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Name Est Birth Year Relationship
Shenefield , J C abt 1894Head
Shenefield , Allice abt 1897Wife
Shenefield , Jaurnite abt 1916Daughter
Shenefield , John J abt 1918Son
McCumber, Laurence abt 1906Nephew
McCumber, Tennie abt 1910Nephew
Tittle , John Gio N abt 1846Head
Neel, Edker C abt 1882Head
Neel, Minnie M abt 1885Wife
Neel, Lawrence abt 1913Son
Gwehloff , A C abt 1878Head
Burger, J J abt 1878Head
Decher , Donald S abt 1860Head
Decher , Maggie abt 1875Wife
Decher , Lena E abt 1910Daughter
Decher , Opal P abt 1912Daughter
Webber, Herman abt 1865Head
Owens , R R abt 1875Head
MacKyman , J R abt 1849Head
Fleischler, H abt 1872 Head
Graham , Jwg R abt 1869Head
Graham, Ruphert abt 1894Son
Gross, Paul H abt 1883Head
Gross, Mable abt 1899Wife
Gross, William P abt 1917Son
Gross, John M abt 1920Son
Beadling , James abt 1845Head
Beadling , Adelia D abt 1862Wife
Kwester , F H abt 1877Head
Kwester , Mildred abt 1883Wife
Kwester , Harold abt 1904Son
Dahlke, Eddie abt 1899
Plowden, E D abt 1862Head
Plowden, Minnie abt 1878Wife
Plowden, Margaret abt 1907Daughter
Plowden, Eria abt 1909Daughter
Plowden, E D, Jr.abt 1914Son
Huffman , S D abt 1879Head
Huffman , Rose abt 1887Roomer
Huffman , Janell F abt 1905Daughter
Huffman , Houston abt 1907Son
Huffman , James R abt 1911Son
Huffman , Ninnie K abt 1914Daughter
Baxley , W Y abt 1871Head
Baxley, Mathie abt 1878Wife
Baxley, Cara abt 1901Son
Baxley, Grace abt 1906Daughter
Baxley, Nelson abt 1910Son
Baxley, Allen abt 1911Son
Botley, Dee abt 1916Son
Botley, Jock A abt 1918Son
Horli , W H abt 1853Head
Horli , Sara abt 1857Wife
Mercer, J D abt 1868Head
Mercer, Ellen abt 1894Wife
Mercer, Charles abt 1909Son
Mercer, Almeda abt 1911Daughter
Mercer, Rodney abt 1912Son
Mercer, Norman abt 1914Son
Patrick, E J abt 1861Head
Patrick , Jannie M abt 1871 Wife
Patrick, Ruth A abt 1897Daughter
Patrick, Claud O abt 1900Son
Patrick, Mable P abt 1904Daughter
Patrick, Y J, Jr.abt 1907Son
Patrick, Ida May abt 1910Daughter
Jeffra, John abt 1896Head
Walden, Reuben Y abt 1864Head
Walden, Nancy J abt 1870Wife
Walden, Thomas W abt 1896Son
Walden, Frank B abt 1903Son
Decoster , Nathan abt 1880Head
Decoster, Emma abt 1846Mother
Rowland, Richard L abt 1862Head
Rowland, Mary E M abt 1865Wife
Rowland, Clyde R abt 1892Son
Rowland, Inz B abt 1895Daughter
Rowland, Irene L abt 1895Daughter
Rowland, Luby C abt 1896Daughter
Rowland, Paul A abt 1901Son
Rowland, Burce R abt 1904Son
Rowland, Custer abt 1915Grandson
Curry , Hirom L abt 1849Head
Curry, Mary M abt 1856Wife
McMullen , Letha B abt 1880Wife
McMullen, Eva May abt 1909Daughter
McMullen, Mary Elma abt 1912Daughter
Nelson, John H abt 1874Head
Nelson, Cordelia D abt 1883Wife
Nelson, Annie E abt 1899Daughter
Nelson, Virginia R abt 1901Daughter
Nelson, Forest H abt 1902Son
Nelson, Ira D abt 1903Son
Nelson, Lloyd S abt 1905Son
Nelson, Orbie H abt 1906Son
Nelson, Jossiehine L abt 1908Daughter
Nelson, Eunice E abt 1918Daughter
Decoster, George E abt 1872Head
Decoster, Georgia K abt 1877Wife
Decoster, Lillian I abt 1903Daughter
Sias, Elberta C abt 1907Niece
Sias, Edgar D abt 1870Head
Sias, Ida M abt 1874Wife
Sias, Ida M C abt 1900Daughter
Sias, Edgar D abt 1904Son
Sias, Alonzo W abt 1910Son
McHargue, Richard B abt 1867Head
McHargue, Josephine M abt 1877Wife
McHargue, Ruth B abt 1904Daughter
McHargue, Josie abt 1905Daughter
McHargue, Margaret E abt 1909Daughter
McHargue, Richard B abt 1912Son
McHargue, Mildred abt 1915Daughter
Wilson, John R abt 1919Grandson
Daniels, Lewis B abt 1877Head
Daniels, Dolores abt 1883Wife
Duiette , John T abt 1869
Daniels, James A abt 1884Head
Daniels, Mary B abt 1896Wife
Daniels, James abt 1912Son
Daniels, Alvera abt 1913Daughter
Daniels, Lewis abt 1915Son
Daniels, Dortha abt 1917Daughter
Daniels, Oscar abt 1919Son
Johnson, Sumner abt 1848Head
Johnson, Hiram abt 1903Son
Hall, Asa E abt 1877Head
Hall, Henryetta abt 1883Wife
Hall, Lila E abt 1903Daughter
Hall, Julian abt 1906Son
Hall, Estel abt 1908Daughter
Hall, Edgar M abt 1910Son
Hall, Geneva B abt 1913Daughter
Hall, Halbert G abt 1915Son
Hall, Loreen T abt 1910Son
Guthrie, William B abt 1873Head
Guthrie, Lillie abt 1871Wife
Guthrie, Rubert abt 1900Son
Guthrie, Nettie abt 1903Daughter
Guthrie, Katie abt 1905Daughter
Guthrie, Eva abt 1909Daughter
Guthrie, Vivian abt 1912Daughter
Guthrie, Robert abt 1915Son
Weeks, Farren B abt 1880Head
Weeks, Lizzie abt 1883Wife
Weeks, Farren abt 1912Son
Weeks, Eugene abt 1915Son
Weeks, Corene abt 1915Daughter
Willis, Garrison abt 1872Head
Willis, Lucy abt 1876Wife
Willis, Walter abt 1902Son
Willis, Norman abt 1906Son
Willis, Mattie abt 1910Daughter
Willis, Jane abt 1911Daughter
Willis, Kenneth abt 1915Son
Riggs, John D abt 1878Head
Riggs, Jennie O abt 1881Wife
Riggs, Momie L abt 1903Daughter
Riggs, Blonie B abt 1906Daughter
Riggs, Dora M abt 1909Daughter
Riggs, Virginia W abt 1912Daughter
Riggs, John D abt 1919Son
Lough, Eben A abt 1863 Head
Lough, Minnie L abt 1888Wife
Lough, Edna abt 1908Daughter
Lough, Leona abt 1909Daughter
Lough, Clara abt 1911Daughter
Lough, Rose A abt 1912Daughter
Lough, Cleo abt 1916Daughter
Lough, Minnie abt 1918Daughter
Roberts, Thomas abt 1852Head
Roberts, Lolaeth abt 1875Daughter
Roerts, Thomas C abt 1891Head
Roerts, Ceil abt 1900Wife
Mauck, John R abt 1872Head
Mauck, Maggie abt 1880Wife
Mauck, Loyd R abt 1900Son
Mauck, Elsie abt 1902Daughter
Mauck, Blanche abt 1904Daughter
Mauck, Annie abt 1903Daughter
Mauck, Margrett abt 1909Daughter
Mauck, Orlena abt 1912Daughter
Lewis, Walter abt 1883Head
Simmons, Thomas abt 1869Head
Wade, Horace T abt 1871Head
Wade, Carol M abt 1883Wife
Wade, Clyde H abt 1904Son
Wade, Eva L abt 1911Daughter
Wade, Woodrow W abt 1913Son
Wade, Wilmer E abt 1917Daughter
Danielson , Clara abt 1866Head
Danielson, Erick, Sr.abt 1854Husband
Danielson , Osmond abt 1892Son
Danielson , Evelyn abt 1905Daughter
Danielsen, Erick, Jr.abt 1889Head
Danielsen , Jesse abt 1894Wife
Roberts, Samuel abt 1878Head
Roberts, Alta M abt 1884Wife
Roberts, Edgar abt 1903Son
Roberts, Curtis abt 1905Son
Roberts, Nellie abt 1908Daughter
Roberts, Curby abt 1910Son
Roberts, Mary abt 1915Daughter
Roberts, Alma abt 1917Daughter
Parkinson, Thomas A abt 1865Head
Parkinson, Callie abt 1881Wife
Parkinson, Sarah E abt 1905Daughter
Parkinson, Abbie abt 1909Daughter
Parkinson, Callie M abt 1912Daughter
Parkinson, Thomas S abt 1915Son
Larrison, Oscar abt 1887Head
Larrison, Mary abt 1895Wife
Larrison , Victer abt 1918Son
Larrison , Alford abt 1919Son
Larrison, Frances M abt 1843Head
Barren , Jefferson abt 1871Head
Barren , Susan abt 1869Wife
Granstrom , Joseph T abt 1900Son
Willis, Matt A abt 1869Head
Willis, Maggie D abt 1878Wife
Willis, Claud E abt 1901Son
Willis, Albert M abt 1904Son
Willis, Harry K abt 1907Son
Willis, Carl C abt 1910Son
Willis, Howard L abt 1913Son
Willis, Matt A, Jr.abt 1916Son
Knight, Joel L, Sr.abt 1881Head
Knight, Rosa abt 1886Wife
Knight, Albert abt 1908Son
Knight, Robert V abt 1916Son
Knight, Joel L, Jr.abt 1919Son
Larsen, Neal C abt 1849Head
Larsen, Neal A abt 1893Son
Jennings, Isaac abt 1863Head
Giddins , Summer abt 1874Head
Giddins , Marion abt 1880Wife
Hazan , John abt 1869Head
Hazan , Estelena abt 1873Wife
Hazan , Bertha abt 1900Daughter
Hazan , Mary abt 1902Daughter
Hazan , John E abt 1904Son
Gaskill, Harry abt 1877Head
Gaskill, Bertha abt 1886Wife
Gaskill, Elta abt 1910Daughter
Gaskill, Reba abt 1911Daughter
Gaskill, Anson abt 1913Son
Gaskill, Annie abt 1913Daughter
Gaskill, Bertha L abt 1918Daughter
Stephens, Thomas A abt 1858Head
Stephens, Lovina abt 1872Wife
Stephens, Claude L abt 1894Son
Thompson, Ira abt 1880Head
Thompson, Eunice abt 1885Wife
Thompson, Bruce abt 1909Son
Thompson, Earldine abt 1912Daughter
Thompson, Iris abt 1917Daughter
Thompson, Opal abt 1919Daughter
Knight, Thomas S abt 1874Head
Knight, Mary V abt 1877Wife
Knight, Annie W abt 1901Daughter
Knight, Thomas S abt 1903Son
Knight, William F abt 1905Son
Knight, Mary V abt 1906Daughter
Knight, Elizebeth J abt 1909Daughter
Knight, William W abt 1893Brother
Chandler, Jessie L abt 1855Head
Chandler, Ida abt 1867Wife
Ball, Mary abt 1856Head
Ball, Ida abt 1880Daughter
Johnson, James H abt 1841Head
Johnson, Angeline abt 1847Wife
Barnhill, Lem abt 1875Head
Barnhill, Ellen abt 1880Wife
Barnhill, Margie abt 1902Daughter
Barnhill, Elmer abt 1906Son
Barnhill, Allice abt 1908Daughter
Barnhill, Ruth abt 1909Daughter
Barnhill, Frank abt 1911Son
Barnhill, Emma abt 1912Daughter
Barnhill, Ll abt 1908Son
Guthrie, William E abt 1896Head
Guthrie, Freddie L abt 1900Wife
Hering, Elizabeth abt 1863Head
North , Cutt Amma abt 1902Grandchild
Vickers, Wesley C abt 1891Head
Vickers, Nellie abt 1895Wife
Vickers, Margrett abt 1914Daughter
Vickers, Fred W abt 1916Son
Vickers, Mary E abt 1918Daughter
Strickland, John abt 1896Head
Strickland, Essie abt 1903Wife
Strickland, Della abt 1872Mother
Strickland, Charlie abt 1906Brother
Hagan, James abt 1860Head
Hagan, Mary A abt 1864Wife
Whidden, Robert L abt 1880Head
Whidden, Florience E abt 1903Daughter
Whidden, James E abt 1905Son
