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1910 Census

 Census is under transcription,  A quick index is provided

Name Est. Birth Year Relationship
DeGoter , Nathan H abt 1837Head
DeGoter , Emiley abt 1866Wife
DeGoter , Henry abt 1880Son
Nelson, John H abt 1872Head
Nelson, Josephen abt 1882Wife
Nelson, Annie abt 1899Daughter
Nelson, Virginia abt 1900Daughter
Nelson, Forrest abt 1901Son
Nelson, Ira abt 1903Son
Nelson, Lloyd abt 1905Son
Nelson, Orbin abt 1906Son
Nelson, Josephene abt 1909Daughter
DeCoster , George E abt 1873Head
DeCoster , Georgia K abt 1875Wife
Maley , Thelma K abt 1897Stepdaughter
Dacosta, Lillian I abt 1903Daughter
Rowland, Richard abt 1863Head
Rowland , Mary abt 1864Wife
Rowland, Clyde abt 1891Son
Rowland, Inez abt 1895Daughter
Rowland, Irene abt 1895Daughter
Rowland, Luby abt 1896Daughter
Rowland, Eadith abt 1898Daughter
Rowland, Paul abt 1900Son
Rowland, Bruce abt 1904Son
Addison, Amanda abt 1847Mother-in-law
Sias, Edgar D abt 1870Head
Sias, Ida M abt 1875Wife
Sias, Corinne abt 1900Daughter
Sias, Edgar abt 1906Son
Sias, Elberta abt 1907Daughter
Sias, Alonza abt 1909Son
Willie , Mott abt 1868Head
Willie , Maggie abt 1878Wife
Willie , Clande abt 1900Son
Willie , Albert abt 1906Son
Willie , Harry abt 1907Son
Willie , Carl abt 1909Son
Curry, Hiram L abt 1829 Head
Curry, Mary M abt 1855Wife
Curry, Charles F abt 1892Son
Curry, Linly abt 1895Son
McHargus , Richard B abt 1868Head
McHargus , Jasie abt 1876Wife
McHargus , Emily abt 1897Daughter
McHargus , Ruth abt 1903Daughter
McHargus , Josie M abt 1905Daughter
McHargus , Margret abt 1908Daughter
Whidden , Corneline W abt 1871Head
Whidden, Jennie abt 1885Wife
Whidden, Rollie abt 1903Son
Whidden, Jake abt 1905Son
Whidden , Robert J abt 1876Head
Whidden , Flounce abt 1903Daughter
Whidden , Schward abt 1905Son
Whidden , Dozier abt 1888Boarder
Strickland, Richard M abt 1855Head
Strickland, Della abt 1872Wife
Strickland, May D abt 1894Daughter
Strickland, John abt 1896Son
Strickland, Wettie abt 1901Daughter
Strickland, Charlie abt 1904Son
Strickland, Sadie abt 1909Daughter
Hensted, Luman G abt 1862 Head
Hensted, Mary abt 1846Wife
Hensted, Luman G abt 1876Son
Hensted, Harriot abt 1888Daughter
Hensted, Mc Leod abt 1882Son
Crews, William G abt 1854Head
Crews, Nancey J abt 1860Wife
Roberts, Thomas abt 1852Head
Roberts, Louna abt 1875Daughter
Roberts, Thomas abt 1891Son
Cash, Robert J abt 1879Head
Rinder , Edward abt 1886Lodger
Daniels, Lewis B abt 1877Head
Daniels, Dolores abt 1881Wife
Jennings, Isaac P abt 1864Head
Haga , James E abt 1860Head
Haga , Mary A abt 1864Wife
Coram, Edward abt 1856Head
Coram, Elizabeth abt 1902Daughter
Hensted, Wellington V abt 1880Son-in-law
Hensted , Eddie U abt 1882Daughter
Hensted, Scharwath abt 1903Son
Hensted, Victor H abt 1906Son
Hensted, Mary A abt 1908Daughter
Willie , Emmie E abt 1886Head
Willie , Grace E abt 1882Wife
Willie , Erva P abt 1908Daughter
Willie , Colana L abt 1910Daughter
Carter, Ira J abt 1880Head
Carter , Butha M abt 1881Wife
Carter, John B abt 1909Son
Berry , Pernilla abt 1824Mother-in-law
Weeks, Ferren B abt 1880Head
Weeks, Lizzie abt 1886Wife
Willis , Gawson S abt 1875Head
Willis, Lucy M abt 1878Wife
Willis, Augustine abt 1896Son
Willis, Walter abt 1900Son
Willis, Norman abt 1905Son
Willis, Mattie abt 1909Daughter
Willis, Baby abt 1910Daughter
Larsen , Neil L abt 1869 Head
Larsen, Eliza abt 1855Wife
Larsen, Neil A abt 1892Son
Riggs , Wilbur D abt 1881Head
Riggs, Dollie abt 1881Wife
Riggs, Alma E abt 1906Daughter
Riggs, Milliam I abt 1908Son
Riggs, Clifford abt 1909Son
Riggs, John abt 1875Head
Riggs, Jennie abt 1882Wife
Riggs, Mamie L abt 1902Daughter
Riggs, Phonie abt 1904Daughter
Riggs, Dora M abt 1908Daughter
Buckan , Charles H abt 1877Head
Buckan , Alice abt 1878Wife
Buckan , Erva abt 1900Daughter
Buckan , Grace abt 1903Daughter
Buckan , Habbert E abt 1867Brother
Bell, Fred abt 1877Head
Bell, Birtha L abt 1885Wife
Bell, Ferdie S abt 1903Son
Bell, Clifford A abt 1905Son
Bell, Merritt abt 1907Daughter
Bell, Joseph M abt 1909Son
Guthrie, William B abt 1875Head
Guthrie, Lillie abt 1872Wife
Guthrie, Willie abt 1897Son
Guthrie, Rupert abt 1899Son
Guthrie, Nettie abt 1902Daughter
Guthrie, Katie abt 1904Daughter
Guthrie, Eva abt 1908Daughter
Gaskill, Harry W abt 1879Head
Gaskill, Birtha abt 1886Wife
Gaskill, Elton abt 1909Daughter
Roberts, Mitchell S abt 1878 Head
Roberts, Frances abt 1873Wife
Roberts, Fredie S abt 1899Stepdaughter
Roberts, Ruth abt 1901Daughter
Roberts, Milton abt 1903Son
Roberts, Mary abt 1906Daughter
Roberts, Cladys abt 1908Daughter
Roberts, Thomas W abt 1910Son
Roberts, Jame abt 1839Father
Roberts, Clande abt 1888Sister
Crews, Robert abt 1881Head
Crews, Clara abt 1890Wife
Johnson, Joseph S abt 1875Head
Johnson, Artie L abt 1886Wife
Johnson, Hazel abt 1904Daughter
Johnson, Grace abt 1907Daughter
Johnson, Edith abt 1908Daughter
Cudden , Summer abt 1873Head
Curry, Ernest abt 1883Lodger
Curry, Chellie abt 1880Lodger
Branch, Ruth abt 1894Lodger
Quiett , John abt 1870Head
Quiett , Beann abt 1889Wife
Quiett , Murrie abt 1906Son
Quiett , Otta abt 1910Son
Lanier, William B abt 1866Head
Lanier, Annie M abt 1876Wife
Lanier, William F abt 1894Son
Lanier, Mary abt 1895Daughter
Lanier, Robert abt 1897Son
Lanier, James abt 1898Son
Lanier, Neil abt 1900Son
Lanier, Eliza abt 1902Daughter
Lanier, William B abt 1904Son
Lanier , Doram abt 1905Son
Lanier, Alice abt 1909Daughter
Lanier, Baby abt 1909Daughter
Lough , Eabben abt 1882Head
Lough, Minnie abt 1887Wife
Lough, Edna A abt 1907Daughter
Lough, Leona abt 1908Daughter
Lough, Claira abt 1910Daughter
Stephens, Thomas A abt 1857Head
Stephens, Lovina abt 1861Wife
Stephens, Claude L abt 1894Son
Stephens, Moody abt 1896Son
Knight , Jael abt 1882Head
Knight, Rosa S abt 1885Wife
Knight, Albert L abt 1908Son
Lewis , Council abt 1887Head
Lewis , Lanra J abt 1885Wife
Gillikin , Mouras abt 1855Mother-in-law
Gillikin, Edward abt 1887Brother-in-law
Wade, Horace T abt 1872Head
Wade, May C abt 1883Wife
Wade, Clyde abt 1904Son
Wade, Baby abt 1910Girl
Knight , Nellie abt 1870Head
Knight , George E abt 1894Son
Knight , Nallie F abt 1897Daughter
Knight , Mary E abt 1907Daughter
Mauk , John K abt 1872Head
Mauk, Maggie abt 1879Wife
Mauk, Lloyd R abt 1899Son
Mauk, Elsie L abt 1901Daughter
Mauk, Wellie B abt 1903Daughter
Mauk, Annie abt 1907Daughter
Mauk, Margard abt 1908Daughter
Johnson, James H abt 1842Head
Johnson, Angelina abt 1867Wife
Pyfrom, Emma abt 1860 Head
Pyfrom, Roland abt 1893Son
Holenbeck, Arthur abt 1883Head
Holenbeck, Allen abt 1891Wife
Holenbeck, Syble abt 1909Daughter
Barnhill, Lem abt 1885 Head
Barnhill, Hailey abt 1880Wife
Barnhill, Stella abt 1901Daughter
Barnhill, Margie abt 1903Daughter
Barnhill, Elmer abt 1905Son
Barnhill, Alice abt 1906Daughter
