniche, Robert D Oleckniche, Ingrid 1/22/2001
Olheiser, William J , Vera5/6/1980
Oliphant, Oliphant, Carl V 10//1961
Oliphant, Oliphant, Carl V 5//1969
Oliphant, Carl V , Oliphant5//1969
Oliphant, Carl V , Oliphant10//1961
Olive, Scott M , Cheryl8/5/1999
Oliveira, Randall , Tammy4/20/1998
Oliveira, Richard E , Donna6/23/1975
Oliveira, Thomas J , Suzanne4/1/1996
Oliver, Oliver, Joe 5//1969
Oliver, Andrew J , Lois12/11/1975
Oliver, Jay Dee , Mary1/31/1995
Oliver, Joe , Oliver5//1969
Oliver, Joseph M , Patricia11/23/1977
Oliver, Kate P Oliver, William T //1931
Oliver, Michael D , Gina11/6/1996
Oliver, Richard E, Jr, Joyce10/12/1981
Oliver, William T Oliver, Kate P //1931
Olivera, Gerardo F , Teresa7/1/1997
Olivier, Joseph M, Jr, Louise10/1/1985
Oller, Deborah Oller, John R 1/20/2000
Oller, John R Oller, Deborah 1/20/2000
Olsen, Chris , Dawn6/3/1993
Olsen, Rayburn Victor , Corinne6/22/1992
Olson, Richard , Mary2/6/1989
Olson, Robert A , Marianne6/12/1997
Olson, Roland Everett , Martha12/21/1995
Olson, Ronald J , Cherie2/27/1985
Oltmann, Ralph D , Ruth4/2/1997
Oltmann, Richard , Lenore10/23/1991
Oltmann, Richard Lee , Brenda7/27/1978
Omelia, Joan Omelia, Timothy S 12/13/2000
Omelia, Timothy S Omelia, Joan 12/13/2000
Oneal, Carl Vernon Oneal, Crawford 7//1964
Oneal, Coyle B , Julie3/28/1986
Oneal, Crawford Oneal, Carl Vernon 7//1964
Oneal, Frank L , Frances5/15/1978
Oneill, Daniel H Lee, Jessie //1946
Oneto, Clarence M , Vivian6/23/1980
Ontag, Roland Ymson , Jane8/1/1986
Oost, Lafayette Oost, Nickalos 4//1967
Oost, Nickalos Oost, Lafayette 4//1967
Opiela, Rhondi P , Mary8/3/1984
Opp, Stephen M , Nancy7/6/1972
Opp, Walter R , 10/1/1970
Orabutt, Timothy M, Sr, Elizabeth6/23/1981
Oran, Dale Henry , Dawn4/24/1985
Orange, Woodrow , Mary4/8/1991
Orcutt, Lonny James , Karen8/25/1989
Ordway, Reginald B , Thelma7/1/1983
Oreilly, Michael , Julie2/6/1997
Orlando, David , Sandra7/3/1985
Orlando, Robert V , Joan6/8/1999
Ormesh, Frank R, Jr, Mary10/18/1978
Ormrod, Russell A , Donna10/5/1977
Ormrod, Russell A , Donna9/8/1975
Orofino, Arthur A , Denise9/27/1995
Orourke, Thomas W , Jeanne12/22/1989
Orpin, George S , 6/12/1970
Orr, Gilbert E , Preciosa11/18/1980
Orr, Meredith , Shirley4/25/1994
Orrino, Carmen , Eleanor3/4/1993
Ortega, German , Margarita2/27/1992
Ortel, Brian Joseph , Loretta6/22/1982
Ortel, Gregory E , Deborah5/14/1991
Orthouse, George G , Evelyn4/17/1975
Ortiz, Darlene Ortiz, Michael A 9/5/2001
Ortiz, John , Eileen3/25/1999
Ortiz, Michael A Ortiz, Darlene 9/5/2001
Ortiz, Ronald W , Linda6/6/1988
Ortlieb, Christopher Edward , Ruth8/5/1997
Osborn, Osborn, Francis M 4//1968
Osborn, Bret R , Annemarie12/18/1989
Osborn, Charles John , Carole12/19/1973
Osborn, Francis M , Osborn4//1968
Osborne, Gared W , Kathy10/13/1976
Osborne, Gared Walter , Susan10/9/1989
Osborne, Gared Walter , Patricia4/24/1986
Osborne, Hobert H , Edwarda4/18/1972
Osborne, John H , Gertrude10/13/1998
Osborne, Rickie Allen , Wendy9/15/1997
Osga, Donald , Clara7/29/1977
Osgood, Dale E , Yvonne5/9/1995
Osgood, David Kent , Cheryl1/4/1996
Osmond, Gerald L Osmond, Susan 3/26/2001
Osmond, Susan Osmond, Gerald L 3/26/2001
Osselmeier, Osselmeier, Gene R 5//1958
Osselmeier, Gene R , Osselmeier5//1958
Osteen, Larry M , Suzanne3/8/1988
Osteen, Roger Dale , Marian9/26/1988
Oster, Ronald Lee , Brenda2/6/1992
Osterholt, William Pardee , Ginnylea6/1/1988
Ostler, Ronnie K , Nancy12/12/1990
Oswald, Dennis , Judy3/27/1980
Otis, Rodney L , Angela4/11/1988
Otoole, Patrick J, Jr, Donna10/4/1996
Ott, John F, JrOtt, Margaret L 12//1962
Ott, Margaret L Ott, John F, Jr.12//1962
Ottaviani, Mark R Ottaviani, Susan 2/7/2001
Ottaviani, Susan Ottaviani, Mark R 2/7/2001
Otto, James , Pamela6/15/1998
Otvos, Gregory L , Elaine3/31/1977
Ouimet, Dan , Nancy10/27/1995
Overbaugh, David F , Sylvia2/7/1974
Overbeck, Byron Kenneth, Jr, Lois4/14/1980
Overbey, Garry Franklin , Carolyn4/23/1987
Overfield, Stanley Eugene Overfield, Terry 5/1/2000
Overfield, Terry Overfield, Stanley Eugene 5/1/2000
Overkamp, Overkamp, Gerrit 9//1967
Overkamp, Gerrit , Lourdes10/2/1975
Overkamp, Gerrit , Overkamp9//1967
Overkamp, Kevin , Lorie11/24/1981
Overman, Charles I , Evelyn8/29/1997
Overstreet, Larry Eugene , Nadine2/16/1990
Owen, Gary Lee , Joan12/14/1982
Owen, Glen William , Rinda12/16/1988
Owen, Timothy E , Kay4/20/1998
Owens, Owens, Marvin Lee 5//1967
Owens, Brandy Owens, Michael C 8/2/2000
Owens, Donnie M , Lisa8/16/1985
Owens, Douglas Allan, Jr, Mary6/17/1975
Owens, Glen W , Marilyn11/25/1980
Owens, John R , Susan2/8/1995
Owens, John Ray , Alicia8/3/1978
Owens, John Reno , Victoria8/12/1985
Owens, Marvin Lee , Owens5//1967
Owens, Michael C Owens, Brandy 8/2/2000
Oxendine, Ralph J, Jr, Diane8/9/1991
Oyekoya, Olayinka O , Tiffany9/7/1999

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