Benett , Joe W abt 1861Head
Benett, Bonita abt 1880Wife
Benett, Joel abt 1907Son
Benett, Peter abt 1909Son
Benett, Stephen abt 1912Son
Benett, Daniel abt 1914Son
Benett, Russel abt 1917Son
Benett, Lesley abt 1919Son
Lanier , William B abt 1866Head
Lanier, Annie M abt 1876Wife
Lanier, William F abt 1894Son
Lanier, Mary L abt 1895Daughter
Lanier, Robert L abt 1897Son
Lanier, James B abt 1898Son
Lanier, Neal C abt 1900Son
Lanier, Annie M abt 1874Daughter
Lanier, William B abt 1904Son
Lanier, Edward O abt 1905Son
Lanier, Alice H abt 1909Daughter
Mason, Frank E abt 1859Head
Mason, Elizabeth abt 1869Wife
Rich, M A abt 1861Head
Rich, Catherin abt 1872Wife
Selecman, Edna abt 1908 Boarder
Nifford, Anna S abt 1889Head
Nifford, Florence E abt 1900Wife
Nifford, Eudell abt 1916Daughter
Nifford, Waunetta abt 1919Daughter
Brown, George abt 1870Head
Brown, Thomas abt 1884Wife
Cleveland, Dell H abt 1893Head
James , Char A abt 1859Head
James, Cara M abt 1871Wife
Medmal , Mannie C abt 1885Head
Maray , Ella abt 1894Head
Williams , Maysie abt 1895Head
Cleveland, S C abt 1887Head
Cleveland, B F abt 1895Wife
Cleveland, Bertrice abt 1916Daughter
White , C S abt 1850Head
Cleveland, C C abt 1884Head
Cleveland, Edith abt 1894Wife
Cleveland, Ellenor abt 1911Daughter
Cleveland, George abt 1914Son
Cleveland, Clearence, Jr.abt 1919Son
Walls , Ashar abt 1860Head
Walls, Bar?? C abt 1860Wife
Alverson , Orin T abt 1883Head
Alverson, Frank abt 1910Son
Taylor , L D abt 1866Head
Kenney , Caroline abt 1844Head
Kenney , Violle abt 1887Daughter
Manthe , Peter abt 1855Boarder
Honamon , John abt 1901Grandson
Harn , J N abt 1883Head
Harn , Eliza B abt 1888Wife
Harn , Joseph Y abt 1913Son
Harn , James abt 1915Daughter
Harn , Noroboe W abt 1918Son
Harn , Mary M abt 1919Daughter
John , Andrew J abt 1875Head
John , Wilhelmina abt 1883Wife
John , Dalph abt 1900Son
John , Clyde abt 1902Son
John , Alvin abt 1903Son
John , Brainerd abt 1904Son
John , Harle abt 1908Son
John , Ena T abt 1913Daughter
John , Carl abt 1919Son
Dyas , Jim F abt 1867 Head
Dyas , William F abt 1901Son
Dyas , Emer J abt 1904Son
Dyas , Ruth M abt 1907Daughter
Dyas , Danie abt 1911Daughter
Dyas , Hurley A abt 1914Son
Dyas , Thena F abt 1918Daughter
Cleveland , Will T abt 1881Head
Cleveland, Ray Lee abt 1899Wife
Cleveland, W R, Jr.abt 1919Son
Harchely , Eda abt 1882Head
Harchely , Ida May abt 1901Daughter
Goodall , C E abt 1873Head
Goodall , Stella abt 1905Daughter
Goodall , Mina abt 1910Daughter
Goodall , Hattie M abt 1913Daughter
Manta , James Faustine abt 1906Boarder
Hobson, J C abt 1852Head
Hobson, John M abt 1888Son
Hobson, Giuthrie G abt 1891Son
Hobson, Cary J abt 1895Son
Hobson, Clara L abt 1897Daughter
Hobson, Ellie abt 1903Son
Germany , Daniel E abt 1842 Head
Germany , Georgia A abt 1871Wife
Germany , Wally abt 1897Son
Germany , Lawfetty abt 1899Son
Germany , Ravevell abt 1901Son
Bayer, Joseph J abt 1890Son-in-law
Bayer , Dana E abt 1892Daughter
Bayer, Mildred abt 1910Granddaughter
Huchel , D H abt 1875Head
Huchel , Bernyce M abt 1882Wife
James , J S abt 1878Head
James , Rose E abt 1882Wife
Haffer , Minta abt 1905Stepdaughter
Haffer , Ethel abt 1908Stepdaughter
Haffer , Rolamd abt 1910Stepdaughter
Haffer , R G abt 1912Stepdaughter
Hufman , Sary C abt 1848Mother-in-law
Sohier , J M abt 1854Head
Sohier , Jessie B abt 1899Son
Gouty , C abt 1843Head
Ramler, J R abt 1866 Head
Ramler, S E abt 1862Wife
Ramler, Annie abt 1895Daughter
Ramler, Robert E abt 1901Son
Bollard , N B abt 1892Head
Bollard , Maggie abt 1898Wife
Bollard , Ethel abt 1914Daughter
Bollard , Harris M abt 1916Son
Bollard , Hildred W abt 1918Daughter
Addison , D W abt 1866Head
Addison, Hollice abt 1868Wife
Addison, Ethel M abt 1899Daughter
Washington, Annie E abt 1872Head
Washington, Louis U abt 1903Daughter
Saltzgaber, Don B abt 1885Son-in-law
Saltzgaber , Nannie M abt 1893Daughter
Saltzgaber, Francis abt 1914Granddaughter
Hower, Frank abt 1877
Carlson, C A abt 1860Head
Carlson, N C abt 1889Wife
Millholland , John abt 1845Head
Millholland , Harriette abt 1860Wife
Page, Joshua abt 1844Brother-in-law
Whidden , Townsend M abt 1887Head
Whidden, Ethel H abt 1887Wife
Whidden, Oliver V abt 1908Daughter
Whidden, Cardelie D abt 1912Daughter
Whidden, May H abt 1916Daughter
Mannos , W H abt 1856Head
Mannos , Roley abt 1862Wife
Wates , Annie abt 1916Granddaughter
Tinger , Charles abt 1880Head
Jette , E L abt 1893Head
Jette , Leona abt 1898Wife
Hill, Burney abt 1874Head
Hill, Hattie abt 1884Wife
Hill, J B abt 1913Son
Hill, Grant abt 1915Son
Hill, Hattie J abt 1916Daughter
Blakley, James T abt 1857Head
Blakley, Clarance L abt 1907Son
Riles, Center abt 1887Head
Riles, Lattie abt 1879Wife
Wayner , Lewis A abt 1875Head
Wayner , Lillie L abt 1893Wife
Wayner, Lewis A, Jr.abt 1913Son
Joice, Harry abt 1904Nephew
Morgan, Charlie abt 1890
Sparks, Charlie abt 1903
Jennings, Charlie B abt 1887Head
Jennings, Ida M abt 1887Wife
McMillan, William P abt 1857Head
Daum , Billie abt 1885
Wilbon , John F abt 1861Head
Lecy , Charles abt 1863Head
Gough , Edward W abt 1894Head
Gough , Lelia abt 1899Wife
Gough , Virginia abt 1918Daughter
Lanterschlaegt , Henry abt 1859Head
May, Stephen W abt 1861Head
McEwen, Oscar abt 1871Head
McEwen, Arleonor abt 1879Wife
McEwen, Albert abt 1896Son
McEwen, Leo abt 1897Son
McEwen, Lerolline abt 1908Daughter
Sands, Eugene abt 1882Head
Sands, Mory abt 1892Wife
Sands, Elsie abt 1913Daughter
Sands, Grady abt 1919Son
Palmroy , Charlie abt 1870Father
Palmroy , Minnie abt 1905
Palmroy , James abt 1906
Burkhodt , Lenis abt 1874Head
Cole, Guss abt 1885Head
Cole, Addie C abt 1890Wife
Cole, Louis M abt 1908Daughter
Cole, Rolph M abt 1910Son
Cole, Bert L abt 1911Son
Cole, Lanie O abt 1912Daughter
Cole, Gussie M abt 1913Daughter
Cole, Elmina abt 1915Daughter
Cole, Margrett E abt 1916Daughter
Nacosas , Noda abt 1845Grandfather, Grandpa (Grandfather)
Nacosas , Mary abt 1838
Dixon, Fernie abt 1889Head
Dixon, Lina abt 1890Wife
Dixon, Bernice abt 1913Son
Dixon, Brodley abt 1915Son
Costillo , Jackson abt 1889Head
Costillo , Bella abt 1899Wife
Dixon, Timothey abt 1878Head
Dixon, Mary E abt 1877Wife
Dixon, Alfred abt 1902Son
Dixon, Jessie abt 1906Daughter
Dixon, Eldred abt 1910Son
Dixon, Loice abt 1918Daughter
Herring, Marion T abt 1876Head
Herring, Millie abt 1881Wife
Herring, Adel abt 1909Daughter
Herring, Harry abt 1914Son
Herring, Herbert abt 1918Son
Ezell, Ray abt 1896Son
Freeman, Dick abt 1880Head
Freeman, Mary A abt 1894Wife
Freeman, Raymond abt 1916Son
Freeman, Jula abt 1919Daughter
Levins , Herman abt 1902
Minshew, James abt 1890Head
Minshew, Effie abt 1889Wife
Minshew, Mottie abt 1918Daughter
Minshew, Arqeulla abt 1919Daughter
Joiner, Zora abt 1877Head
Joiner, Lesley abt 1899Son
Joiner, Jois abt 1910Daughter
Joiner, Rilla abt 1912Daughter
Joiner, Adrial abt 1917Son
Alman , William L abt 1898Head
Alman , Wilmer abt 1903Wife
Alman , Jessie A abt 1919Daughter
Sweeting, Sam abt 1888Head
Sweeting, Florrie abt 1890Wife
McCullough , Jock abt 1910Stepson
Joiner, Thomas L abt 1896Head
Joiner, Lula abt 1897Wife
Lowe, Thomas abt 1870Head
Lowe, Matilda abt 1880Wife
Lowe, Eva abt 1906Daughter
Lowe, Ella abt 1911Daughter
Lowe, Albert abt 1912Son
Lowe, Raymon abt 1916Son
Peterson , Huston abt 1862Head
Kersey, Charles E abt 1892Head
Kersey, Ruby abt 1893Wife
Kersey, Charles M abt 1917Son
Kersey, MacKortha abt 1918Son
Nabers , Jake abt 1866Head
Nabers , James abt 1900Son
Futch, Raiford abt 1900Head
Futch, Pearl abt 1902Wife
Futch, Almi abt 1919Daughter
Boss, George abt 1888Head
Boss, Pearl abt 1891Wife
Boss, Auston abt 1912Son
Boss, Van abt 1914Son
Boss, John abt 1916Son
Joiner, Sam abt 1893Head
Joiner, Effie abt 1900Wife
Joiner, Louise abt 1917Daughter
Joiner, Gilbert abt 1919Son
Underwood, Adding abt 1888Head
Underwood, Alene abt 1892Wife
Underwood, Ansel abt 1909Son
Underwood, Everton abt 1910Son
Underwood, Oswald abt 1912Son
Underwood, Edith abt 1915Daughter
Underwood, Etta G abt 1917Daughter
Underwood, Vederia abt 1919Daughter
Bradley, William K abt 1848Head
Bradley, Mary E abt 1858Wife
Browner, Joe abt 1868Head
Browner, Lizzie abt 1880Wife
Browner, Jesse abt 1898Son
Browner, John abt 1899Son
Browner, Robert abt 1902Son
Browner, Joe abt 1903Son
Browner, Ethel abt 1905Daughter
Browner, Lois abt 1906Daughter
Browner, Mack abt 1908Son
Browner, Estel abt 1910Daughter
Browner, May abt 1914Daughter
Browner, Francis abt 1916Daughter
Browner, Hellen abt 1919Daughter
Osteen, Arthur abt 1878Head
Osteen, Minnie abt 1891Wife
Vickers, Henry abt 1892Head
Vickers, Edrkin abt 1912Son
Vickers, Drew abt 1913Son
Vickers, Willie abt 1915Son
Vickers, Francis abt 1918Daughter
Ellis, Thomas A abt 1875Head
Ellis, MO Betsie abt 1880Wife
Ellis, Mollie abt 1899Son
McElya , Will abt 1896Head
McElya , Ruth H abt 1900Wife
McElya , Mary J abt 1919Daughter
McElya , William A abt 1841Father
McElya, Dollie J abt 1874Officer
Thigpin, Thomas abt 1899Head
Bradley, William K abt 1908Head
Bradley, Ligie abt 1857Wife
Enonch , Francis M abt 1868Head
Enonch , Mary F abt 1897Wife
Enonch , Clarence L abt 1916Son
Enonch , Francis L abt 1919Son