Barnhill, Ruth abt 1908Daughter
Barnhill, Frank abt 1909Daughter
Guthrie, Fred abt 1887Head
Guthrie, Rebecca abt 1892Wife
Lockler, Joseph E abt 1878Head
Lockler, Martha abt 1878Wife
Lockler, Shuley abt 1896Son
Lockler, Mable abt 1902Daughter
Lockler, Lela abt 1909Daughter
Keen, Havana abt 1900Sister-in-law
Hall , Bulgar abt 1876Head
Hall , Henrietta abt 1882Wife
Hall, Lila E abt 1903Daughter
Hall, Le Roy abt 1905Son
Hall, Estell abt 1907Daughter
Hall, Edgar M abt 1909Son
Bell, Mary E abt 1856Mother-in-law
Bell, Ida abt 1879Daughter
Bennett , Jael H abt 1860Head
Bennett, Bonita abt 1880Wife
Bennett, Joel N abt 1906Son
Bennett, Peter abt 1909Son
Thomsom , Ira D abt 1880Head
Thomsom , Eunice abt 1884Wife
Thomsom , Bruce abt 1908Son
Graham, Ruth abt 1895Servant
Daniels , Jamer A abt 1885Head
Daniels, Drucilla abt 1845Mother
Robert , Samuel L abt 1878Head
Robert , Alta M abt 1883Wife
Robert , Engas abt 1902Son
Robert , Custis abt 1904Son
Robert , Nellie abt 1907Daughter
Robert , Kirby abt 1909Son
Danilson , Errick abt 1846Head
Danilson , Clara abt 1866Wife
Danilson , Osman abt 1892Son
Danilson , Clarence abt 1897Son
Danilson , Eveline abt 1904Daughter
Danilson, Errick, Jr.abt 1889Son
Danilson , Jessie abt 1893Daughter
Larrison, Francis M abt 1843Head
Larrison, Mary abt 1850Wife
Larrison, Oscar abt 1887Son
Haight , Thomas S abt 1849Head
Haight , Sarah C abt 1864Wife
Haight , William abt 1893Son
Haight , Bettie abt 1894Daughter
Hargan , Ellen abt 1893Niece
Bickar , Wesley abt 1889Boarder
Hagan, John abt 1868Head
Hagan, Estefana abt 1872Wife
Hagan, Florence abt 1893Daughter
Hagan, Annie abt 1896Daughter
Hagan, Birtha abt 1900Daughter
Hagan, Mary abt 1902Daughter
Hagan, John E abt 1904Son
Lewis, Isaac W abt 1882Head
Waterson, Marvin abt 1888Head
Waterson, Pearl abt 1891Wife
Waterson, Nancy abt 1862Mother
Waterson, Alue abt 1891Sister
Waterson, Walter abt 1897Brother
Martin, John abt 1868Head
Martin , Isabell abt 1870Wife
Martin, Budley abt 1891Son
Martin, Eppie abt 1893Daughter
Platt , Lovier abt 1834Mother-in-law
Grover , Fred M abt 1875Head
Grover , Albora abt 1872Wife
Weatherly, Sadie abt 1895Stepdaughter
Weatherly, Elizah abt 1897Stepson
Weatherly, Ablert abt 1900Stepdaughter
Weatherly, Edna abt 1902Daughter
Moody, James B abt 1855Head
Moody, Alice A abt 1868Wife
Martin, Harmon abt 1871Head
Martin, Florence abt 1870Wife
Martin, Loyd abt 1894Son
Martin, Ruby abt 1898Daughter
Martin, Marvin abt 1905Son
Netherton , Joe abt 1846Head
Netherton , Hattes abt 1877Wife
Netherton , Mack abt 1892Son
Netherton , Lula abt 1896Daughter
Netherton , John abt 1900Son
Netherton , Henry abt 1904Son
Netherton , Hazel L abt 1908Daughter
Smith, John M abt 1867Head
Smith, Lannie C abt 1877Wife
Smith, John M abt 1905Son
Smith, Francis P abt 1908Son
Smith, Waldo abt 1910Son
Ostern , Manuel abt 1888Head
Ostern , Armeda abt 1892Wife
Ostern , Hermon B abt 1909Son
McClarsiand , Albert W abt 1857Head
McClarsiand , Lucey abt 1854Wife
McClarsiand , Florence abt 1895Daughter
McClarsiand , William R abt 1896Son
Knight, Thomas S abt 1874Head
Knight, Mary V abt 1877Wife
Knight, Annie abt 1900Daughter
Knight, Thomas S abt 1902Son
Knight, William F abt 1904Son
Knight, Mary abt 1906Daughter
Knight, Elizabeth J abt 1909Daughter
Martin, Mart abt 1872Head
Martin, Neoma abt 1875Wife
Martin, Bessie abt 1892Daughter
Martin, Elmer abt 1895Son
Martin, Maud abt 1901Daughter
Martin, Docia abt 1903Daughter
Martin, Ina abt 1908Daughter
Brooker, Edward abt 1846Head
Brooker, Etta abt 1849Wife
Brooker, James abt 1875Son
Brooker, Abner abt 1877Son
Brooker, Henry abt 1889Son
Chappin , George abt 1833Head
Chappin , Kate abt 1870Wife
Dougherty , Rufues F abt 1860Head
Dougherty, Lue abt 1871Wife
Dougherty, Charles abt 1880Son
Grace, Thomas abt 1884Head
Henderson, Charles abt 1878Lodger
Worrel, Bert abt 1863Lodger
Green, Matthew D abt 1862Head
Green, Nellie M abt 1877Wife
Green, Ernest S abt 1895Son
Green, Earl abt 1902Son
Hagan, J W abt 1848Head
Hagan, Sarah A abt 1857Wife
Hagan, Jessie W abt 1893Daughter
Mercer , J S abt 1870Head
Mercer, Ellen abt 1890Wife
Mercer, Chester H abt 1908Son
Ham, W H abt 1851Head
Ham, Sarah abt 1856Wife
Ham, Ada abt 1894Daughter
Ham, Alice abt 1897Daughter
Lee , Blas J abt 1874Head
Graham , Juba R abt 1851Head
Graham, Vincent abt 1890Son
Graham, Rupert M abt 1893Son
Turner, James abt 1860Head
Hartson , C J abt 1840Head
Hartson , Kioula abt 1842Wife
Paul, John abt 1846Head
Paul, Stamley abt 1891Son
Gatewood, Geo W abt 1862Head
Gatewood, Minnie abt 1876Wife
Gatewood, Clarence abt 1893Son
Gatewood, Joseph abt 1895Son
Gatewood, Nellie abt 1897Daughter
Gatewood, Jessie abt 1900Daughter
Northup, W H abt 1864Head
Northup, Elizbeth abt 1876Wife
Willins , Robt W abt 1882 Head
Willins , Florance abt 1888Wife
Willins , Mabel abt 1908Daughter
Corbett, Newsome abt 1858Head
Plowden , Ed abt 1861Head
Plowden, Minnie abt 1878Wife
Plowden, Anie May abt 1899Daughter
Plowden, Irene abt 1903Daughter
Plowden, Margaret M abt 1908Daughter
Plowden, Eva abt 1908Daughter
Sauls , J I abt 1853Head
Sauls, Rose Lee abt 1870Wife
Sauls, C I abt 1902Daughter
Anderson, S L abt 1881Head
White, F B abt 1882Lodger
Askew, W D abt 1887Lodger
Male , George D abt 1866Lodger
Goolsby, C A abt 1886Lodger
Reeson , J T abt 1888Lodger
Lucker , Quillie abt 1890Lodger
Floyd, Samuel abt 1890Partner
Fenney , Morta G abt 1882Partner
Clark, Chas abt 1879Partner
Corington , Ardine abt 1864Prisoner
Briagas , Wile abt 1888Prisoner
Bryant, Walter abt 1880Prisoner
Boyd, Joseph abt 1884Prisoner
Passo , John H abt 1880Prisoner
Eady, John abt 1887Prisoner
Vandike , Richard abt 1878Prisoner
Mitchele , Mathew abt 1882Prisoner
Wade , Penni abt 1888Prisoner
West, Ed abt 1868Prisoner
Jones, Joseph abt 1889Prisoner
Woodhouse , Jac abt 1890Prisoner
Jackson, Henry abt 1882Prisoner
Covington , Wile abt 1877Prisoner
Grous , George abt 1887Prisoner
Brockington, Jim abt 1872Prisoner
Sims , Char abt 1880Prisoner
Murphy, William abt 1862Prisoner
Walton , Jac abt 1882Prisoner
Whil , Charles abt 1840Prisoner
Simpson, H abt 1870Prisoner
Brown, Warren abt 1875 Prisoner
Roberson , Elizah abt 1887 Prisoner
Gahimer , Josh abt 1881Prisoner
Ferguson , Millie abt 1887Prisoner
Tompkins, James abt 1889Prisoner
Samuel, Henry abt 1874Head
Samuel, Mariah abt 1883Wife
Samuel, Levi abt 1901Son
Newton , W C abt 1874Head
Axson , Edward abt 1885Lodger
Johnson, Will abt 1880Head
Johnson, Annie abt 1892Wife
Sowden , David abt 1858 Lodger
Brown, Will abt 1881 Head
Wiggins, G W abt 1868Head
Wiggins, Geo H abt 1902Son
Wiggins, Rose Lee abt 1903Daughter
Hamilton, Isadore abt 1878Head
Hamilton, Lula abt 1883Wife
Hamilton, Rasa abt 1901Daughter
Gibbs, E abt 1887Head
Hall, Will abt 1873Head
Johnson, Hugh abt 1876Head
Johnson, Mary abt 1882Wife
Johnson, Henry abt 1883Lodger
Earnest , May E abt 1852Head
Earnest, Laura abt 1893Daughter
Addison, Gertrude abt 1897Granddaughter
Carleson, C A abt 1859Head
Addison, J W abt 1865Head
Addison, Alice B abt 1867Wife
Addison, Ethel abt 1898Daughter
Wilkens , Frank abt 1881Stepson
Wilkens , May E abt 1892Stepdaughter
Wilkens , Myrtle abt 1896Stepdaughter
Solbery , H abt 1848Head
Solbery , Kate abt 1884Wife
Pooser, L B abt 1885Head
Pooser, Francis abt 1886Wife
Horn, J F abt 1855Head
Horn, M Y abt 1860Wife
Horn, Sandy abt 1885Son
Horn, Hosa abt 1894Son
Horn, J E abt 1880Head
Horn, C P abt 1893Wife
Cleveland, C C abt 1885Head
Cleveland, Edith abt 1891Wife
Janssens , Thomas R abt 1838 Head
White, A M abt 1848 Head
White, C V abt 1850Wife
White, Jeff abt 1892Son
Kennedy , Wile abt 1883Head
Kennedy, Lacy abt 1875Wife
Lacis , Gilford abt 1903Stepson
Kennedy, Cecil May abt 1902Daughter
Kearby , Davil abt 1855Head
Baril , Veola abt 1878Daughter
Baril , Joseph J abt 1910Stepson
Hamas , G M abt 1848Head
Brown, George abt 1869Head
Brown, Tommie abt 1886Wife
Brown, Gilbert abt 1901Adopted Son
Hawksby , D H abt 1875Head
Hawksby , Burnice abt 1881Wife
Blest , Ellie abt 1899Stepson
Goodall , Shay abt 1864Head
Goodall, Ida abt 1882Wife
Goodall, Stella abt 1904Daughter
Goodall, Maia abt 1909Daughter
White, Savannah abt 1902Head
Robson , J Cary abt 1854Head
Robson , Thomas abt 1887Son
Robson , Guthrie abt 1891Son
Robson , Virginia P abt 1894Daughter
Robson , Clara abt 1894Daughter
Robson , Alex abt 1901Son
Robson , Cary abt 1894Son
Joas , W F abt 1858Head
Nipper, J A abt 1868 Head
Nipper, Clara abt 1865Wife
Nipper, Clara abt 1892Daughter
Nipper, Johnie abt 1898Son
Nipper, Artie abt 1899Son
Nipper, Mollie abt 1901Daughter
Nipper, Minnie abt 1902Daughter
Nipper, Ella abt 1905Daughter
Nipper, Miles abt 1906Son
Nipper, Vernor abt 1908Son
Douglas, Richard abt 1896Lodger
Huckeby, E B abt 1873Head
Huckeby, Ida E abt 1880Wife
Huckeby, Ida May abt 1901Daughter
Galman , David E abt 1870 Head
Galman , Georgia abt 1871Wife
Galman , Nallie abt 1894Son
Galman , Lafayette abt 1898Son
Galman , Roosevelt abt 1902Son
Harper , Dancy abt 1889Daughter
Harper, Mildred abt 1909Granddaughter
Dyess, James abt 1869Head
Dyess, Mary abt 1882Wife
Dyess, Willie abt 1901Son
Dyess, Emory abt 1904Son
Dyess, Ruba May abt 1906Daughter
Dyess, D abt 1910Daughter
Douglas , Lazza abt 1890Servant
Lee, Albert abt 1875Head
Lee, Lazzie abt 1888Wife
Lee, Pallie E abt 1903Daughter
Lee, Fred abt 1904Son
Lee, Johnie abt 1905Son
Lee, Loura abt 1906Daughter
Lee, Willie abt 1908Son
Lee, Francis abt 1909Daughter
Walter, Austie abt 1890Head
Walter, Georgia abt 1886Wife
Walter, Homerus abt 1906Son
Walter, Charlie abt 1908Son
Whitlock, George abt 1884Head
Whitlock, Lilla abt 1888Wife
Whitlock, Nina abt 1909Daughter
Williams, Willie abt 1884Head
Williams, Hollie abt 1885Wife
Walson , James abt 1898 Stepdaughter
Williams, Roosevelt abt 1908Son
Satava , James abt 1873Head
Satava , Emma abt 1871Wife
Satava , Roosevelt abt 1903Son
Gamer , Su abt 1874Head
Gamer , Leno A abt 1888Wife
Gamer , Virginia E abt 1905Daughter
Gamer , Walter A abt 1907Son
Adams, J B abt 1889Lodger
Ward, Dawson abt 1860Head
Ward , Annie abt 1883 Wife
Forester , Raiford abt 1900Stepson
McBride , Jenny abt 1862Head
Warp, Harry abt 1880Head
Webb , S A abt 1865Head
Webb, Sung abt 1869Wife
Rahrig , Wm J abt 1881Head
Rahrig , Annie C abt 1845Mother
Smith, Chas W abt 1872Head
Smith, Anna abt 1873Wife
Smith, Howel j abt 1893Son
Smith, Nettie L abt 1895Daughter
Bauman , Arthur abt 1891Nephew
Amols , James R abt 1860Head
Amols , Sarah E abt 1861Wife
Amols , George W abt 1888Son
Nepper , Marina abt 1893Daughter
Rawls , Amma abt 1895Daughter
Rawls, Maggie abt 1896Daughter
Rawls, Robert abt 1900Son
Nipper, Aaron abt 1910Grandson
Dam , Lill abt 1891Head
Dam , Manie abt 1891Wife
Johnson , C G abt 1848 Head
Johnson , Anna C abt 1850Wife
Johnson , Ruth abt 1895Daughter
Smitt , John abt 1868 Head
Smitt , Edwa abt 1888Wife
Smitt , John J abt 1909Son
Cain, W R abt 1868Head
Cain, Elma abt 1875Wife
Cain, Lula abt 1901Daughter
Cain, Bertha abt 1905Daughter
Cain, Mabel abt 1908Daughter
Mims, Gary W abt 1871Head
Mims, Emma L abt 1874Wife
Holmes, Owen abt 1866Head
Holmes, Gladis M abt 1884Wife
Troop , Henry abt 1886SonInLaw
Piltz , Miley abt 1878 Head
Piltz , Bertha abt 1885Wife
Piltz , Lewis abt 1901Daughter
Piltz , James abt 1902Son
Piltz , Roosevelt abt 1907Son
Smith, Alberta abt 1886Head
Cwick , Fredie abt 1906Son
Jones, Sam abt 1880Head
Jones, Ada abt 1885Wife
Green , Lazarus abt 1887Head
Johnson, David abt 1868 Head
Johnson, Comelle abt 1866Wife
Johnson, Rand, Jr.abt 1891Son
Johnson, Cuba abt 1900Daughter
Johnson, Central abt 1902Son
Spence , Henry abt 1873Head
Spence , Adduaa abt 1885Wife
Baney , Will abt 1889Lodger
Melvin , Wellie abt 1882 Head
Eacrett , Will abt 1886Lodger
Rich, Ella abt 1886Head
Thorp , Julis abt 1890Lodger
Cora , Thomas abt 1882Lodger
Cora , Addie abt 1888Lodger
Yancey , Cae abt 1869Head
Yancey, Isabell abt 1887Wife
Yancey, Babe abt 1908Son
Salley, Nelson abt 1886Head
Salley, Sarah abt 1886Wife
Salley, Lutia abt 1900Daughter
Salley, Adaline abt 1901Daughter
Salley, Jerry abt 1903Son
Garfield , Jesse abt 1880Head
Garfield, Lella abt 1893Wife
Garis , Will abt 1882Head
Glen , Earline abt 1880Lodger
Glen, Bessie abt 1900Lodger
Wisser , John abt 1849Head
Wisser , Amanda abt 1882Wife
Wisser , Sidney abt 1904Son
Wisser , Criwtheau abt 1905Son
Johnson, Willie abt 1880Head
Johnson, Lula abt 1892Wife
Stalmach , Will abt 1878Lodger
Lupton , Joe S abt 1874Head
Lupton, Annie L abt 1881Wife
Lupton, Naoma V abt 1904Daughter
Lupton, Veri o abt 1908Daughter
Goodyear, Nicholas abt 1845Head
Obannon, Luther R abt 1862Head
Obannon, Estella abt 1874Wife
Obannon, Roy abt 1895Son
Obannon, Louis abt 1896Daughter
Obannon, Delma abt 1897Daughter
Obannon, Merdna abt 1899Daughter
Obannon, John abt 1903Son
Obannon, Ethel abt 1905Daughter
Obannon, Luther R abt 1908Son
Dixon, Edward abt 1857Head
Dixon, Luther abt 1895Son
Craig, Edward abt 1877Head
Craig, May L abt 1881Wife
Joiner, Jessie J abt 1868Head
Joiner, Zora abt 1877Wife
Joiner, Samuel abt 1893Son
Joiner, Thomas abt 1894Son
Joiner, Ruby C abt 1897Daughter
Joiner, Lesley abt 1899Son
Joiner, Myers abt 1901Son
Joiner, Hadie abt 1903Daughter
Joiner, Joice abt 1909Daughter
March, Gabriel abt 1871Head
Harrison, Thomas abt 1875Lodger
Patterson, Edwin S abt 1874Head
Patterson, Josephine abt 1881Wife
Patterson, Donnie B abt 1904Daughter
Patterson, Eddie M abt 1906Daughter
Patterson, Robert E abt 1907Son
Green, Matthew D abt 1861Head
Green, Nellie M abt 1876Wife
Green, Ernest abt 1895Son
Green, Earl abt 1902Son
Vickers, Henry abt 1890Head
Burton, Cecil abt 1887Head