Lanier, Eva M abt 1911
Lanier, Queen L abt 1913
Lanier, Alma E abt 1915
Lanier, Harry abt 1919
Stahl, Edwin abt 1855
Stahl, Maggie abt 1882
Smith , Verner abt 1896Head
Roberts, Mitchel S abt 1873
Roberts, Francis abt 1873Wife
Roberts, James M abt 1904Son
Roberts, Mary O abt 1907Daughter
Roberts, Gladdis H abt 1909Daughter
Roberts, Tom W abt 1911Son
Roberts, James S abt 1838Father
Roberts, Claudie abt 1890Sister
Mulford, George W abt 1875Head
Mulford, Delia abt 1881Wife
Mulford, George, Jr.abt 1905Son
Mulford, Catheleen abt 1906Daughter
Mulford, Lee B abt 1909Son
Mulford, Fannie abt 1910Daughter
Mulford, Thomas abt 1912Son
Golden, Crosby abt 1870Head
Golden, Gearldine abt 1897Wife
Golden, Norma abt 1918Daughter
Gaulding, Pat H abt 1878Head
Ricks, George abt 1873Head
Ricks, Hazie abt 1900Son
Ricks, Agrippie abt 1903Son
Ricks, Rosa V abt 1906Son
Waterson, Walter abt 1898Head
Waterson, Edna L abt 1902Wife
Waterson, Nannie C abt 1869Mother
Bell, Bruce abt 1875Head
Bell, Mary abt 1894Wife
Frizzell, Arthur abt 1891Head
Frizzell, Pattie abt 1872Wife
Bell, William A abt 1878Head
Bell, Trudie M abt 1899Wife
Crosley , Clora M abt 1899Daughter
Hawkins , Bort abt 1885Head
Hawkins, Eliza abt 1895Wife
Hawkins, Dollie M abt 1912Daughter
Hawkins, Dock abt 1913Son
Hawkins, Alma abt 1918Daughter
Hawkins , William abt 1919Son
Robinson, Elvin abt 1875Head
Robinson, Beatric abt 1901Wife
Robinson, Marie abt 1919Daughter
Pender, Lewis abt 1878Head
Adam, Will abt 1866Head
Washington, Bertha abt 1881Head
Hamilton, Frank abt 1870Head
Russel, Lillie abt 1891Head
Whitehurst, Luther abt 1898Head
Mills, Linton abt 1901Head
Washington, James abt 1909
Jackson, John abt 1881
McCoy, Joe abt 1888Head
Carlton, Richard abt 1893Head
Carlton, Lula abt 1896Wife
Carlton, Grover abt 1917Son
Carlton, May abt 1919Daughter
Outlaw, Robert abt 1870Head
Outlaw, Lula abt 1883Wife
Outlaw, Eddie abt 1911Son
Outlaw, Andrew abt 1916Son
Outlaw, Adie abt 1917Son
Martin, John L abt 1867Head
Martin, Isabel abt 1870Wife
Martin, Budley abt 1892Head
Martin , Alie abt 1896Wife
Martin, Lena abt 1915Daughter
Martin, Larie abt 1916Son
Martin, M E abt 1919Daughter
Keene, Tabitha abt 1866Mother-in-law
Keene, Albert abt 1888Head
Keene, Elsworth abt 1917Son
Keene, Ozell abt 1919Son
Child, Daniel abt 1877Head
Child, Lillian N abt 1897Wife
Child, Charles C abt 1919Son
Christie , Elizabeth abt 1883Head
Christie, Anelta abt 1914Daughter
Christie, Joseph abt 1918Son
Grover, Fred M abt 1875Head
Grover, Allora abt 1873Wife
Witherby , Alberta N abt 1901Daughter
Grover, Leroy abt 1914Son
Grover, Fred O abt 1917Son
Witherly, Elijah abt 1898Head
Witherly, Edna E abt 1898Wife
Wetherington, Joseph abt 1863Head
Wetherington , Hattie abt 1880Wife
Wetherington, John R abt 1899Son
Gant , Hazel abt 1906Daughter
Wetherington, Mary abt 1911Daughter
Bunkley, Brit abt 1857Father-in-law
Bunkley, Jessie abt 1900Brother-in-law
Bunkley , Lincolm abt 1885Head
Bunkley, Pearl abt 1893Wife
Bunkley, Carl abt 1911Son
Bunkley, James abt 1912Son
Bunkley, Genet abt 1916Daughter
Kellam, Thomas S abt 1869Head
Kellam, Barbara abt 1876Wife
Kellam, Virgil D abt 1898Son
Kellam, Alvin E abt 1902Son
Kellam, Earl H abt 1904Son
Bond, Charles T abt 1884Head
Bond, Mary E abt 1891Wife
Bond, Charles E abt 1919Son
Johns, George abt 1872Head
Johns, Rebecka G abt 1898Wife
Johns, Angia G abt 1916Daughter
Boyd, William abt 1890Head
Boyd, Pearlie abt 1895Wife
Boyd, Georgia W abt 1911Daughter
Boyd, Elie abt 1919Daughter
Waddell, Charlie abt 1864Head
Sumpter, Josh abt 1878Head
McDonald, Enna abt 1870Head
Washington, George abt 1883Head
Washington, Rachel abt 1885Wife
Lillie, May abt 1912Daughter
Lillie, L D abt 1914Son
Lillie, Eddie abt 1916Son
McDonald, Dan abt 1882Head
McDonald, Willie May abt 1893Wife
Robinson, George abt 1881Head
Taylor, Ben abt 1897Head
Taylor, Sarah abt 1900Wife
Dawson, James abt 1864Head
Simmons, John abt 1884Head
Simmons, John abt 1908Son
Lee, Ed abt 1879Head
Hadley, Robert H
Lee, Jessie abt 1890Head
Sweet, Charlie abt 1896Head
Wardell, Andrew abt 1902Head
Sqius , Joe abt 1895Head
Borker , Milton abt 1895Head
Sims, John abt 1885Head
Minsey, Isaac abt 1875Head
Barley , W U abt 1875Head
Barley, A B abt 1877Wife
Barley, M M abt 1913Daughter
Somerville , S J abt 1878Head
Somerville , L B abt 1893Wife
Somerville , Lela abt 1909Daughter
Somerville , Teraz abt 1911Son
Somerville , Annie abt 1914Daughter
Somerville , Ewjen abt 1915Son
Wilson, J S abt 1884Head
Mathews, W D abt 1877Head
Towe , C C abt 1881Head
Towe , Liddie abt 1874Wife
Driggers, Johnie abt 1903Stepdaughter
Driggers, J K abt 1895Head
Driggers, Effie abt 1898Wife
Driggers, Ray abt 1919Son
Louie , Frank abt 1855Head
Louie , Dasie abt 1864Wife
Louie , Marion abt 1897Son
Louie , Melton abt 1899Son
Louie , Mattie abt 1902Daughter
Louie , Grant abt 1904Son
Allen , J H abt 1856Head
Allen, S B abt 1851Wife
Smith, D C abt 1869Head
Smith, Annie abt 1879Wife
Smith, Hanna abt 1902Daughter
Smith, Sadie abt 1905Daughter
Smith, Daniel abt 1907Son
Whidden, C W abt 1872Head
Whidden, Gernie abt 1885Wife
Whidden, Jabe abt 1905Son
Whidden, Mertie abt 1911Daughter
Calslaowre , D E abt 1866Head
Calslaowre , Erline abt 1876Wife
Sandlin , Brona abt 1900Stepson
Sandlin, Walter abt 1907Stepson
Bodiford, John abt 1880Boarder
Taul , Sam abt 1888Head
Taul , Annie abt 1900Wife
Tame, R J abt 1886Head
Tame, Della abt 1894Wife
Tame, Henry abt 1909Son
Lowe, E D abt 1884Head
Lowe, Allie abt 1894Wife
Lowe, Erwin abt 1910Son
Lowe, Elsie abt 1914Daughter
Bird , W E abt 1884Head
Goff, Josephine abt 1875Sister
Bird , Isabelle abt 1844Mother
Goff , J H abt 1917Niece
Davall , W A abt 1864Head
Davall , Grace E abt 1871Wife
Davall , Hazzel abt 1905Daughter
Davall , Hubbard abt 1907Son
Moring, Jane, Jr.abt 1850 Head
Dryden, Andrew J abt 1884Head
Dryden, Lara B abt 1885Wife
Richmon, P O, Sr.abt 1861Head
Richmon , Lizzie abt 1866Wife
Tazter , H G abt 1855Head
Tazter , Sophia abt 1858Wife
Whidden , Carter abt 1882Head
Whidden, Annie abt 1885Wife
Whidden, Clarie B abt 1917Daughter
Schelper , William M abt 1911Niece
Whistler , H abt 1863Head
Whistler , J G abt 1902Son
Louie , Archie abt 1895Head
Louie , Lilia abt 1901Wife
Windham, R S abt 1873Head
Windham, Hellen abt 1877Wife
Cooper , Ander William F abt 1862Head
Ziller , William abt 1881Brother-in-law
Ziller , Lena E abt 1887Wife
Blunt, R C abt 1876Head
Blunt, Clara M abt 1883Wife
Smith , G S abt 1875 Head
Smith, Maud P abt 1882Wife
Gil , Seth G abt 1843Mother
Willims , D C abt 1873Head
Willims , Ada abt 1878Wife
Willims , Vrartan B abt 1898Son
Willims , Bessie abt 1908Daughter
Willims , K E abt 1913Son
Willims , Settie Lee abt 1916Daughter
Williams, L W abt 1863Roomer
Williams, M L abt 1877Wife
Williams, Bessie abt 1901Daughter
Williams, Bertha abt 1906Daughter
Williams, George abt 1909Son
Williams, Catherine abt 1912Daughter
Stephen , James S abt 1865Head
Stephen , William abt 1905Son
Hagan , John abt 1869Head
Sleet , S L abt 1898 Head
Sarneralle , Francis abt 1891Head
Hilton, S H abt 1854Head
Hilton, Elizabeth abt 1857Wife
Game , Mary abt 1895 Lodger
Thomas, L S abt 1855Lodger
, Nenni abt 1852Lodger
Joe , W S abt 1846Head
Jinkins , Char D abt 1870Head
Jinkins , Hellen abt 1915Daughter
Jinkins , Darley C abt 1917Daughter
McLane, Geo A abt 1879Head
McLane, Annie J abt 1877Wife
McLane, Francis A abt 1913Daughter
McLane, Elizabeth C abt 1916Daughter
Thgaens , Honore abt 1870 Head
Thgaens , Mary abt 1870Wife
Anderson, C W abt 1883Head
Anderson, Eva M G abt 1884Wife
Anderson, Dea J abt 1903Son
Mare , Kalph abt 1898Head
Mare , Jewel abt 1901Wife
Kolz , W C abt 1865Head
Kolz , Geneva abt 1888Wife
Kolz , Mallie abt 1908Daughter
Kolz , Corley abt 1912Son
Kolz , Crarle abt 1916Son
Harn, J J abt 1821Grandfather, Grandpa (Grandfather)
Harn, Gillie abt 1855Mother
Harn , Rotz abt 1895Head
Harn , Emma abt 1900Wife
Richman, C D abt 1873Head
Richman, C A abt 1883Wife
Howald , B J abt 1854Head
Howald , Lattie J abt 1866Wife
Howald , Elmer J abt 1892Son
Brown, E Nelson abt 1855Head
Brown, Julia H abt 1864Wife
Coul , Albert A abt 1869Head
Coul , C E abt 1869Wife
Brown, E Judson abt 1845Head
Jeromin , Sappai abt 1870Head
Nabb , O N abt 1860Head
Bayle , D H A abt 1857Head
Bayle , Alie H abt 1870Wife
Bayle , Ama M abt 1896Daughter
Bayle , Sarah R abt 1897Daughter
Rankin , May K abt 1842Head
Turknett, Martha J abt 1870Head
Turknett , Rwly abt 1905Daughter
Fibeor , Eward R abt 1898Grandson
Heinley , J E abt 1871Head
Heinley , Jessie abt 1883Wife
Heinley , Elmer abt 1902Daughter
Heinley , Ellen abt 1906Daughter
Stallo , Frank L abt 1847Head
Stallo , Anna L abt 1858Wife
Stallo , Lauris J abt 1877Son
Stallo , Ray A abt 1886Head
Stallo , Rose C abt 1886Daughter-in-law
Stallo , Ramon F abt 1909Son
Stallo , Rose M abt 1919Daughter
Mille , May E abt 1896 SisterInLaw
Beeman , Jewelle abt 1908
Braching , Earnest abt 1901Nephew
Remes , Willis E abt 1844Head
Hernton , Johnson abt 1850Head
Jackson , John D J abt 1860Head
Jackson, Jennie M abt 1864Wife
Rohan , G R abt 1875Head
Rohan , Clara abt 1883Wife