Anderson, Ed abt 1880Lodger
Mannina , Aston abt 1875Head
Rane, Charles abt 1859Lodger
Jennings, Charlie B abt 1886Head
Jennings, Annie D abt 1846Mother
Jennings, Rosa abt 1880Sister
Bird, Hiram abt 1866Head
Bird, Ruth A abt 1882Wife
Bird, Viola A abt 1903Daughter
Bird, Florence abt 1905Daughter
Bird, Leonard abt 1906Son
Bird, Margarett abt 1907Daughter
Bird, Clenton abt 1909Son
Bird, Erie B abt 1895Son
Rosessean , Samuel abt 1872Head
Rosessean , Margarett abt 1882Wife
Rosessean , Owen abt 1906Son
Rosessean , Charles W abt 1909Son
Rosessean , Phineas abt 1909Son
Newberry, Robert J abt 1877Head
Newberry, Florence abt 1885Wife
Newberry, Cassie J abt 1903Daughter
Newberry, Robert E abt 1906Son
Newberry, Willie G abt 1907Son
Newberry, Jessie F abt 1908Daughter
Martinez, Angus abt 1886Head
Martinez, Evelin abt 1889Wife
Martinez, Willie abt 1905Son
Martinez, Leon abt 1908Son
Grigsby, Willie M abt 1890Head
Grigsby, Augusta abt 1887Wife
Wates, Maud abt 1888Lodger
Brown, Eliza abt 1870Head
Brown, John A abt 1885Son
Lawrence , Thomas C abt 1886Head
Lawrence , Della abt 1883Wife
Lawrence , Madeline abt 1903Daughter
Lawrence , Nannie R abt 1905Daughter
Lawrence , Dortha M abt 1908Daughter
Gibney, William A abt 1888Head
Gibney, Annie G abt 1895Wife
Gibney, Thomas A abt 1838Father
Cole, Gus M abt 1885Head
Cole, Eddie C abt 1890Wife
Cole, Loyce abt 1907Daughter
Cole, Ralph abt 1909Son
Noda , Norrisor abt 1840Head
Noda, Mary abt 1837Wife
Sanders, Abe abt 1864Head
Sanders, Amanda A abt 1885Wife
Milson , Lemuel abt 1898Son
Milson , Henny abt 1901Son
Milson , Lilian M abt 1903Stepdaughter
Sanders, Maggie abt 1906Daughter
Sanders, Mavinia abt 1907Daughter
Hays, Crecia abt 1897Wife
Hays, Edward abt 1898Nephew
Hamilton, Hanah abt 1851Mother-in-law
Bass , Geoge abt 1886Head
Smith , Benjiman abt 1886Head
Hickok, Lee abt 1882Head
Hickok, Elizabeth abt 1880Wife
McElya, William A abt 1849Head
McElya, Dollie J abt 1880Wife
McElya, Norris abt 1892Son
McElya, Will abt 1894Son
McElya, Ruth abt 1898Daughter
Pinkney, Mitchell abt 1870Head
Washington, Will abt 1865Head
Whidden, Joshua abt 1882Head
Whidden, Beula abt 1888Wife
Whidden, James C abt 1904Son
Whidden, Clara abt 1907Daughter
Whidden, Carrie abt 1909Daughter
Whidden , William F abt 1859Head
Whidden, Louis A abt 1852Wife
Ledwidge , Geo C abt 1836Head
Brantley, John L abt 1862Head
Brantley, Zenoby abt 1887Wife
Knott, Clara M, Jr.abt 1903Daughter
Brantly, Effie M abt 1907Daughter
Brantly, Darthea abt 1909Daughter
Sheffield, David abt 1865Head
Sheffield, Mattie abt 1867Wife
Sheffield, John abt 1890Son
Sheffield, Willie abt 1899Son
Sheffield, Henry abt 1903Son
Sheffield, Emry abt 1905Son
Sheffield, Honor abt 1908Daughter
Green, John W abt 1845Head
Green, Julia abt 1862Wife
Gottfried, Otto abt 1880Head
Gottfried, Anna abt 1844Mother
Gottfried, Anna abt 1870Sister
Gottfried, Archie abt 1889Brother
Spearing , Albert O abt 1846Head
Spearing , Lizzie abt 1871Wife
Spearing , Arrena abt 1901Daughter
Spearing , William abt 1905Son
Goff, Dempsey abt 1866Head
Goff, Margarett abt 1875Wife
Goff, James H abt 1893Son
Goff, Eliza abt 1895Daughter
Goff, Samuel abt 1902Son
Goff, Wallace abt 1904Son
Goff, Luther abt 1906Son
Goff, Luniti abt 1908Daughter
Goff, Eliza abt 1822Mother
Goff, William abt 1846Head
Goff, Ella abt 1870Wife
Goff, Myrtle abt 1895Daughter
Goff, Dora abt 1898Daughter
Goff, May abt 1901Daughter
Goff, William abt 1903Son
Goff, Wiletta abt 1905Daughter
Goff, Charlie abt 1907Son
Goff, Mable abt 1908Daughter
Bellamy, George abt 1864Head
Bellamy, Ben abt 1864Brother
James , Nelvin abt 1879Lodger
Buchan , Charles R abt 1890 Head
Buchan, Margery abt 1880Wife
Buchan, Carl R abt 1908Son
Buchan, Seslie abt 1891Brother
Conaway, Clyde abt 1884Head
Conaway, Elender abt 1886Wife
Conaway, Effie abt 1904Daughter
Conaway, Ferin abt 1906Son
Conaway, Nettie abt 1909Daughter
McClenahen , Marvin abt 1888Head
McClenahen , Hattie abt 1893Wife
McClenahen , Edward H abt 1910Son
Howard, John abt 1894 Brother-in-law
Thomas, Stephen abt 1852Head
Thomas, Lowisa abt 1851Wife
Thomas, Carl abt 1900Adopted Son
Van, Ostland John abt 1870Head
Van, William abt 1895Son
Watson, Charles abt 1865Head
Sigman , Marcas F abt 1869Head
Sigman, Inez abt 1869Wife
Sigman, MacKie M abt 1908Daughter
Edwards, Frank abt 1889Head
Edwards, Lear abt 1890Wife
Edwards, Mary J abt 1909Daughter
Marice , Christpher abt 1882Head
Brady, John abt 1879Head
Brady, Martha abt 1885Wife
Frazel , Hazel abt 1908 Lodger
Ray, George B abt 1870Head
Ray, Sadie M abt 1868Wife
Altman, Charlie abt 1869Head
Altman, Henreatta abt 1869Wife
Altman, Alma abt 1893Daughter
Altman, Jebtha abt 1896Son
Altman, Jeffie abt 1898Daughter
Altman, Mary abt 1900Daughter
Altman, Suly abt 1904Son
Altman, Gussie abt 1906Son
Cooper , Alter abt 1884Head
Frazel , Jacob abt 1877Head
Gortman, Arthur A abt 1870Lodger
Burrough, John abt 1867Lodger
Barret, Walter abt 1888Lodger
Meredith, John abt 1878Head
Meredith, Sallie abt 1882Wife
Meredith, Grace abt 1907Daughter
Pitt, Fred B abt 1861Head
Pitt, Eliza abt 1862Wife
Whiteaker , M L abt 1866Head
Whiteaker, Nora abt 1868Wife
Whiteaker, Alna abt 1889Son
Whiteaker, Joan abt 1892Daughter
Whiteaker, Nellie abt 1895Daughter
Whiteaker, Waller abt 1904Son
Whiteaker, Donald abt 1908Son
Present , Geo E abt 1853Head
Present , Mary abt 1872Wife
Present , Thomas abt 1892Son
Present , Miller abt 1894Son
Present , Cecil abt 1896Daughter
Present , Kall abt 1900Son
Present , Mollie abt 1909Daughter
Tomous , George abt 1874Head
Tomous , Rosa abt 1886Wife
Tomous , Lacey abt 1909Son
Robert , Jordan abt 1883Head
Robert , Julis abt 1890Wife
Robert , Mary abt 1909Daughter
McCloud , Janes abt 1882Lodger
Lamana , Easter abt 1853Head
Robert , Lamis abt 1875Lodger
Coleman, Benjamin abt 1865Head
Coleman, Anna abt 1895Daughter
Coleman, Bessie abt 1902Daughter
Coleman, Cynthia abt 1905Daughter
Quednau , Winnie abt 1867Head
Quednau , William H abt 1890Son
Quednau , Arthur H abt 1899Son
Quednau , George A abt 1894Son
Kennedy, Louis H abt 1852Head
Kennedy, Julis abt 1860Wife
Kennedy, Laura abt 1885Daughter
Kennedy, Lena abt 1892Daughter
Kennedy, John H abt 1894Son
Kennedy, Vernard abt 1896Son
Linquish , Chas D abt 1861Head
Linquish , Nancy abt 1864Wife
Linquish , Nellie abt 1890Daughter
Linquish , Gray abt 1894Son
Willis , Elvie J abt 1875Head
Willis, Elizabeth abt 1886Wife
Willis, Eugene abt 1882Head
Willis, Eva Lena abt 1885Wife
Willis, Marvie C abt 1905Son
Willis, Wellie Gay abt 1907Son
Willis, Leona Lynn abt 1908Daughter
Willis , Eliza D abt 1852Head
Willis, Emma B abt 1860Wife
Willis, Thomas L abt 1888Son
Willis, Mann abt 1890Son
Willis, Mary F abt 1870Sailor
Willis, John H abt 1880Head
Willis, Mildred abt 1893Wife
Poke , Randolph abt 1879Head
Poke , Nelia abt 1891Wife
Poke , Cyril abt 1910Son
Jackson , W H abt 1869Head
Jackson , Bertha L abt 1861Wife
Jackson , Pearl abt 1893Daughter
Jackson , Charly abt 1895Son
Jackson , Blondina abt 1897Son
Jackson , Ethelma abt 1903Daughter
Madgett , Charles E abt 1872Head
Madgett , Florence P abt 1878Wife
Madgett , Oheo J abt 1899Son
Madgett , Clarence abt 1901Son
Madgett , Catherine abt 1904Daughter
Madgett, Charles E, Jr.abt 1905Son
Blackstone , Boadiees abt 1865Head
McAnn , Jackson J abt 1896 Head
McAnn , Mary F abt 1869Wife
McAnn , Maril abt 1893Daughter
McAnn , Bibiana abt 1894Son
McAnn , Edward abt 1898Son
Wade, Bruce M abt 1872Head
Wade, Mary L abt 1882Wife
Wade, Janes S abt 1902Son
Wade, Bruce M, Jr.abt 1909Son
Purse , Randolph abt 1886Head
Purse , Boadioue abt 1890Wife
Purse , Helen abt 1908Daughter
Purse , Myrtle abt 1909Daughter
Willis, Joseph abt 1854Lodger
Symonette , Andre abt 1882Head
Symonette, Daisey abt 1886Wife
Symonette, Massie abt 1901Daughter
Symonette, Whitney abt 1904Son
Symonette, Myrene abt 1906Daughter
Symonette, Melton abt 1909Son
Howey , Kelley B abt 1860 Head
Howey , Elna L abt 1870Wife
Callais , Lee abt 1880 Head
Callais , Josephine abt 1889Wife
Callais , Leonora abt 1909Daughter
Layne , Gesina B abt 1888Lodger
Gagan , Forrester abt 1888Lodger
Evans, Herchel abt 1876Head
Evans, Mallie abt 1884Wife
Evans, Hassell abt 1902Son
Evans, Herman abt 1903Son
Evans, Alton abt 1905Daughter
Evans, Jack abt 1907Son
Evans, Alvis abt 1909Son
Whidden, W W Head
Whidden, Lena abt 1890Daughter
Whidden, Sallie abt 1892Son
Whidden, Judie abt 1894Daughter
Whidden, Allie abt 1899Son
Whidden, Lorinc abt 1902Daughter
Whidden, Lionel abt 1904Son
Gaskell, Jas M abt 1872Head
Gaskell, Ram L abt 1872Wife
Gaskell, Buelah abt 1894Daughter
Gaskell, Wallace abt 1897Son
Gaskell, Lulie abt 1893Daughter
Gaskell, Austin abt 1909Son
Euston , William J abt 1863Head
Euston , Annie A abt 1871Wife
Euston , Thos abt 1892Son
Euston , Foy A abt 1894Daughter
Euston , Susie L abt 1896Daughter
Euston , Willie A abt 1900Daughter
Euston , Alba R abt 1901Daughter
Thomas, Fannie M abt 1848Head
Thomas, Oscar abt 1908Son
Sicker , Ellen S abt 1836Head
Sicker , Harry abt 1896Son
Langford , W L abt 1852Head
Langford, Florence abt 1879Wife
Langford, Hunter abt 1901Son
Langford, Annie abt 1903Daughter
Langford, Willie abt 1906Son
Langford, Nona abt 1907Daughter
Sauders , J W abt 1866Head
Sauders , Mellie abt 1888Wife
Sauders , Sarah abt 1907Daughter
Sauders , Richard abt 1909Son
Laue , John abt 1881Head
Laue , Jessie abt 1887Wife
Smith, H J abt 1860Head
Smith , Ada abt 1863Wife
Smith, Wallie abt 1894Son
Smith, Lee abt 1897Son
Smith, Bessie abt 1899Daughter
Smith, Annabell abt 1902Daughter
Selph , Polly abt 1828Mother-in-law
Davis, Lloyd abt 1883Head
Davis , Mennie abt 1879Wife
Davis, Lloyd, Jr.abt 1902Son
Davis, Leon abt 1907Son
Davis, Clara V abt 1854Mother
Davis, Manon abt 1886Niece
Fitzgerald, Mary E abt 1854Mother-in-law
Waley , Nellie abt 1844Head
Noon , Arthur abt 1900Nephew
Dowie , W L M abt 1861 Head
Dowie , Lida abt 1887Wife
Dowie , William L F abt 1890Son
Dowie , Annie P abt 1892Daughter
Dowie , Mabel R abt 1894Daughter
Dowie , Charlie H abt 1904Son
Dowie , Margarete abt 1908Daughter
Williams, Mary A abt 1849Head
Williams, Lula A abt 1883Daughter
Williams, Earnest abt 1890Son
White, E A abt 1874Head
White, Wilie A abt 1880Wife
White, Thelma J abt 1900Daughter
Gallagher, Eugene B abt 1856Head
Gallagher, Charlie abt 1895Son
Gallagher, Comodice abt 1897Son
Gallagher, Jessie abt 1899Son
Gallagher, Cornie abt 1902Daughter
Curry , Lauris abt 1876Head
Curry, Pennie abt 1889Wife
Curry, Murtie abt 1904Daughter
Curry, Burnice abt 1908Son
Watter, Gus abt 1863Head
Richardson , Lecy Head
Hendrick , Mannie abt 1895Daughter
Parle , Carrie M abt 1876Head
Parle , Arthur abt 1891Son
Parle , Robert abt 1893Son
Parle , Fred abt 1894Son
Parle , Earl abt 1897Son
Parle , Roy abt 1899Son
Parle , Charlie abt 1900Son
Parle , Herbert abt 1905Son
Finke , Chas L abt 1861Head
Finke , Wilma abt 1869Wife
Finke , Carl A abt 1891Son
Farrington , Sadie B abt 1872Head
Farrington, Helia abt 1897Daughter
Farrington, Henriett abt 1900Daughter
Farrington, Henry abt 1902Son
Royes , May F abt 1846Mother
Cooks , Fraser abt 1872Head
Cooks , Rosa abt 1875Wife
Cooks, J Fraser, Jr.abt 1906Son
Cooks , Mary M abt 1909Daughter
Wood , Marlea A abt 1872Head
Wood, Virginia M abt 1883Wife
Stout, L Janey abt 1885Lodger
Chadwick, Stephen abt 1875Head
Chadwick, Laure E abt 1879Wife
Chadwick, Beny C abt 1902Son
Chadwick, Day abt 1904Son
Chadwick, Ray abt 1908Son
Johnson , Samuel C abt 1869Brother-in-law
Buchan , Pete abt 1871Lodger
Buchan, Florence abt 1879Lodger
Adank , F K abt 1849Head
Adank , May E abt 1851Wife
Willis , Thos L abt 1870Head
Willis , Laura abt 1886Wife
Willis , Leland J abt 1903Son
Willis , Edith L abt 1905Daughter
Chadwick, Clay abt 1880Head
Chadwick, Natha abt 1883Wife
Chadwick, Ralph abt 1908Son
Chadwick, Jas abt 1910Daughter
Robert , Rebecca abt 1887Servant
Gutheil , J S abt 1864Head
Gutheil , Minnie abt 1881Wife
Fail , Mary abt 1892 Lodger
Adams , T J abt 1874 Head
Adams, Mary abt 1868Wife
Adams, Alfred abt 1897Son
Adams, Ray abt 1899Son
McGehee, A M abt 1884Head
McGehee, Willie abt 1885Wife
Spence, H J abt 1861Head
Spence, Alma abt 1878Wife
Spence, Lennie abt 1895Daughter
Boole, Samuel abt 1850Head
Ezell, Frank abt 1879Head
Ezell, Lela abt 1888Wife
Ezell, Cecil abt 1904Son
Ezell, Lee abt 1904Son
Ezell, Shillie abt 1908Daughter
Magner , Fred abt 1875Head
Magner , Lillie abt 1889Wife
Bentson, Asel abt 1894Son
Wigger, Miro abt 1910Daughter
Millie , W L abt 1864Father-in-law
Futch, Rufus abt 1890Head
Futch, Lula abt 1891Wife
Futch, Walter F abt 1909Son
Rice, Frank abt 1888Head
Rice, Mae abt 1891Wife
Goulding, Jos L abt 1877Head
Goulding, Lillie May abt 1884Wife
Goulding, Harry A abt 1909Son
Goulding, Mary abt 1884Mother
Giess , J abt 1858 Head
Giess , Lamis abt 1860Wife
Giess , Leon abt 1898Son
Giess , Elmer abt 1888Son
Giess , Charlie abt 1893Son
Lytle , W S abt 1863Head
Lytle, May abt 1884Wife
Nestegard , Chas W abt 1850 Head
Nestegard , Nanny I abt 1855Wife
Ross, Mary E abt 1874 Daughter
Ross, Charlie A abt 1897Grandson
Ross, Carlton S abt 1899
Ross, Leland R abt 1906
King , P M abt 1846Lodger
Ray , Malena abt 1869Lodger
Samz , Ed E abt 1875Lodger
Campbell, Hugh abt 1887Lodger
Bell, O A abt 1875Head
Bell, Julie abt 1877Wife
Bell, Jessie abt 1900Son
Bell, Marie abt 1902Daughter
Bell, Albert abt 1904Son
Bell, Vernor abt 1908Son
Bell, Lenord abt 1910Son
Sandlin, Mary L abt 1870Head
Sandlin, Jas abt 1893Son
Sandlin, Bessie abt 1897Daughter
Sandlin, Wade W abt 1901Son
Selva , Adam abt 1885Head
Selva , Lula abt 1894Wife
Selva , Elmire abt 1909Son
Roberson , Mattie abt 1857Head