Rohan , Emily abt 1903Daughter
Rohan , Reyy abt 1917Son
Rohan , E L abt 1840Mother
Davis , L R abt 1867Head
Davis, Thelmer abt 1904Daughter
Shiner , S E abt 1841Mother
Leary , G W abt 1883Head
Leary , Mabel abt 1911Daughter
Leary , Gilbert abt 1914Son
Leary , Eclith abt 1915Daughter
Martin, J W abt 1853Head
Tanbom , J E abt 1868Head
Tanbom , Ennie S abt 1869Wife
Tanbom , Ray K abt 1895Son
Turner, T W abt 1874Head
Turner, Alma J abt 1878Wife
Turner, Tillia abt 1904Daughter
Turner, Ray D abt 1902Son
Turner, Earl abt 1911Son
Turner, Ezzetto abt 1913Daughter
Turner, Albert abt 1918Son
Mulhoanne , Henry D abt 1849Head
Mulhoanne , Rebecca abt 1854Wife
Johnson , Char abt 1879Head
Johnson, Nila abt 1886Wife
Johnson, Gertrude abt 1908Daughter
Johnson, Era abt 1910Daughter
Johnson, Edker abt 1912Son
Johnson, Hue abt 1914Daughter
Perkins, Drough abt 1860Head
Perkins , Florence abt 1860Wife
Perkins, Liucile abt 1912Daughter
Blaich , Jame abt 1873Head
Blaich , L abt 1862Wife
Tarner , Elizabeth abt 1863Head
Stence , M J abt 1861Head
Stence , Alma J abt 1877Wife
Wachal , B H abt 1868 Head
Wachal , Mar B D abt 1880Wife
Wachal , Florance abt 1902Daughter
Wachal , Walter abt 1906Son
Wachal , Ruth abt 1915Daughter
Thompson, J T abt 1851Head
Rechcorbaett , Ahgwet abt 1881Head
Rechcorbaett , Anna M abt 1884Wife
Rechcorbaett , Aningus W abt 1905Son
Rechcorbaett , Adolph K abt 1906Son
Rechcorbaett , Morrill H abt 1909Daughter
Rechcorbaett , Charlotte abt 1915Daughter
Rechcorbaett , Stella abt 1918Daughter
Lanbach , Frank L abt 1864Head
Lanbach , Besse A abt 1880Wife
Lanbach , Grac E abt 1895Daughter
Robinson , B B abt 1846Head
Robinson , Annia abt 1862Wife
Robinson , Harry abt 1881Son
Shaw, Chas W abt 1862Head
Shaw, Hattie abt 1868Wife
Tyle , Rachel A abt 1840Mother
Elliott, J R abt 1873Head
Elliott , B E abt 1888Wife
Reynolds , Elia abt 1856Mother-in-law
Fatz, Gerold Chas E abt 1864Head
Fatz, Edith abt 1869Wife
Dotson , H L abt 1851Head
Dotson , M E abt 1864Wife
Dunnett , Joseph H abt 1878Head
Dunnett , Ellen T abt 1879Wife
Dunnett , Joseph W abt 1917Son
Dorton , Amand T abt 1852Head
Whidden , W D abt 1887Head
Whidden, Ollie abt 1897Wife
Whidden, Viloina abt 1914Daughter
Whidden, Annie M abt 1918Daughter
Whidden, Wallar S abt 1918Son
Rose , J D abt 1878Head
Rose , Annie E abt 1882Wife
Rose , William Lawson abt 1903Son
Rose , J F J abt 1907Son
Creget , W J abt 1860Head
Nethery, Amelia abt 1843Patient
Kennedy, Lillia abt 1875Head
Luuy , Sally abt 1894Daughter
Luuy , Phillip abt 1896Son
Luuy , Perry abt 1901Son
Luuy , Gilford abt 1903Son
Niffen , J C abt 1897Head
Niffen , Minnie abt 1898Wife
Niffen , Derrill abt 1918Son
Niffen , Lillie A abt 1919Daughter
Sacketan , J E abt 1880Head
Sacketan , M J abt 1880Wife
Sacketan , Dabel abt 1903Daughter
Sacketan , Tena abt 1910Daughter
Sacketan , Ofral abt 1913Daughter
Sacketan , Rwly abt 1917Daughter
Sacketan , Thomon abt 1918Grandson
Marthee , M abt 1848Head
Marthee , My M abt 1860Wife
Dorcy , J W abt 1879Head
Dorcy , Josephine abt 1891Wife
Dorcy , Lenore abt 1909Daughter
Dorcy , Robert abt 1911Son
Dorcy , Othelia abt 1911Daughter
Cathran , G J abt 1839Head
Cathran , H J abt 1861Wife
Newel , O E abt 1900Head
Newel, Nettie abt 1902Wife
Smith, James R abt 1861Head
Smith, M A abt 1866Wife
Smith, Samuel G abt 1912Son
Smith, Rufus D abt 1914Grandson
Murph , D M abt 1885Head
Murph , Eva abt 1897Wife
Murph , Christine abt 1911Daughter
Murph , Arnold abt 1913Son
MacPhee, Duez abt 1917Son
Hary , Y N abt 1869Boarder
Grimm, Marian abt 1893Head
Grimm, Olivette abt 1895Wife
Grimm, Marian F abt 1914Son
Grimm, Darold F abt 1916Son
Grimm, William P abt 1919Son
Howell, William H abt 1841
Jones , J E abt 1876Head
Jones , Neta abt 1883Wife
Jones , Allie abt 1907Daughter
Jones , Milton abt 1913Son
Jones , Hattie abt 1915Daughter
Jones , Jester abt 1918Son
Starr, J C abt 1892Head
Starr, Edna abt 1903Wife
Starr, Cairral abt 1919Son
Rowls , B T abt 1868Head
Rowls , R E abt 1880Wife
Rowls , Vasco abt 1901Son
Rowls , Bettie abt 1903Daughter
Rowls , Maynard abt 1907Son
Rowls , Allie abt 1909Daughter
Bramham , Scot abt 1870Head
Bramham , Annie abt 1882Wife
Bramham , Mannie abt 1902Daughter
Bramham , Allie abt 1906Daughter
Welch, John A abt 1862Head
Welch, May J abt 1899Sister
Welch, Emil A abt 1857Sister
Bishop, Jack abt 1864Head
Bishop, Ottilia abt 1870Wife
Sheraden , Thomas abt 1853Head
Sheraden , Maud abt 1861Wife
Brown, C G abt 1885Head
Brown, Ollie N abt 1885Wife
Brown, Oline abt 1911Daughter
Bown , E M abt 1855Head
Bown , Jenllie H abt 1860Wife
Habeank, Thomas abt 1838Head
Haleson , Albert abt 1868Head
Harris, Enna abt 1904Head
Beasley, E F abt 1881Head
Beasley, A C abt 1868Wife
Olderman , John abt 1893Stepson
Whidden , J W abt 1860Head
Norton , Rilla abt 1896Daughter
Norton, Cathleen abt 1914Grandchild
Pander, G P abt 1877Head
Pander, C A abt 1873Wife
Pander, Allovia abt 1896Son
Pander, Ellen abt 1898Daughter
Pander, Tery M abt 1900Son
Pander, Timothy abt 1902Son
Pander, Seawi abt 1905Daughter
Pander, Dartha abt 1907Daughter
Pander, Myata abt 1909Daughter
Hankins , Lee A abt 1862 Head
Hankins , Ida abt 1863Wife
Bennett, Joseph F abt 1910 Head
Carrell , D N abt 1872Head
Carrell , Ellie abt 1881Wife
Carrell, Wilton abt 1905Son
Carrell, Gettia J abt 1915Son
Carrell, Homer E abt 1918Son
Barnell , James M abt 1848Father-in-law
Newton, Nannie abt 1836Mother
Johnson, H B, Sr.abt 1896 Head
Johnson, Belma abt 1902Wife
Johnson, H B J abt 1918Son
Powell, J A abt 1867Head
Powell , R E abt 1881Wife
Powell, Leon abt 1898Son
Powell, Jerry abt 1899Son
Powell, Uarton abt 1901Son
Powell, Burney abt 1903Son
Powell, Leath abt 1906Daughter
Powell, Leyton abt 1909Son
Powell, Elmar abt 1913Son
Moclaney , Dara M abt 1894 Mother-in-law
Midgett , Tina abt 1871Head
Midgett, William abt 1891Son
Midgett, Sisral abt 1900Son
Midgett, Mallie abt 1908Daughter
Midgett, Fannie abt 1911Daughter
Simmons , L O abt 1880Head
Simmons, M T abt 1883Wife
Simmons, Willie L abt 1907Son
Simmons, L Z abt 1908Son
Simmons, Genell abt 1913Niece
Williams, F C abt 1875Head
Williams, Bruce abt 1909Son
Williams, Lois abt 1914Daughter
Herman , Mrs. Willie abt 1877Head
McClelland , Charlie abt 1902Daughter
McClelland, William abt 1904Son
McClelland, Lucy abt 1906Daughter
McClelland, Silas abt 1908Son
McClelland, George abt 1911Son
Waltmire, Charles A abt 1856Head
Waltmire, Martha B abt 1861Head
Waltmire, Charles A abt 1891Son
Waltmire, Martha B abt 1893Daughter
Waltmire, John C abt 1894Son
Waltmire, Robert W abt 1898Son
Waltmire, Jerome abt 1900Son
Cox, William R abt 1855Head
Cox, Allie E abt 1875Wife
Cox, William H abt 1907Son
Cox, Clara M abt 1910Daughter
Faircloth, William abt 1868Head
Faircloth, Edna abt 1900Wife
Faircloth, Robert L abt 1915Son
Pitt, Frederic B abt 1860Head
Pitt, Eliza abt 1862Wife
Whidden, James A abt 1892Head
Whidden, Mamie abt 1897Wife
Whidden, William A abt 1918Son
Lancaster, Oliver abt 1858Head
Lancaster, Mary abt 1871Wife
Dorner, Lena abt 1901Servant
Cordner , Mrs. Minnie abt 1866Head
Cordner , Fred abt 1893Son
Quednau, Henry abt 1891Head
Quednau, Margaret abt 1892Wife
Quednau, Freda abt 1917Daughter
Quednau, Henry J abt 1918Son
Quednau, John abt 1919Son
Schwierske, Fritz abt 1849Head
Schwierske, Willie abt 1876Wife
Martin, Lydia abt 1848Head
Howland, Walter R abt 1874Head
Howland, Mattie abt 1882Wife
Howland, Clifford abt 1900Son
Howland, Artha abt 1906Daughter
Howland, Verlie abt 1910Daughter
Howland, Bernice abt 1915Daughter
Quednau, George W abt 1895Head
Quednau, Cecelia abt 1897Wife
Quednau, George W abt 1917Son
Quednau, Albert A abt 1902Son
Linquish, Charles D abt 1859Head
Linquish, Nancy abt 1873Wife
Linquish, Nellie abt 1889Daughter
Willis, Elijah D abt 1852Head
Page, Calvin G abt 1888Head
Page, Mabel R abt 1896Wife
Page, Ida B abt 1916Daughter
Motes, Lee abt 1870Head
Motes, Katie abt 1880Wife
McCann, John J abt 1868Head
McCann, Mary F abt 1875Wife
McCann, Bertram abt 1894Son
Turnes , Austin abt 1914Boarder
Bloxam, Boadicea abt 1870Head
Willis, Mary abt 1872Sister
Davis, William abt 1879Head
Davis, Nancy abt 1902Wife
Crans , John abt 1877Son
Cooper, James G abt 1892Head
Cooper, Florence abt 1894Wife
Cooper, Frances abt 1917Daughter
Cooper, James E abt 1919Son
Nail, Samuel abt 1865Head
Nail, Ollen abt 1873Wife
Nail, Geneva E abt 1905Daughter
Nail, Janette abt 1908Daughter
Richardi, Mrs. Robt abt 1864Head
Richardi, Fritz abt 1902Son
Richardi, Theodore abt 1910Son
Phillips, Dexter abt 1883Head
Phillips, Frances abt 1884Wife
Phillips, Harrel abt 1910Son
Phillips, William abt 1916Son
Moore , Charley W abt 1885Head
Moore, Elizabeth abt 1890Wife
Moore, Elva A abt 1919Daughter
Davis, John H abt 1888Head
Davis, Fannie abt 1897Wife
Davis, Lorene abt 1911Daughter
Davis, Thelma abt 1914Daughter
Davis, Mildred abt 1916Daughter
Davis, John W abt 1919Son
Daniel , Aden abt 1874Head
Whidden, Charles abt 1894Son-in-law
Whidden , Isabel abt 1901Daughter
Daniels, Alton abt 1906Son
Daniels, Annie abt 1907Daughter
Daniels, Agnes abt 1911Daughter
Bone, Isabel abt 1850Head
Killam, Nathan abt 1859Head