Roberson , Lawrence abt 1886Son
Banks, James abt 1882Head
Banks, Jesse abt 1892Wife
Banks, Harry abt 1910Son
Goulden, M R abt 1870Head
Goulden, Ethel abt 1876Wife
Goulden, Gertie M abt 1893Daughter
Goulden, Alice E abt 1898Daughter
Goulden, Effie abt 1901Daughter
Goulden, Lesa P abt 1904Daughter
Gaulding , Laila abt 1908Daughter
Bell, James abt 1879Head
Bell, Bertha abt 1879Wife
Bell, Cleopatra abt 1905Daughter
Bell, Lula abt 1908Daughter
Bell, James abt 1909Son
Taylor, Garret abt 1897Nephew
Bell, M E abt 1861Brother
Griggs, Thos S abt 1887Head
Griggs, Era A abt 1888Wife
Griggs, Wilma abt 1910Daughter
Gouldin , M W abt 1875Head
Gouldin , Flora abt 1883Wife
Gouldin , Idessa abt 1901Daughter
Gouldin , Myrle abt 1906Daughter
Gouldin , Leslie abt 1908Son
Bodiford, William abt 1854Head
Bodiford, Annie abt 1854Wife
Bodiford, Wilson abt 1878Son
Bodiford, Johnie abt 1879Son
Bodiford, Maggie abt 1895Daughter
Bodiford, Emmerson abt 1903Grandson
Straughan, R B abt 1838Head
Bell, Thos abt 1874Head
Bell, Anie Bell abt 1887Wife
Bell, Birchie abt 1906Daughter
Sell , Thos abt 1862Head
McLane, Geo W abt 1842Head
McLane, Chas A abt 1881Head
McLane , Stella A abt 1883Wife
McLane, Margaret abt 1905Daughter
McLane, Florence abt 1907Daughter
Best, M M abt 1851Mother-in-law
Purce , Robert abt 1838Head
Fine, Robert abt 1862Head
Fine, Roxie abt 1879Wife
Fine, Vernice abt 1907Daughter
Fine, Joseph abt 1900Son
Fine, Charlie abt 1902Son
Carpenter , Micheal abt 1899 Stepson
Tolson , Lew A abt 1883Head
Tolson , Pearl abt 1889Wife
Luter , William abt 1829 Head
Luter , Savilla abt 1862Wife
Luter , Camille abt 1893Daughter
Fine, Bryson E abt 1887Head
Fine, Nillie abt 1893Wife
Parler , D B abt 1878 Head
Parler , Maggie abt 1890Wife
Parler , Myrtle abt 1909Daughter
Parler , M abt 1910Daughter
Garner, Soloman abt 1871Head
Garner, Julis F abt 1873Wife
Garner, Victor C abt 1898Son
Garner, Daisy E abt 1902Daughter
Garner, Lillie abt 1904Daughter
Oliver , Lanelle abt 1863Daughter
Oliver, Annie M abt 1863Wife
Oliver, Charlie abt 1888Son
Oliver , Isabell abt 1893Daughter
Oliver, Ethel L abt 1896Daughter
Lewis, John C Head
Lewis, Emily abt 1862Wife
Lewis, Herrick M abt 1891Son
Lewis, Leslie abt 1892Son
Lewis, Carrie abt 1896Daughter
Lewis, Burland abt 1903Son
Barber, M L abt 1868 Head
Barber, Loyal abt 1891Son
Dasch , John abt 1851Head
Dasch , Paulina abt 1869Wife
Dasch , Rulie abt 1895Daughter
Dasch , Hugh abt 1896Son
Dasch , Paul abt 1898Son
Smith, E W Head
Smith, Susie abt 1884Wife
William , C K abt 1878Head
William , Halie abt 1889Wife
William , Marlin L abt 1910Son
Gibbs, John H abt 1881Head
Gibbs, Florence abt 1882Wife
Gibbs, John W abt 1901Son
Hurton , John R abt 1882Head
Hurton , Annie abt 1884Wife
Hurton , Alonzo abt 1908Stepson
Hurton , Russel T abt 1910Son
Hurton , Nellie abt 1880Sister
Bristley , Hung L abt 1869Head
Bristley , Bass abt 1890Wife
Bristley , Harry abt 1905Son
Bristley , John A abt 1910Son
Vanhuss , Susan abt 1858 Mother-in-law
Moore, Frank Head
Moore, Currie abt 1888Wife
Judas , A P abt 1851Head
Judas , A C abt 1884Son
Judas , V J abt 1886Son
Judas , J W abt 1889Son
Judas , Undine abt 1892Daughter
Judas , Ioan abt 1895Son
Addison, R C abt 1885Head
Addison, Ella abt 1889Wife
Addison, Jock abt 1907Son
Koos , A L abt 1874Head
Koos , I V abt 1884Wife
Kerce , Elias abt 1872Head
Kerce , Lula V abt 1875Wife
Kerce , Birtha abt 1894Daughter
Neels , Reason abt 1883Head
Neels, Daisy abt 1887Wife
Neels, Charlie abt 1906Son
Neels, Coleman abt 1908Son
Smith , J Lynn abt 1877Head
Smith, Maud abt 1885Wife
Smith, N J abt 1842Mother
Waks , Earley abt 1884Head
Waks , E R abt 1887Wife
Waks , Emily P abt 1906Daughter
Waks , M abt 1910Daughter
McLane, Geo A abt 1879Head
McLane, Annie L abt 1877Wife
McLane, Norman P abt 1894Son
Dreggors , Harry R abt 1873Head
Dreggors, Louise R abt 1874Wife
Dreggors , Danielle abt 1905Daughter
Sandlin , Jesse R Head
Sandlin , Evelena M abt 1884Wife
Sandlin , Orville abt 1896Son
Sandlin , Bruce abt 1900Son
Sandlin , Gldys abt 1904Daughter
Sandlin , Walter abt 1906Son
Carry , Max abt 1885Mother-in-law
Lance , Logan abt 1888Head
Lance , Mabel J abt 1885Wife
Alderman, George abt 1851Head
Alderman, C P abt 1862Wife
Gauld , Stella L abt 1850Head
Richard , H S abt 1863Head
Richard , Cilia abt 1862Wife
Corbett , Jas F abt 1859Head
Corbett , Luis M abt 1828Wife
Corbett , Lillias B abt 1899Daughter
Corbett , Bertrice B abt 1900Daughter
Corbett , Ruth abt 1902Daughter
Corbett , Larrie F abt 1904Daughter
Corbett , Mary G abt 1906Daughter
Corbett , Constance abt 1909Daughter
Chadwick, Herbert abt 1872Head
Chadwick, Julia abt 1879Wife
Chadwick, Chas abt 1897Son
Chadwick, Floyed abt 1900Son
Gautier , P C abt 1880Head
Gautier, Mary abt 1882Wife
Gautier, Louise abt 1905Daughter
Seward, Ash abt 1823Head
Seward , Lauro abt 1875 Wife
Watetzky , Edvard abt 1876Brother-in-law
Watetzky , Zelia abt 1887Daughter-in-law
Hart, Gus abt 1852Lodger
Bird , F J abt 1875Lodger
Goldstein, F P abt 1852 Head
Goldstein, Harry abt 1885Son
Genung , Will Sam abt 1872Lodger
Wabues , Virginia abt 1834Head
Wiles , P J abt 1850Head
Wiles , Jessie abt 1854Wife
Blanset , F R abt 1881 Lodger
Blanset , Lucy B abt 1872Lodger
Blanset , Elsie abt 1898Lodger
Gill, Chas Head
Brown , C J abt 1860 Lodger
Brown, Lelia abt 1863Lodger
McAdow, Perry W abt 1839Head
McAdow, Marcia A abt 1870Wife
Mugan , Martha abt 1883 Head
Mugan , Frances O abt 1886Daughter
Mugan , Mary abt 1888Daughter
Mugan , Maud abt 1890Daughter
Mugan , Violet abt 1891Daughter
Mugan , Jabez abt 1893Son
Mugan , Henry abt 1897Son
Huffman , Jace I abt 1860Head
Huffman, Jennie abt 1860Wife
Huffman, Mary abt 1894Daughter
Huffman, Helen abt 1896Daughter
Fortson , E R abt 1878Lodger
Folson , Clyde abt 1889Lodger
Reed, Laura W abt 1871Head
Reed, Samuel N abt 1902Son
Reed, John A abt 1903Son
Hall , Elza abt 1869 Head
Cooper, F M abt 1853Head
Cooper, M E abt 1874Wife
Cooper, Jas G abt 1892Son
Cooper, C M abt 1904Son
Cooper, Mary E abt 1906Daughter
Olsen, John abt 1871Head
Olsen, Charlcie abt 1883Wife
Olsen, Emma abt 1905Daughter
Olsen, Iona abt 1908Daughter
Glover, F M abt 1873Head
Glover, Jessie M abt 1885Wife
Garner, W A abt 1884Head
Garner, Mary abt 1855Mother
Clark, J P abt 1876Head
Clark, Julia abt 1883Wife
Clark, Lester abt 1903Son
Clark, Bessie abt 1906Daughter
Clark, Essie abt 1909Daughter
Parish, Lelia abt 1882Head
Parish, Carrie abt 1896Daughter
Parish, Georga abt 1898Son
Parish, Mannie abt 1901Mannie
Lipscomb, Jas abt 1875Head
Lipscomb, Gussie abt 1878Wife
Lipscomb, Leffie abt 1898Son
Lipscomb, Carey abt 1903Son
Jackson, Chancy abt 1899Lodger
Coston, R M abt 1878Head
Coston, Mollie abt 1885Wife
Coston, Harold abt 1902Son
Coston, Bonnie abt 1904Daughter
Coston, Venice abt 1908Son
Danis , C G abt 1847Head