Killam, Sarah abt 1868Wife
Tucker, Allen B abt 1870Head
Tucker, Caroline H abt 1870Wife
Tucker, Charlott G abt 1908Daughter
Tucker, Paul J abt 1910Son
Willis, Elvin V abt 1878Head
Willis, Lizzie abt 1886Wife
Willis, Russell abt 1911Son
Willis, Elizabeth abt 1914Daughter
Sturdy, Marion W abt 1885Head
Sturdy, Forrest abt 1892Wife
Sturdy, Richrd abt 1912Son
Sturdy, Marion abt 1918Son
Mobley, Wallace E abt 1884Head
Mobley, Madie abt 1889Wife
Mobley, Luster abt 1911Son
Mobley, Dorothy abt 1912Daughter
Coram, Edward abt 1856Head
Coram, Alice abt 1878Wife
Coram, Elizabeth abt 1902Daughter
Smith, Fannie abt 1873Head
Smith, Clyde abt 1903Daughter
Smith, Leonard abt 1906Son
Smith, Annie abt 1909Daughter
Norton, Mannie M abt 1894Head
Norton, Dora E abt 1894Wife
Norton, Alva L abt 1916Daughter
Norton, Mildred abt 1918Daughter
Norton, Elizabeth abt 1919Daughter
Griggs, Sarah abt 1870Head
Griggs, Samson abt 1905Son
Griggs, Wallace abt 1906Son
Smith, Joe N abt 1890Head
Smith, Melody abt 1890Wife
Reifsnyder, Benjamen abt 1880Head
Reifsnyder, Marie abt 1894Wife
Heusted , Mary abt 1846Head
Heusted , Luman G abt 1875Son
Harvey, Kelly B abt 1859Head
Harvey, Elva abt 1867Wife
Richards , Marina abt 1898Daughter
Richards , Eugene abt 1919Grandson
Lane, John abt 1883Head
Lane, Jesse abt 1889Wife
Grice , Max C abt 1876Head
Grice , Benjiman D abt 1846Father
Grice , Mary D abt 1850Mother
Grice , Mary J abt 1869Cousin
Williams, Mary A abt 1850Head
Will, James P abt 1866Head
Will, Carry A abt 1871Wife
Will, Florence P abt 1906Daughter
Decker, Harry L abt 1862Head
Decker, Nellie K abt 1867Wife
Hathcock, Charlie abt 1898Head
Hathcock, Lucie abt 1901Wife
Hathcock, Othello abt 1919Daughter
Plyman , Claton abt 1895Cousin
Ring , Habersham abt 1851 Head
Ring , Ann R abt 1862Wife
Douglass, Thomas abt 1857Head
Douglass, Carrie abt 1868Wife
Douglass, Fowler abt 1898Son
Douglass, Mina abt 1897Daughter-in-law
Douglass, Hester abt 1900Daughter
Douglass, Robert abt 1918Grandson
Douglass, Virginia L abt 1919Granddaughter
Hatch, Albert P abt 1887Head
Hatch, Agnes abt 1892Wife
Hatch, Carmelita abt 1918Daughter
Fries, Charles abt 1863Head
Fries, Wilma abt 1871Wife
Dewey, Albert F abt 1858Head
Dewey , Mary F abt 1869Wife
Dewey, Willis R abt 1890Son
Dewey, Albert T abt 1892Son
Dewey, George B abt 1894Son
Dewey , Mary F Roggers abt 1846Mother-in-law
Slocum, Arthur R abt 1879Head
Slocum, Rose abt 1885Wife
Slocum, Ellen abt 1912Daughter
Slocum, Fredrich abt 1916Son
Hamlin, Howland abt 1884Head
Hamlin, Grace M abt 1884Wife
Curland , Thomas C abt 1878Head
Curland , Emily abt 1888Wife
Curland , Mary A abt 1909Daughter
Curland , Emily E abt 1911Daughter
Curland , Laura M abt 1913Daughter
Curland , Thomas M abt 1915Son
Curland , Cecelia abt 1917Daughter
Whitten, William abt 1844Father-in-law
Reed, Laura W abt 1871SisterInLaw
Reed, Raymon abt 1903Nephew
Deloach, William R abt 1880Head
Deloach, Carmen abt 1886Wife
Deloach, William A abt 1906Son
Deloach, Lucile abt 1910Daughter
Low, Fannie abt 1864Head
Kenedy, John W abt 1872Brother
Kenedy, Ramsey J abt 1899Nephew
Kennedy , Harry G abt 1890Head
Kennedy , Frances A abt 1893Wife
Kennedy , Helen M abt 1917Daughter
Bell, William E abt 1920Head
Bell, Louella abt 1878Wife
Bell, Elizabeth abt 1910Daughter
Frederick, William H abt 1860Head
Frederick, Emma abt 1861Wife
Davis, Clara V abt 1853Head
Sistrunk, Mary F abt 1859Boarder
Griggs, Thomas S abt 1887Head
Griggs, Eva L abt 1888Wife
Griggs, Wilmer L abt 1910Daughter
Griggs, Thomas H abt 1912Son
Griggs, John H abt 1914Son
Griggs, Mary E abt 1916Daughter
Sandlin, Mary L abt 1870Head
Wiesebrock, Robert abt 1851Head
Wiesebrock, Elizabeth abt 1862Wife
Bulmer, William F abt 1892Head
Bulmer, Gladys abt 1900Wife
Bulmer, William F, Jr.abt 1919Son
Supenor , Marion abt 1897Son-in-law
Bright, John H abt 1887Head
Bright, Clara abt 1896Wife
Bright, Dessie abt 1911Daughter
Bright, Gertrude abt 1914Daughter
Chadwick, Clay abt 1880Head
Chadwick, Camellia abt 1887Wife
Chadwick, Ralph abt 1909Son
Chadwick, Iris abt 1910Daughter
Chadwick, Ruth abt 1917Daughter
Stout, Lucy J abt 1870Head
Mayes, William M abt 1845Head
Mayes, Annie F abt 1847Wife
Riker , Koste C abt 1841Boarder
Mayes , Willetta abt 1842 Daughter
Cochran , Charles abt 1882Head
Cochran , Leta abt 1886Wife
Cochran , Norman abt 1903Son
Wotitzky, Edward abt 1878Head
Wotitzky, Celio abt 1888Wife
Wotitzky, Leopold abt 1913Son
Wotitzky, Frak abt 1917Son
Cannon, Beryl abt 1878Head
Cannon, Cora abt 1875Wife
Cranford , John D abt 1882Head
Cranford , Elizabeth abt 1884Wife
Tooher , Nell R abt 1903 Niece
Maloney, Frank abt 1920Boarder
Patterson, Tellus B abt 1863Head
Patterson, Linda abt 1864Wife
Taft, Almedio abt 1855Son-in-law
Sylvester, Ruth abt 1913
Sylvester, Marion abt 1915Great-Uncle (Uncle)
Trabue, Virginia abt 1833Head
Fisher, Agnes abt 1850Boarder
King, Robert M abt 1845Head
Berry, Jeremiah abt 1843Head
Berry, George abt 1877Son
Carlson, Gus abt 1881Head
Carlson, Minnie abt 1883Wife
Glancy, Rufus abt 1901Nephew
Griggs, Thomas abt 1857Head
Griggs, Louisa abt 1859Wife
Griggs, Leon abt 1884Son
Griggs, Charles abt 1895Son
Pierce, Walter O abt 1897Head
Pierce, Ava abt 1901Wife
Pierce, Edna M abt 1918Daughter
Whidden, Eli J abt 1855Head
Whidden, Mary abt 1870Wife
Whidden, Eli abt 1901Son
Whidden, Rebecca abt 1905Daughter
Whidden, Jesse abt 1907Daughter
Whidden, Marvin abt 1910Son
Clayton , Link abt 1893Boarder
Clayton, Maud abt 1893Boarder
Brown , John L abt 1848Boarder
Kline, Jacob J abt 1853Boarder
O'Neill , Thomas abt 1868Boarder
Burdette, James H abt 1889Head
Burdette, Martha E abt 1886Wife
Burdette, Lillie P abt 1908Daughter
Burdette, Eva D abt 1913Daughter
Fielding, Brown H abt 1870Head
Fielding, John H abt 1907Son
Fielding, Mary G abt 1912Daughter
Fielding, Thelma abt 1918Daughter
McBean, Lewis abt 1864Head
McBean, Lula abt 1870Wife
McBean, Isabell abt 1898Daughter
Harmon, Thomas J abt 1851Head
Harmon, Rachel A abt 1856Wife
Robinson, Mattie abt 1856Head
Robinson, Laurence abt 1884Son
Robinson, Thelma abt 1897Daughter-in-law
Robinson, Earnestine abt 1917Granddaughter
Robinson, Laurence G abt 1920Grandson
Lakin, James B abt 1857Head
Lakin, Nora abt 1867Wife
Lakin, Cora abt 1911Daughter
Pate, Sarah F abt 1862Head
James , Henretta abt 1887Daughter
Pate, Dan P abt 1903Son
Janes, Jennie W abt 1912Granddaughter
Janes, Lala F abt 1915Granddaughter
Franklin, Walter abt 1882Boarder
Coghlan , Benjiman abt 1868Boarder
Hase, Charles abt 1860Boarder
Lockler, Thelma abt 1902Assistant
Adams, Francis abt 1869Head
Adams , Lula abt 1868Wife
McMullen, Thomas abt 1843Father-in-law
Frames , Luther J abt 1877Head
Frames , Mary abt 1880Wife
Frames , Jane C abt 1910Daughter
Hancock, John H abt 1870Head
Hancock, Anna abt 1877Wife
Perkins, Percival abt 1905Nephew
Miller, William abt 1851Head
Miller, Elizabeth abt 1860Wife
Goldie, Peter C abt 1841Head
Goldie, Carrie S abt 1868Wife
Walter , William abt 1858Head
Walter , Nancy D abt 1857Wife
Singletary, Riley abt 1856Brother-in-law
Smith , Charles N abt 1872Head
Smith, Anna L abt 1873Wife
Walding , Martin R abt 1870Head
Walding , Ethel abt 1875Wife
Walding , Alice abt 1899Daughter
Walding , Ethel M abt 1901Daughter
Walding , Lena P abt 1905Daughter
Walding , Luella abt 1908Daughter
Herring, Hubbard abt 1899Head
Herring, Edith abt 1902Wife
Herring, Ruth abt 1919Daughter
Hovey, Virginia abt 1869Head
Green, Ulric abt 1876Head
Green, Lula abt 1879Wife
Green, Francis abt 1912Son
Stanton, Mary abt 1853Head
Caldwell, Arthur abt 1884Head
Caldwell, Laura abt 1881Wife
Caldwell, Ollie B abt 1908Daughter
Caldwell, Ray abt 1898Brother
Baggs, Olin abt 1883Brother-in-law
Banks, James abt 1885Boarder
Laurence , Agustin abt 1883Boarder
Davis, William A abt 1887Boarder
Jones , Varsa Boarder
Sheldon, N Boarder
Koon, Henry abt 1889Head
Koon, Rosa abt 1893Wife
Koon, Eugene abt 1911Son
Culver, Henry A abt 1868Head
Culver, Mary C abt 1870Wife
French, Samuel A abt 1846Head
Adams, Ennett abt 1886Head
Adams, Rhoda abt 1882Wife
Johns, Bertie abt 1914Niece
Snowden, James P abt 1861Head
Snowden , Bertha abt 1887Wife
Snowden, May abt 1910Daughter
Yokom, Anna abt 1849Mother-in-law
Huffman , Samuel J abt 1860Head
Huffman, Jennie abt 1860Wife
Rhoades, Harry abt 1858Head
Rhoades, Georgia abt 1877Wife
Gibson, Ruby abt 1905Stepdaughter
Goulding, Joseph abt 1877Head
Goulding, Willie M abt 1884Wife
Goulding, Harry abt 1909Son
Goulding, Lee abt 1913Son
Goulding, Mary abt 1833Mother
Lawrence , Thomas abt 1880 Boarder
Oswald, John C abt 1848Head
Oswald, Sarah E abt 1864Wife
McLane, Charles A abt 1882Head
McLane, Stella B abt 1882Wife
McLane, Margaret abt 1905Daughter
McLane, Florence abt 1908Daughter
McLane, Geoge abt 1919Son
Carter, Thomas J abt 1861Head
Blevens, Phillip W abt 1848Head
Blevens, Katte abt 1850Wife
Ruth , Harrison abt 1841Head
Ruth , Permelia abt 1856Wife
Edmonds, Edmond abt 1865Head
Edmonds, Alice abt 1871Wife
Edmonds, Richard abt 1905Son
Rasch, John H abt 1852Head
Rasch, Pauline abt 1867Wife
Rasch, Hoyt J L abt 1896Son
Rasch, Paul G abt 1898Son
Barber, Missouri abt 1863Head
Evans , Hilda abt 1884Head
Evans , Francis W abt 1912Son
Evans , Arleen W abt 1914Daughter
Mizell, Joshua abt 1861Head
Mizell, Eugene abt 1863Wife
Mizell, William K abt 1897Son
Hatch, Arley M abt 1890Stepson
Willis, James abt 1886Head
Willis, Mary abt 1890Wife
Willis, Charles abt 1910Son
Willis, Marjorie abt 1916Daughter
Raymond, Alexander abt 1853Head
Raymond, Jennie abt 1857Wife
Miller, John H abt 1869Head
Miller, Amy abt 1872Wife
Edmundson, Josephine abt 1909Boarder
Turner , Vrigel A abt 1893Head
Turner, Corine abt 1903Wife
Gallagher, Eugene abt 1857Head
Wallin, Claus A abt 1881Head
Wallin, Irene J abt 1892Wife
Banks, Harry abt 1911Grandson
Banks, Eugene abt 1914Stepson
Gallagher, Jesse abt 1898Brother-in-law
Gallagher, Commodore abt 1897Brother-in-law
Blazer, Harry B abt 1860Head
Blazer, Mary A abt 1871Wife
Blazer, Harry abt 1903Son
Blazer, Francis C abt 1908Daughter
Laubenheimer, Charles J abt 1869Boarder
Dommert , Charles abt 1861Boarder
Mathiot, Harry abt 1880Boarder
Fulcher, Valentine abt 1855Boarder
Bodiford, William abt 1854Head
Bodiford, Annie abt 1855Wife
Bodiford, John abt 1880Son
Bodiford, John C abt 1901Grandson
Bodiford, Emerson abt 1906Grandson
Honeywell , Grulichus abt 1842Head
Honeywell, Pecornelia abt 1864Wife
Cothran, Aurelia abt 1855Head
Addison , Ella abt 1891Daughter
Addison, Joel abt 1907Grandson
Blount , Broxton B abt 1865Head
Blount, Amelia E abt 1864Wife
Blount, Braxton B, Jr.abt 1892Son
Blount, Zula G abt 1896Daughter-in-law
Blount, Justus N abt 1904Son
Jordon, Adrian P abt 1851Head
Jordon, Sallie G abt 1874Wife
Jordon, Adrian abt 1885Son
Dines , William abt 1894Head
Dines , Nellie F abt 1897Wife
Knight, Nellie abt 1871Mother-in-law
Canaday , Ivagean abt 1913Stepdaughter
Canaday , Wallace M abt 1916Stepson
Knight, Mary E abt 1857SisterInLaw
Oliver , Lavelle abt 1863Head
Oliver, Margaret A abt 1863Wife
Oliver, Ethel abt 1897Daughter
Blakely, Henry L abt 1867Head
Blakely, Bessie abt 1880Wife
Blakely, Harry abt 1906Son
Blakely, John abt 1910Son
Garrett, Paul K abt 1893Head
Garrett, Ella abt 1894Wife
Parker, William B abt 1875Head
Parker, Maggie abt 1890Wife
Parker, Marth abt 1910Daughter
Parker, Coralee abt 1911Daughter
Parker, William abt 1913Son
Parker, Maggie abt 1914Daughter
Parker, Zella abt 1918Daughter
Hurton , John R abt 1883Head
Hurton , Arney A abt 1884Wife
Hurton , Alonzo abt 1908Son
Hurton , John R abt 1911Son
Hurton , James abt 1913Son
Hurton , Charles H abt 1914Son
Hurton , Ellen F abt 1881Sister
McAdow, Marion abt 1879Head
Gevens , Ellen abt 1888Servant
Fulford , Talas abt 1886Servant
Griggs, Vivian T abt 1897Head
Griggs, Maud abt 1898Wife
Carten , Lesciler abt 1904 Son-in-law
Goldstein, Frederica abt 1861Head
Goldstein, Harry abt 1886Son
Goldstein, Sophia abt 1898Daughter-in-law
Dell , David T abt 1875Head
Dell , Annie abt 1888Wife
Dell , Bercha abt 1906Daughter
Dell , Josephine abt 1913Daughter
Seward , Ruby abt 1875 Head
Seward, Laura abt 1870Wife
Seward, Marie abt 1900Niece
Lester, William abt 1859Head
Lester, Savilla abt 1862Wife
Lester, Camille abt 1894Daughter
Jordon, Vernon J abt 1887Head
Jordon, Esther O abt 1899Wife
Gatewood, George W abt 1863Head
Gatewood, Minnie L abt 1876Wife
Gatewood, Joseph P abt 1895Son
Gatewood, Irene abt 1901Daughter
Washington, Joseph B abt 1891 Head
Washington, Lillian abt 1899Wife
Washington, Dorothy abt 1919Daughter
Meadows, Dale abt 1876Head
Meadows, Julia abt 1879Wife
Chadwick, Charles abt 1897Son
Chadwick, Floyd abt 1900Son
Chadwick, Maxine abt 1911Daughter
Straughan, John B abt 1862Head
Straughan, Mattie abt 1863Wife
Straughan, Permelia abt 1895Daughter
Straughan, Evolena abt 1903Daughter
Straughan, Richard abt 1899Son
Morgan, Mattie abt 1865Head
Morgan, Maud abt 1895Daughter
Morgan, Jess abt 1897Son
Morgan, Henry abt 1900Son
Depper , Norma abt 1862Head
Depper , Bertha abt 1859Sister
Walker, Dona abt 1878Head
Burno , Elizabeth abt 1883Half Sister
Maram , Lucy abt 1904Niece
Shelton, Samuel abt 1881Boarder
Jones, Samuel V abt 1898Boarder
Dow, Robert P abt 1844Head
Dow, Anna R abt 1864Wife
Adams, Francis K abt 1850Head
Blanchet , Clement T abt 1846Head
Blanchet, Annie V abt 1851Wife
Dreggors, Harry R abt 1872Head
Dreggors, Louise R abt 1879Wife
Dreggors, Danette K abt 1905Daughter
Dreggors, Howard K abt 1913Son
Coston, Riley M abt 1878Head
Coston, Mary abt 1885Wife
Coston, Harold abt 1902Son
Coston, Bonnie abt 1905Daughter
Coston, Verrie abt 1907Son
Richards, Abner D abt 1848Boarder
Harrison, Jesse abt 1877Head
Harrison, Avie abt 1880Wife
Harrison, Grady abt 1900Son
Harrison, Wilie M abt 1906Daughter
Harrison, Bessie F abt 1909Daughter
Harrison, Robert L abt 1912Son
Harrison, Katie M abt 1916Daughter
Koon, Luther abt 1872Head
Mayes , Joe M abt 1869Head
Mayer, Lillie abt 1874Wife
Mayer, William abt 1896Son
Mayer , Elizabeth abt 1899Daughter
Mayer, John D abt 1900Son
Wilson, Jack abt 1863Boarder
Wilson, Sarah H abt 1862Boarder
Brown , John S abt 1857Boarder
Hayman, William C abt 1860Head
Hayman, Dian abt 1874Wife
Hayman, Robert abt 1902Son
Hayman, Ruth abt 1899Daughter
Hayman, Maxwell abt 1904Son
Hayman, Lillie abt 1906Daughter
Hayman, Tone abt 1908Daughter
Hayman, James abt 1917Son
Kittell , Edwin J abt 1878Head
Kittell, Ethel abt 1880Wife
Kittell, Edwin L abt 1905Son
Lewis, John C abt 1848Head
Lewis, Leslie abt 1892Son
Lewis, Carrie abt 1897Daughter
Lewis, Burland abt 1903Son
Wilkins, Robert W abt 1887Head
Wilkins, Lena abt 1893Wife
Wilkins, Iris V abt 1920Daughter
Wilkins, Frank O abt 1890Head
Wilkins, Flossia abt 1894Wife
Gibbens , La Roux abt 1878Head
Gibbens , Mary E abt 1893Wife
Gibbens , Francis C abt 1915Son
Gibbens , Lorraine abt 1917Daughter
Gibbens , Wallace S abt 1919Son
Gunter, John H abt 1884Head
Gunter, Ruby L abt 1889Wife
Gunter, Lucile abt 1909Daughter
Schauberger, Otto abt 1877Head
Schauberger, Lillie abt 1884Wife
Schauberger, Marion abt 1905Son
Schauberger, Goldie abt 1912Son
Stancel, Alva abt 1900Son-in-law
Stancel , Margaret abt 1903Daughter
Olsen, John abt 1869Head
Olsen, Ophelia abt 1886Wife
Olsen, Emma abt 1906Daughter
Olsen, Sona abt 1908Daughter
Olsen, John abt 1911Son
Olsen, Barney abt 1911Son
Madden, James abt 1864Head
Rhode, George D abt 1871 Head
Rhode, Doria V abt 1887Wife
Rhodes, Byron S abt 1905Son
Rhodes, Arma abt 1906Daughter
Rhodes, Pauline abt 1912Daughter
Rhodes, Lucille abt 1913Daughter
Kinney, Hardy abt 1892Head
Kinney, Lois abt 1894Wife
Kinney, Irene abt 1917Daughter
Kinney, Clyde abt 1919Daughter
Rhodes, Lee abt 1888Brother
Saley, Eugene abt 1873Head
Saley, Dora abt 1880Wife
Saley, Merton abt 1900Son
Saley, Francis abt 1902Son
Saley, Louis abt 1906Son
Saley, Helen abt 1908Daughter
Saley, Doris abt 1909Daughter
Saley, Thomas abt 1912Son
Rountree, Edgar abt 1881Head
Rountree, Bana abt 1887Wife
Rountree, Edwin abt 1907Son
Rountree, Erwin abt 1908Son
Rountree, Elvin abt 1911Son
Chadwick, Stephen abt 1877Head
Chadwick, Laura abt 1879Wife
Chadwick, Beryl abt 1903Son
Chadwick, Clay abt 1905Son
Chadwick, Ray abt 1908Son
Keen, Elias abt 1871Head
Keen, Lula abt 1876Wife
Dampier, John F abt 1851Head
Dampier, Minnie abt 1886Daughter
Dampier, Margaret abt 1896Daughter
Cumming, Millard abt 1883Head
Cumming, Maggie abt 1890Wife
Cumming, Garland abt 1908Daughter
Cumming, Nelda abt 1911Daughter
Cumming, Frieda abt 1916Daughter
Cooper, Frank M abt 1854Head
Cooper, Mary E abt 1874Wife
Cooper, Charles M abt 1905Son
Cooper, Mary E abt 1908Daughter
Allen, Coe H abt 1898Stepson
Gilles, Nona abt 1908Niece
Sands, John abt 1872Head
Sands, Andrew abt 1900Daughter
Edwards , John J abt 1868Head
Edwards, Mary L abt 1883Wife
Edwards, Bertha abt 1913Daughter
Edwards, Lillian abt 1916Daughter
McQueen, David N abt 1871Head
McQueen, Amy abt 1880Wife
McQueen, Donald D abt 1909Son
McQueen, N Sycile abt 1910Daughter
McQueen, Nathaniel abt 1912Son
McQueen, Howard L abt 1916Son
Sikes, James N abt 1871Head
Sikes, Soula B abt 1877Wife
Sikes, Anna M abt 1901Daughter
Morgan, Ormond A abt 1879Head
Morgan, Kate Sister
Cushing , Lizzie abt 1866Sister
McClelland, James K abt 1871Head
McClelland , Norma W abt 1872Wife
Wyman, Alfred abt 1843Father-in-law
Corbett, James F abt 1866Head
Corbett, Lena abt 1874Wife
Corbett, Beatrice abt 1901Daughter
Corbett, Ruth abt 1903Daughter
Corbett , Marrion abt 1904Daughter
Corbett, Mary abt 1907Daughter
Corbett, Constance abt 1909Daughter
Seldon, Wilson abt 1872Head
Seldon, Emma abt 1897Wife
Seldon, Delbert abt 1917Son
Seldon, Louise abt 1918Daughter
Clark, Thomas abt 1884Head
Clark, Elsie abt 1891Wife
Clark, Thelma abt 1907Daughter
Clark, Mercedees abt 1908Daughter
Clark, Mikanna abt 1909Daughter
Billman, Howard abt 1852Head
, Stevensonabt 1920
Sealey, William B abt 1878Head
Sealey, Jessie abt 1884Wife
Sealey, Julite abt 1909Daughter
Sealey, Acuma abt 1912Daughter
White, Willie A abt 1880Head
White, William abt 1911Son
Curry, Charles F abt 1892Head
Curry, Olive abt 1893Wife
Curry, Charlie C abt 1916Daughter
Curry, Edwin F abt 1919Son
Chase, William P abt 1869Head
, Chaseabt 1872Wife
Schmidt, Charles R abt 1875Daughter
Schmidt, Minnie abt 1880Wife