Danis , Lucy A abt 1849Wife
Baldwin , Pearl abt 1881Daughter
Baldwin, Hazel abt 1903Niece
McQuin , S N abt 1870Head
McQuin , Anny abt 1890Wife
McQuin , Donald abt 1908Son
McQuin , Lucile abt 1909Daughter
Holderby , Noa abt 1849Head
Holderby, Lucindy abt 1852Wife
Holderby, Nellie abt 1882Daughter
Roe, C A abt 1886Head
Roe, Evelyn abt 1882Wife
Simmonds, Chas abt 1875Head
Simmonds, Pearl abt 1879Wife
Simmonds, Ethel abt 1906Daughter
Sewell, Willie abt 1870Lodger
Sewell, Dottie abt 1893Lodger
Driver, J M abt 1842 Head
Driver, Mary abt 1857Wife
McClelland , Jack abt 1876 Head
McClelland, Mima W abt 1875Wife
Robert , N E abt 1873Head
Robert , Wattie abt 1898Son
Robert , Anne abt 1900
Robert , Fred abt 1903
Robert , Frank abt 1907
Dashnaw , A W abt 1855Head
Dashnaw , Maude abt 1897Daughter
Rawedtree , E W abt 1880Head
Rawedtree , Bana abt 1884Wife
Rawedtree , Edwin abt 1906Son
Rawedtree , Ermin abt 1908Son
Walters, W H abt 1858Head
Walters, N D abt 1858Wife
Singletary, Pearl abt 1898Niece
Pepper, Bertha abt 1859Head
Pepper, Norma abt 1862Sister
Wing, Francis abt 1907 Maid
Welz , J M abt 1859Head
Welz , Mabel P abt 1865Wife
Lauster , O abt 1858Head
Lauster , Mary abt 1870Wife
Portes , Claxton abt 1868Head
Washington , Dagmar abt 1873Head
Washington, Carrie abt 1889Wife
Witchell , Rosy Lee abt 1896Sister
Green , Ed abt 1861Lodger
Kunk , K M abt 1881Lodger
Green , John abt 1881Lodger
Armstrong , G B abt 1837Head
Armstrong, Rebecca abt 1854Wife
Meyrick, J G abt 1861Roomer
Williams, D H abt 1887 Head
Brigham, Ed abt 1882Roomer
Capers, T C abt 1842Head
Coleman, Mary Head
Coleman, Bessie Son
Coleman, Rasa abt 1895Daughter
Coleman, Josph Son
Goff, J S abt 1878Head
Goff, L C abt 1883Wife
Goff, Clarence abt 1901Son
Goff, Stella abt 1904Daughter
Goff, Robert abt 1907Son
Lancaster, Joseph abt 1887Son-in-law
Lancaster, Flossie abt 1892Sister-in-law
Lancaster, Clara abt 1895Sister-in-law
Goff, John Father
Morgan, O A abt 1877Head
, Riceabt 1875Head
, Missouriabt 1887Wife
, Homerabt 1907Son
, Mabt 1910Daughter
Harbus, F abt 1854Head
Dills , Henry abt 1854Roomer
Black , M P abt 1870Roomer
Smith, Thomas abt 1881 Head
Johns, Cleveland abt 1885Head
Johns, Nettie abt 1868Wife
Wheeler, Frank A abt 1864Lodger
Gaskell, John abt 1883Lodger
Allen, Don O abt 1841Head
Allen, Mary E abt 1844Wife
Bessett , Bessie abt 1873Daughter
Bessett , Jessie abt 1895Niece
Bessett , Isis abt 1908Nephew
Stanley , Bessie abt 1856Head
Stanley, Hallie abt 1866Wife
Paramore , Amilia abt 1863 Head
Grant , Rasa abt 1888 Head
Grant, William abt 1905Son
Andrews, Peter abt 1868Head
Andrews, Victoria abt 1875Wife
Andrews, Willis abt 1897Son
Andrews, Frank abt 1900Son
Andrews, Peter abt 1904Son
Andrews, Naoma abt 1905Daughter
Andrews, Catherine abt 1909Daughter
Saris , John abt 1874Head
Saris , Fannie abt 1866Wife
Washington , Allie abt 1888Head
Washington, Letitia abt 1892Wife
Roberson , Ethel abt 1880Head
Roberson , Elnora abt 1905Daughter
Miller, Peter abt 1864Head
Miller, M L abt 1873Wife
Sams , Jack abt 1873Head
Sams , Lucy abt 1875Wife
Sams , Birtha abt 1893Daughter
Sams , Bula abt 1894Daughter
Sams , Robert abt 1898Daughter
Sams , Samuil abt 1901Son
Ward , Elize abt 1875 Head
Ward, Kester abt 1886Wife
Ward, Pearl abt 1904Daughter
Ward, Rennlder abt 1905Son
Ward, Elizabeth abt 1907Daughter
Emas , Thos abt 1889Head
Emas , Mary abt 1890Wife
Emas , Alfred abt 1909Son
Gater , P L abt 1874Head
Gater , Victoria abt 1883Wife
Sossamon , Jas H abt 1869Head
Sossamon , Nellie A abt 1872Wife
Sossamon , Frank abt 1895Son
Sossamon , Earl abt 1898Son
Addison , Jarl J abt 1834Head
Addison, Lauria I abt 1849Wife
Addison, Victor abt 1874Son
Kerrison , Joe B abt 1884Son-in-law
Kerrison , Blanch abt 1888Daughter
Singletary, S F abt 1863Head
Singletary, Atlas abt 1886Son
Singletary, Willie abt 1895Son
Singletary, Harry abt 1898Son
Whitehead , Julius abt 1867Head
Whitehead , Sarah abt 1865Wife
Clark, Geo abt 1866Roomer
Perpall , Jae abt 1862Roomer
Dart, Rufus abt 1870Roomer
Giles, White abt 1859Head
Johnson, Thos J abt 1858Head
Johnson, Julie abt 1878Wife
Johnson, Rubie abt 1896Daughter
Johnson, Ezekiel abt 1900Son
Johnson, Tressa abt 1903Daughter
Johnson, Mary abt 1908Daughter
Callier , Nathen abt 1870Head
Henz , Hasker abt 1865Head
Butler, Martha abt 1864Head
Grooms , Thomas abt 1858Lodger
Jackson, Allen abt 1855Lodger
Wixon , John abt 1890 Head
Wixon , Hester abt 1875Wife
Wixon , Josephine abt 1903Niece
Burnham, A S abt 1869Head
Burnham, Annie abt 1881Wife
Burnham, Nannie abt 1901Daughter
Burnham, Allie abt 1904Daughter
Johns, Johnie abt 1879Brother-in-law
Conolly , Chas N abt 1880Head
Conolly, Lilly abt 1885Sister
Stewart, Herman abt 1884Lodger
Gangler , Fred abt 1889Lodger
Smith, Chas abt 1832Lodger
Lancaster, John abt 1889 Head
Lancaster, Lula abt 1888Wife
Clemens, Louis abt 1877Head
Clemens, Nancy abt 1880Wife
Clemens, Jos abt 1896Son
Smith, Henry W abt 1870Head
Smith, Louise abt 1875Wife
Smith, Mary abt 1899Daughter
Smith, Earnest abt 1901Son
Smith, Edwin abt 1903Son
Duthie , George abt 1835Lodger
Coxsamon , Jos P abt 1908Son
Coleman, Abraham abt 1862Head
Coleman, Hallie abt 1880Wife
Coleman, Thomas abt 1897Son
Coleman, Blanch abt 1898Daughter
Super, Edith abt 1903Niece
Beker , O J abt 1870Head
Beker , Christina abt 1863Wife
Saunders , J W abt 1869 Head
Saunders, Silvia abt 1860Wife
Saunders, Emma abt 1898Daughter
Mitchell, John abt 1880 Head
Mitchell, Mary B abt 1889Wife
Pratt , Char E abt 1873Head
Pratt, Bertha L abt 1872Wife
Pratt, Joseph abt 1901Son
Jerrell , Hattie abt 1885Head
Cromartie, G B abt 1854Head
Cromartie, Annie abt 1866Wife
Saunders, Florence abt 1890Head
Saunders, Andrew abt 1906Son
Saulters, Sarah abt 1881Head
Saulters, Bessie abt 1897Daughter
Saulters, Eddie abt 1908Son
Saulters, Buster abt 1909Son
Herst , Dellie abt 1868Head
Herst , Willie abt 1892Daughter
Lusis , Howard abt 1875Head
Lusis , Bertha abt 1886Wife
Lusis , Ellen abt 1904Daughter
Lusis , Leona abt 1906Daughter
Lusis , Thomas abt 1908Son
Boock , Chas abt 1860Roomer
Evans, Walter abt 1886Head
Smith , Pamel abt 1869Head
Smith, Lavina abt 1870Wife
Smith, McKinley abt 1897Son
Smith, Sarah abt 1899Daughter
Smith, Carrie abt 1901Daughter
Smith, Saskie abt 1903Daughter
Smith, Sadie abt 1905Daughter
Smith, Daniel abt 1907Son
Jackson, Rhodie abt 1853Roomer
Fulford, Earnest abt 1868Head
Fulford, Kester abt 1882Wife
Fulford, Johnie abt 1893Son
Fulford, Thomas L abt 1900Son
McAlister, Henrietta abt 1865Head
McAlister, Victoria abt 1901Daughter
Jones , Pallie abt 1890Daughter
Kelley , Matthias abt 1887Daughter-in-law
Kenick , Charlie abt 1868Head
Kenick , Amelia abt 1875Wife
Sweetaig , Swestlaud abt 1897Daughter
Sweetaig , Leonia abt 1901Stepdaughter
Kunk, Chas E abt 1906Son
Kunk, Stella M abt 1909Daughter