Schmidt , Suella abt 1903Daughter
Buckley, Joseph F abt 1884Employee
Baur , Fred abt 1881Employee
Baur , Elizabeth abt 1885Boarder
Babb, Frank J abt 1875Employee
Ozabue , Stephen J abt 1857Boarder
Berry, John H abt 1858Head
Teter, William S abt 1873Head
Goff, James S abt 1879Head
Goff, Lucretia abt 1883Wife
Goff, James C abt 1902Son
Goff, Stella M abt 1904Daughter
Goff, Robert S abt 1907Son
Lancaster, Charlie abt 1904Nephew
Reagin, John abt 1877Head
Reagin, Elmer abt 1903Son
Reagin, Obed abt 1905Son
McDaniels, Howard abt 1883Head
McDaniels, Frances abt 1887Wife
McDaniels, Mattie M abt 1919Daughter
Keen, Josephus abt 1861Head
Keen, Margaret abt 1870Wife
Keen, Cekhus abt 1891Son
Smith, John W abt 1893Head
Smith, Zona abt 1900Wife
Smith, Lillian M abt 1919Daughter
Keene, Sarah abt 1848Head
Brown, James M abt 1854Head
Jackson, Edwin C abt 1846Head
Jackson, Catherine abt 1847Wife
Sylcox, Adam abt 1885Head
Sylcox, Lelia abt 1893Wife
Sylcox, Elmer L abt 1910Son
Sylcox, Madine abt 1912Daughter
Sylcox, Jesse abt 1919Son
Adams, Thomas I abt 1871Head
Adams, Mary V abt 1868Wife
Adams, William A abt 1898Son
Adams, Roy C abt 1899Son
Campbell, Mary abt 1873Head
Campbell, David abt 1911Son
Campbell, Lena M abt 1913Daughter
Grady, Henry abt 1894Head
Grady, Ethel abt 1905Wife
Grady, Jewel abt 1915Daughter
Grady, H D abt 1916Son
Gethers, Joseph F abt 1853Head
Goff, John L abt 1875Head
Goff, Martha H abt 1878Wife
Goff, Arthur L abt 1902Son
Goff, George L abt 1907Son
Goff, Wesley J abt 1911Son
Sylcox, Orlando abt 1877Head
Sylcox, Mary abt 1849Mother
Lipscomb , James H abt 1872Head
Lipscomb , Gussie abt 1876Wife
Lipscomb , William C abt 1903Son
Lipscomb , James abt 1912Son
Lipscomb , Leslie abt 1913Son
Week, John M abt 1859Head
Week, Mabel abt 1865Wife
Smith, Edgar W abt 1874Head
Smith, Susie E abt 1882Wife
Blount, Frank R abt 1871Head
Blount, Lucie abt 1873Wife
Blount, Elise abt 1898Daughter
Glover, Flusser M abt 1872Head
Glover, Jessie M abt 1888Wife
Glover, Mary E abt 1914Daughter
Carrier , Cassius abt 1848Head
Baldwin, Pearl D abt 1881Head
Baldwin, Hazel E abt 1903Daughter
Davis, Grace E abt 1868Head
Bradley, Henry C abt 1884Head
Bradley, Irena abt 1879Wife
Bradley, Alline abt 1908Daughter
Bradley, Malvina abt 1911Daughter
Bradley, Arnold E abt 1919Son
Moss, Joseph F abt 1875Head
Moss, Pearl abt 1898Wife
Moss, Alice J abt 1918Daughter
Moss, Shirley abt 1919Daughter
Wilford, William T abt 1861 Head
Dawson, John R abt 1863Porter
Neese, Barney E abt 1888Head
Neese, Alma abt 1891Wife
Neese, Eva B abt 1917Daughter
Neese, Audrie M abt 1919Daughter
Earnest, Thomas abt 1872Head
Earnest, Susie abt 1882Wife
Earnest, George R abt 1901Son
Earnest, Bennie L abt 1902Son
Earnest, La Rue abt 1913Son
Roan, Alford abt 1891Head
Roan, Gertrude abt 1897Wife
Roan, Alta G abt 1918Daughter
Bryant, George E abt 1851Head
Bryant, Mary J abt 1868Wife
Bryant, Arch abt 1893Son
Bryant, Melton abt 1895Son
Bryant, Paul abt 1899Son
Bryant, Mary L abt 1909Daughter
Bryant, Emma M abt 1912Daughter
Bryant, James T abt 1917Grandson
Seaborn, James R abt 1868Head
Seaborn, Ellar abt 1878Wife
Seaborn, Samuel abt 1901Son
Seaborn, Fred abt 1902Son
Seaborn, Robert abt 1905Son
Seaborn, Pennie abt 1904Daughter-in-law
Goff, William C abt 1897Head
Goff, Sarah abt 1889Wife
Salter, Edith abt 1906Stepdaughter
Salter, Vannie abt 1908Stepson
Salter, William abt 1913Stepson
Salter, Murphy abt 1915Stepson
Salter, Mabel abt 1917Stepdaughter
Goff, Myrtle abt 1919Daughter
Matthews, Walter Mc abt 1888Head
Matthews, Bessie abt 1891Wife
Matthews, Mable abt 1911Daughter
Matthews, Oliver J abt 1913Son
Barritt, Vernon abt 1915Stepson
Barritt, Maxine abt 1917Daughter
Kinsel, Alexander J abt 1871Head
Kinsel, Stella abt 1889Wife
Kinsel, Anna L abt 1911Daughter
Williams, John abt 1895Head
Williams, Ethel abt 1895Wife
Ashworth, Edward abt 1876Head
Ashworth, Nannie abt 1896Wife
Mathison , Agset abt 1887Head
Mathison, Mary S abt 1898Wife
Mathison, Virginia L abt 1915Daughter
Mathison, Myrtle F abt 1918Daughter
Renfroe, Fannie abt 1883Head
Renfroe, Lillie abt 1910Daughter
Renfroe, Eugene abt 1913Daughter
Williams, John H abt 1882Head
Smith, Henry W abt 1871Head
Smith, Louise abt 1876Wife
Smith, Mary K abt 1900Daughter
Smith, Earnest H abt 1901Son
Smith, Edwin W abt 1904Son
Smith, Daniel K abt 1876Brother
Smith, Abraham S abt 1862Boarder
Speck, William D abt 1855Boarder
Dawson, George abt 1885Boarder
, Bradyabt 1867Boarder
Harrison, Joe abt 1885Head
Harrison, Blanch abt 1889Wife
Harrison, Joe abt 1912Son
Harrison, Virginia abt 1918Daughter
Earnest, Mary abt 1851Head
Black, Madison O abt 1871Head
Gautier, Mary abt 1885Head
Gautier, Louise abt 1906Daughter
Singletary, Sarah F abt 1864Head
Lancaster, Joseph W abt 1888Head
Lancaster, Cora abt 1890Wife
Lancaster, Glenwood abt 1910Son
Lancaster, Carrol abt 1912Son
Allen, Don abt 1841Head
Allen, Mary abt 1844Wife
Bassett , Jessie abt 1878Daughter
Bassett, Iris abt 1908Granddaughter
Bassett, Wando abt 1910Granddaughter
John , Nettie abt 1866Head
Patina , Petro abt 1878Head
Chadwick, Lafayette abt 1875Head
Slater, Andrew abt 1899Head
Kessler, Emil abt 1899Head
McNeal, Thomas abt 1872Head
Kirk , Lonnie New abt 1901Head
Pate, Francis M abt 1858Head
Jerkins, John R abt 1882Head
Jerkins, Rosa abt 1886Wife
Jerkins, Eugene abt 1906Son
Jerkins, James abt 1909Son
Jerkins, Bonnie abt 1913Daughter
Jerkins, Edith abt 1917Daughter
Jerkins, Viola abt 1919Daughter
Proctor, Perry abt 1884Head
Proctor, Martha abt 1886Wife
Renfroe, John E abt 1872Head
Crawford, Charlie C abt 1885Son-in-law
Crawford , Mary abt 1903Daughter
Crawford, Edward abt 1919Grandson
Giles, Samuel A abt 1868Head
Giles, Mary W abt 1883Wife
Giles, Sadie abt 1913Daughter
Giles, Ada abt 1915Daughter
Davis , Lennard abt 1885Head
Roberts, Lewis abt 1876Head
Gray, James abt 1877Head
Parde , David abt 1872Head
Little, Henry abt 1844Head
Seymore, Aaron abt 1874Head
Seymore, Estella abt 1893Wife
Lonedore , Manuel abt 1916Stepson
Lonedore , Malmalie abt 1918Daughter
Addish , Odissa abt 1907Stepdaughter
Miller, Plymoth abt 1867Head
Miller, Marie abt 1874Wife
Curtis, Margaret abt 1861Head
Ward, Elijah abt 1873Head
Ward, Rinalder abt 1905Son
Ward, Elizabeth abt 1907Daughter
Fleming, William abt 1899Son-in-law
Fleming , Pearl abt 1903Daughter
Davis, Jack abt 1870Head
Coleman, Hattie abt 1880Head
Coleman, Thomas abt 1898Son
Johnson, John abt 1869Boarder
Bais , Lexie abt 1895Head
Bais , Blanche abt 1900Wife
Baker , Benjamin abt 1871Head
Baker, Christina abt 1870Wife
Jacobs, Julia abt 1881Sister
Lancaster, John abt 1885Head
Lancaster, Emma abt 1893Wife
Lancaster, Sadie abt 1909Daughter
Lancaster, Marjoma abt 1913Daughter
Lancaster, Oliver abt 1915Son
Lancaster, Eldon abt 1911Son
Pratt, Charlie abt 1874Head
Pratt, Bertha abt 1873Wife
Greene, Enos abt 1895Head
Cromartie, Govener B abt 1862Head
Cromartie, Annie abt 1872Wife
Glover, Chester A abt 1908Boarder
Hamilton, William W abt 1872Head
Hamilton, Fannie A abt 1878Wife
Hurst, Dollie abt 1870Head
Hurst, Willie abt 1892Daughter
Andrews, Simon abt 1866Head
Andrews, Victoria abt 1876Wife
Andrews, Willis abt 1897Son
Andrews, Frank abt 1901Son
Andrews, Peter abt 1904Son
Andrews, Norma abt 1906Daughter
Andrews, Kathleen abt 1909Daughter
Andrews, Harry abt 1911Son
Andrews, Alma abt 1918Daughter
Johnson , Levy E abt 1846Head
Johnson, Mallisso abt 1862Wife
Stanley, Hattie abt 1871Head
Gray, James abt 1888Boarder
McAgal , Thomas abt 1868Head
Hatchet, Henry abt 1865Head
Gorham, Edward abt 1862Head
McAlister, Henrietta abt 1865Head
Washington , Ollis abt 1889Son-in-law
Washington , Letitia abt 1896Daughter
Washington, Robert abt 1912Grandson
Washington, Harrell abt 1913Grandson
Washington, Russell abt 1919Grandson
Hayes , Victoria abt 1900Daughter
Daniels, Isaiah abt 1866Brother
Brown, William abt 1885Head
Andrews, James abt 1875Head
Andrews, Queen abt 1885Wife
Andrews, Richard abt 1902Son
Andrews, Bernice abt 1904Daughter
Andrews, Hulda abt 1910Daughter
Andrews, Sallie abt 1915Daughter
Milerson, Henry abt 1901Head
Milerson, Exie abt 1904Wife
Milerson, Alfred abt 1919Son
Fulford, Frank abt 1886Head
Fulford, Lillian abt 1903Wife
Fulford, Ethel abt 1918Daughter
Sanders, Abraham abt 1870Head
Sanders , Manday abt 1886Wife
Sanders, Mary M abt 1907Daughter
Sanders, Mavenia abt 1908Daughter
Sanders, Abe abt 1909Son
Brooks, Carrie abt 1859Mother-in-law
Merrill, Lee abt 1877Head
Merrill, Maud abt 1880Wife
Carey, Hazel abt 1911Grandchild
Fulford, Earnest abt 1865Head
Fulford, Hester abt 1870Wife
Stewart, Pennie abt 1855Sister-in-law
Mack, Amziah abt 1873Head
Mack, Nathaniel abt 1901Son
Mack, Mary abt 1905Daughter
Mack, Eunice abt 1906Daughter
Roberts, Jordon abt 1888Head
Roberts, Julia abt 1894Wife
Roberts, Frances abt 1910Daughter
Milerson, Bessie abt 1903Sister-in-law
Loymans , Easter abt 1850Grandmother, Grandma (Grandmother)
Sightburn , Robert abt 1878Head
Sightburn , John abt 1906Son
McKelven, Mattie abt 1887Boarder
McKelven, Willie S abt 1917Boarder
Whitehead, Saveletta abt 1867Head
Whitehead, Alfred abt 1849Husband
Casey , Ella abt 1892Daughter
Casey , Hilda abt 1912Granddaughter
Casey , Samuel abt 1914Grandson
Casey , Matilda abt 1915Granddaughter
Casey , Hazel abt 1918Granddaughter
Washington , Dorsey abt 1872Head
Washington, Carry abt 1873Wife
Middleton , Ruby L abt 1898Daughter
Middleton, Daniel abt 1895Son-in-law
Williams, Anna abt 1895Boarder
Richards, Mary abt 1893Boarder
Richards, Joseph abt 1873Boarder
Walker , Benjamin abt 1875Head
Weis , Bessie abt 1899Niece
Harris, George abt 1865Head
Gater , Stephen C abt 1875Head
Gater , Victoria abt 1880Wife
Davis , Evelina abt 1881Head
Whittley, James abt 1902Head
Johnson, Earnest J abt 1899Head
Johnson, Mary abt 1896Wife
Smith, Lenora M abt 1911Stepdaughter
Smith, Arthur S abt 1913Stepson
Garner, William A abt 1887Head
Garner, Henry Pearl abt 1896Wife
Garner, Walther abt 1914Son
Garner, Bessie L abt 1915Daughter
Willis, John H abt 1882Head
Forbs, Will abt 1884Head
Forbs, Frank abt 1886Brother
Bell , Mills E abt 1864Head
Stephens, Allen abt 1863Head
Harrison, Jessie abt 1891Head
Harrison, Willie L abt 1907Daughter
Harrison, Jerome abt 1909Son
Nixon, Harrison abt 1898Boarder
Strams , Timothy abt 1894Boarder
Sylcox, Henry abt 1874Head
Sylcox, Janie abt 1887Wife
Sylcox, Lawrence abt 1905Son
Sylcox, Pecil abt 1907Son
Sylcox, Gladys abt 1918Daughter
Collier, Nathan abt 1875Head
Zackery, Ben abt 1892Head
Zackery, Sarah abt 1899Wife
Smith , McKinley abt 1898Brother-in-law
Williams, Sam abt 1859Head
Ford, John abt 1880Head
Ford, Nettie abt 1890Wife
Bailey , Melvinia abt 1904Boarder
Bailey, May W abt 1909Boarder
McDonald, Mamie abt 1881Head
McDonald, James abt 1880Husband
Harper, Charles abt 1881Boarder
Grant, Robert abt 1880Head
Grant, Carrie abt 1894Wife
June, Louis abt 1888Head
Bailey, Archie abt 1880Head
Bailey, Josephine M abt 1888Wife
Bailey, Morris abt 1902Son
Bailey, Berlin abt 1913Son
Bailey, Josephine abt 1916Daughter
Bailey, Charles abt 1918Son
Hamilton, Ike abt 1875Head
Hamilton, Catherine abt 1905Daughter
Hamilton, Nerine Sister abt 1907Daughter
Hamilton, George abt 1913Son
Hamilton, David abt 1914Son
Hamilton, Iona abt 1918Daughter
Bert, Henry abt 1870Head
Brown, James B abt 1880Head
Brown, Lena abt 1885Wife
Williams, Berry abt 1881Head
Williams, Lena abt 1896Wife
Williams, Albert W abt 1910Son
Munn, Henry abt 1886Head
Munn, Bessiew abt 1900Wife
Munn, Josephine abt 1915Daughter
Munn, Rosa abt 1917Daughter
Munn, Lillie abt 1919Daughter
Galiday, George abt 1860Head
Galiday, Mary abt 1885Wife
Galiday, Corene abt 1906Daughter
Galiday, Le Roy abt 1910Son
Slay , Wilson abt 1885Head
Slay, Eldora abt 1890Wife
Slay, Efjay abt 1915Son
Slay, Annie M abt 1907Daughter
Roberts, James abt 1878Head
Roberts, Loretta abt 1881Wife
Roberts, Lillie M abt 1911Daughter
Roberts, Albert abt 1910Son
Roberts, Albertha abt 1914Daughter
Roberts, Idel abt 1912Daughter
Roberts, Emanuel abt 1917Son
Flemings, Will abt 1880Head
Flemings, Narcissos abt 1876Wife
Flemings, Richard abt 1897Son
Flemings, Julia S abt 1903Daughter-in-law
Reese, D K abt 1855Head
Strong, Timothy abt 1895Head
Williams, Lonnie abt 1884Head
Williams, Katie abt 1891Wife
Williams, Mattie abt 1908Daughter
Williams, Verdel abt 1910Son
Williams, John abt 1911Son
Williams, Viola abt 1913Daughter
Nazereth, Liza abt 1896Head
Nazereth, Willie abt 1906Son
Nazereth, Lillie M abt 1910Daughter
Nazereth, Irena abt 1912Daughter
Nazereth, Ora M abt 1914Daughter
Grooms, Sherman abt 1865Head
Grooms, Mary abt 1882Wife
Graham, Cleveland abt 1884Son-in-law
Graham , Rosa abt 1896Daughter
Graham, Mansel abt 1912Grandson
Coleman , Benjiman R abt 1867Head
Coleman, Pauline abt 1891Wife
Coleman, Synthia abt 1905Daughter
Pinkney, Joseph abt 1887Head
Pinkney, Jennie abt 1887Wife
Kenedy, Samuel abt 1845Head
Kenedy, Emily abt 1855Wife
Kenedy, Marie abt 1901Daughter
Robinson, Sam abt 1885Head
Robinson, Mary abt 1878Wife
Scott, James abt 1897Head
Scott, Evalina abt 1894Wife
Scott, Ona M abt 1906Daughter
Scott, Mandie abt 1898Sister-in-law
Mobley, Henry abt 1859Head
Mobley, Lavenia abt 1871Wife
Mobley, Mizpah abt 1906Daughter
Mobley, Isaiah abt 1908Son
Bagley, Fannie abt 1845Head
Bagley, Roger abt 1909Grandson
Nelson, James abt 1882Head
Nelson, Josephine abt 1893Wife
Nelson, Dorothy abt 1910Daughter
Hart, Earnest abt 1894Head
Hart, Ethel abt 1901Wife
Thomas, Simon abt 1877Head
Thomas, Ida abt 1882Wife
Thomas, Sonie abt 1908Son
Thomas, Simon, Jr.abt 1910Son
Thomas, Ames abt 1912Son
Thomas, Isaac abt 1914Son
Thomas, Bulau abt 1916Daughter
Thomas, Celestina abt 1918Daughter
Arnold, Abraham abt 1888Head
Arnold, Mary abt 1891Wife
Omens, Florence abt 1891Head
Omens, Andrew abt 1907Son
Jenkins, Anthony P abt 1871Head
Jenkins, Emma abt 1881Wife
Edwards, Mary abt 1896Stepdaughter
Bagley, Emma abt 1907Stepdaughter
Blanchard, Joe abt 1855Head
Rice, Oscar E abt 1890Head
Rice, Mabel abt 1891Wife
Rice, Edna abt 1917Daughter
Rice, John E abt 1919Son
McGuire, Eliza abt 1850Head
McCullough, Samuel abt 1890Head
McCullough, Maggie abt 1898Wife
McCullough, Emma abt 1917Daughter
McCullough, James A abt 1919Son
Bunnell, Donnie abt 1907Sister-in-law
Bell, Fred abt 1877Head
Bell, Bertha L abt 1885Wife
Bell, Fredie L abt 1903Son
Bell, Clifford A abt 1905Son
Bell, Myrtle abt 1907Daughter
Bell, Milton abt 1909Son
Bell, Jennie M abt 1911Daughter
Bell, Alma abt 1914Daughter
Bell, Cecil abt 1917Son
Bell, Octave A abt 1875Head
Bell, Julia abt 1878Wife
Bell, Irvin abt 1900Son
Bell, Marie abt 1902Daughter
Bell, Albert abt 1904Son
Bell, Vernon abt 1908Son
Bell, Leonard abt 1910Son
Bell, William abt 1915Son
Bell, Eleanor abt 1918Daughter
Mays, Cleve abt 1884Head
Mays, Effie abt 1880Wife
Mays, Elnore abt 1906Daughter
Gollman, Mack abt 1910 Head
Gollman, Illinorie abt 1887Wife
Gollman, Lillian abt 1908Daughter
Gollman, Nathaniel abt 1909Son
Gollman, William abt 1912Son
Gollman, Junantina abt 1915Daughter
Gollman, Leonella abt 1917Daughter
Gollman, Robert abt 1919Son
Wild, Annie L abt 1883Head
Wild, Ray abt 1904Son
Wild, Farrie abt 1910Daughter
Guthrie , Earnest S abt 1884Head
Guthrie, Lillie L abt 1887Wife
Guthrie, Bonnie L abt 1912Daughter
Guthrie, William E abt 1914Son
Guthrie, Sillie R abt 1917Daughter
Wilson , Benjamin abt 1898Brother-in-law
Godwin, John abt 1890Boarder
Whidden, Ruth abt 1896Head
Whidden, Mable abt 1912Daughter
Whidden, Hudson abt 1894Brother
Warren, Dave abt 1877 Head
Goodine, Mary abt 1888Head
Goodine, James abt 1883Husband
Goodine, William abt 1904Son
Allen, William T abt 1883Head
Allen, Annie abt 1891Wife
Allen, Harrel abt 1913Son
Allen, Lucile abt 1916Daughter
Allen, Burding abt 1917Daughter
Allen, Maybel abt 1919Daughter
Bailey, Oscar abt 1901Nephew
Coleman, Joseph abt 1899Head
Coleman , Annie B abt 1903Wife
Coleman, Joseph W abt 1920Son
Clarady, Maggie abt 1875Mother-in-law
Frierson, Josiah abt 1858Head
Walker, Henry W abt 1876Head
Walker, Laura abt 1890Wife
Walker, Pearl abt 1903Daughter
Brown, William M abt 1886Head
Brown, Jesse M abt 1892Wife
Brown, Joseph abt 1915Son
McEver, James E abt 1879Head
McEver, Elizabeth abt 1882Wife
McEver, Dorothy abt 1919Daughter
McEver, William abt 1864Brother
Jones, Josephene abt 1872Head
Jones, Cornelius abt 1892Son
Jones, Furgeson abt 1895Son
Jones, Charles J abt 1899Son
Jones, Sarah abt 1897Daughter
Elwell, Samuel A abt 1876Head
Elwell, Annie abt 1871Wife
Chadman, Wallace abt 1870Head
Martin, Sarah abt 1861Sister
Scott, Luke abt 1882Head
Scott, Elouise abt 1860Wife
Futch, Frank abt 1913Boarder
Brown, Sarah abt 1860Head
Sanders, Clarence abt 1878Head
Sanders, Lucy B abt 1884Wife
Sanders, Willis M abt 1904Daughter
Sanders, Hattie P abt 1907Daughter
Sanders, Benjamen abt 1915Son
Dorsey, Alfred abt 1875Head
Dorsey, Rena abt 1906Daughter
Dorsey, Alfred K abt 1908Son
Dorsey, John abt 1910Son
Dorsey, Willie M abt 1913Daughter
Dorsey, Franklin abt 1915Son
Rivers, Lucy abt 1855Head
Dawson, Richard abt 1890Head
Dawson, Annie abt 1877Wife
Stephens, Alexander abt 1867Head
Stephens, Mary abt 1896Wife
Stephens, Oscar E abt 1904Son
Fisher, John abt 1884Head
Fisher, Leonella abt 1885Wife
White, Olafie abt 1903Stepdaughter
White, Willie L abt 1904Stepdaughter
Armstead, Gerson abt 1907Stepson
Leffers, Frank abt 1853Head
Leffers, Rachel abt 1882Wife
Leffers, Frankie abt 1904Daughter
Leffers, Thurston abt 1906Son
Leffers, Nellie abt 1909Daughter
Leffers, Lorimer abt 1911Son
Anderson, Nancy abt 1885Head
Jane, Lewis abt 1880Head
Karause, Ben abt 1880Head
Karause , Bessie abt 1881Wife
Record, Elmira abt 1845Mother-in-law
Sterling, William abt 1878Boarder
Sterling, Margie abt 1884Boarder
Stephens, Calvin abt 1873Head
Stephens, Emerentha abt 1874Wife
Stephens, Ollin abt 1901Daughter
Stephens, Elbert A abt 1904Son
Stephens, Cora abt 1908Daughter
Hewitt , Sanson J abt 1851Head
Hewitt, Mary W abt 1855Wife
Hewitt, Norman abt 1876Head
Hewitt, Frances B abt 1880Wife
Hewitt, Clarence abt 1882Head
Hewitt, Olive W abt 1878Wife
Carleton, Charles C abt 1862Head
Carleton, Emily B abt 1873Wife
Carleton, Robert P abt 1898Son
Peek, Thomas T abt 1878Head
Peek, Queen L abt 1888Wife
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