Owers , James abt 1883Head
Owers , Flora abt 1883Wife
Wilson, Walter abt 1891Roomer
McNeal, A B abt 1868Head
Whitehead, Alfred abt 1871Head
Whitehead, Sarolta abt 1867Wife
Page , David abt 1869Head
Page , Hattie abt 1872Wife
Andrews, James abt 1875Head
Andrews, Qutuz abt 1885Wife
Andrews, Richard abt 1903Son
Andrews, Burnette abt 1904Daughter
Andrews, Hulda L abt 1909Son
Jordon , A S abt 1855Head
Jadus , Louis abt 1879Head
Levingston , I L abt 1865Roomer
Amme , Maud abt 1879Head
Fulford , Frank abt 1886Roomer
Glenn , Enoch abt 1880Roomer
William , Sam abt 1855Head
William , Addie abt 1865Wife
McDonald, J S abt 1872Head
McDonald, Minnie abt 1884Wife
Baclig , Annie abt 1893Sister-in-law
Hamilton , Isaac abt 1875Head
Hamilton , Bertha abt 1879Wife
Hamilton , Catherine abt 1905Daughter
Hamilton , Fannie R abt 1907Daughter
Bogle , Jahue abt 1840Head
Williams, Katie abt 1886Head
Harris , Lona abt 1882Head
Harris, Randy abt 1905Son
Harris, Annie abt 1906Daughter
Austin, Bob abt 1871Lodger
Adams , Robb abt 1882 Lodger
Cain , Misa Bacil abt 1888Lodger
Bogaert , Janette abt 1878Head
Jones, John abt 1899Son
Jones, Danielius abt 1903Son
Kaslow , Mattie abt 1870Head
Kaslow , Rosetta abt 1890Daughter
Kaslow , Julius abt 1893Son
Goram , Charlie abt 1871 Roomer
Pecar, Dolwnben w abt 1865Head
Blanchard, Joseph A abt 1863Head
Blanchard, Mary abt 1870Wife
Williams, David abt 1865Head
Williams, Rosa abt 1868Wife
Colonna , Manervia abt 1888Stepdaughter
Green, Mac abt 1878Roomer
Smith, John abt 1874Head
Smith, Mary abt 1880Wife
Smith, Lonnie abt 1904Son
Robert , Rebecca abt 1890Sister-in-law
Clyatt , Adolphus abt 1887Head
Clyatt, Sallie abt 1891Wife
Walter , Minnie abt 1893Sister-in-law
Walter , Masel abt 1910Niece
Silcox, Henry abt 1885 Head
Silcox, Jame abt 1888Wife
Silcox, Lawrence abt 1905Son
Silcox, Cecil abt 1906Son
Harris, Jerry abt 1866Head
Harris, Jessie abt 1883Wife
Harris, Willie Lee abt 1906Daughter
Harris, Jerome abt 1908Son
Wade , G W abt 1872Head
Wade, Mary abt 1877Wife
McGreal , Eliza abt 1844Head
McGreal , William abt 1877Son
McGreal , Mattie abt 1888Daughter-in-law
Beckwith, Dora abt 1860Head
Ausborn , Rodolph abt 1902Grandson
Battersby, Geo abt 1870Head
Battersby, Mattie abt 1880Wife
Battersby, Evelyn abt 1897Daughter
Brown , George I abt 1847Head
Brown, Mallie F abt 1864Wife
Brown, Robert abt 1888Son
Brown, Ruth abt 1894Daughter
Brown, Hamilton abt 1903Son
Nessman , J W abt 1879Son-in-law
Nessman , Nellie abt 1889Daughter
Janas , John abt 1874Head
Janas , M A abt 1882Wife
Janas , Ardrey abt 1900Daughter
Clark, J J abt 1846Head
Brodie, J E abt 1844Head
Brown, Nannie abt 1850Head
Schwister , Fitz Von Head
Schwister , Willie abt 1880Wife
Schwister , Minnie abt 1900Daughter
Monroe , Zennie abt 1890Head
Kranch , Walter abt 1851Head
Kranch , Massie E abt 1863Wife
Pone , Ellen Head
Pone , Will abt 1881Son
Pone , Parry abt 1891Son
McClelland , Rachel abt 1893Daughter
McClelland, Boske abt 1908Granddaughter
McClelland, Vora abt 1910Granddaughter
Bree, Leland abt 1896Son
Bree, Volney abt 1900Daughter
Campbell, J M abt 1882Head
Campbell, Bettie abt 1889Wife
Jenkins, A P abt 1879Head
Jenkins , Emma abt 1882Wife
Hogan, Mary E abt 1897Stepdaughter
Bogley , Jannie abt 1859Mother-in-law
Wiles , H A Head
Wiles , Kittie abt 1881Wife
Caruthers, A L abt 1885 Head
Caruthers, Gennie abt 1876Wife
Caruthers, Willie abt 1893Daughter
Caruthers, Wilson abt 1895Son
Caruthers, Alonza, Jr.abt 1896Son
Mabley , Henry abt 1864Head
Mabley , Lovinia abt 1870Wife
Mabley , Enoch abt 1894Son
Mabley , Luray abt 1896Son
Mabley , Jae abt 1900Son
Mabley , Ruth abt 1902Daughter
Mabley , Misbah abt 1905Daughter
Mabley , Isaak abt 1907Son
Mabley , Henry Paul abt 1909Son
Hueston, William abt 1874Head
Hueston, Mittie abt 1879Wife
Hueston, Iabella abt 1897Daughter
Hueston, Mary abt 1896Daughter
Vanderley , John abt 1860Head
Vanderley , Mittie abt 1885Wife
Walton , Walter abt 1876Head
Walton , Wister abt 1886Wife
Rorex , J W abt 1876 Head
Rorex , Loula abt 1876Wife
Rorex , James abt 1895Son
Rorex , Isadore abt 1898Daughter
Rorex , Ama May abt 1902Daughter
Hewett, S J abt 1850Head
Hewett, Mary M abt 1853Wife
Hewett, Clarence abt 1882
Hewett, N C abt 1874Head
Hewett, Francis B abt 1877Wife
Mizell, Joshua abt 1861Head
Mizell, Eugenia abt 1863Wife
Mizell, Leon abt 1894Son
Mizell, Wm McKinley abt 1897Son
Hatch, A P abt 1886Stepson
Hatch, Arley M abt 1890Stepson
Jones, O E abt 1871Head
Jones, Cornelius abt 1892Son
Jones, Furaerson abt 1894Son
Jones, Sallie abt 1896Daughter
Jones, Charlie abt 1897Son
Jackson, John abt 1851Head
Evans, Thos abt 1875Head
Evans, Mery abt 1892Wife
Evans, Alfred abt 1910Son
Dorsey , Alfred O abt 1875Head
Dorsey, Mateo abt 1887Wife
Dorsey, Amr abt 1904Daughter
Dorsey, Alfred, Jr.abt 1906Son
Dorsey, Johnie abt 1908Son
Nellessen, Mele abt 1871Head
Settle , Edward abt 1839Head
Settle , Mary abt 1874Wife
Kenady, Samuel abt 1841Head
Kenady, Emily abt 1859Wife
Kenady, Fred abt 1895Son
Kenady, Murrie abt 1901Daughter
Clayton, Ed abt 1878Head
Clayton, Eliza abt 1884Wife
Williams, Willie abt 1898Stepson
Best, Henry abt 1876Head
Welther , Henry abt 1876Head
Welter, Laure abt 1879Wife
Welter, Parl abt 1903Daughter
Bailey, Archie abt 1880Head
Bailey, Josephine abt 1888Wife
Bailey, Morris abt 1906Son
Bailey, Conyer abt 1908Son
Bailey, Annis abt 1891Sister
McLester , Patty abt 1896Sister-in-law
Gallman , Mal abt 1873Head
Gallman, Illinois abt 1887Wife
Gallman, Lillian abt 1908Daughter
Gallman, Nathaniel abt 1909Son
Barley , George abt 1882Head
Barley , Caroline abt 1879Wife
Barley , Olen abt 1901Son
Barley , Susie abt 1903Daughter
Barley , Molimo abt 1904Daughter
Barley , Willie May abt 1908Daughter
Dartez , Henry abt 1854Head
Dartez , Adam abt 1886Son
Dartez , Sampson abt 1890Son
Dartez , Billie abt 1893Son
Dartez , Euda abt 1894Daughter
Dartez , Rushia abt 1897Son
Hill , Mc abt 1878Head
Hill, Lennie abt 1889Wife
Hill, Eliza Ann abt 1907Daughter
Hill, Annie abt 1909Daughter
Brown, Willie abt 1887Nephew
Edwards, Mary abt 1887Head
Edwards, Owen abt 1903Son
Barner , Joe abt 1888Head
Barner , Eva abt 1891Wife
Barner , Oralee T abt 1907Daughter
Smith, Alex abt 1858 Head
Smith, Lacy abt 1855Wife
Hide, Thomas abt 1874Head
Hide, Annie abt 1876Wife
Pues , I I abt 1880Head
Pues , Green L abt 1888Wife
Smith , Chase H abt 1866Brother-in-law
Williams, Geo W abt 1845Head
Williams, Virginia abt 1851Wife
Williams, Charlcie abt 1893Son
Anderson , Borya Min A abt 1876Head
Anderson, Nancy abt 1883Wife
Anderson, Andrew abt 1903Son
Austen , M abt 1865Lodger
Whidden, Hettie abt 1845Head
Thomas , Flawii abt 1878Niece
Warbington , Jae abt 1876Head
Warbington , Nonnie W abt 1883Wife
Kuth , C A abt 1875Head
Morton, S H abt 1884Boarder
Stepherson , T B abt 1861Boarder
Adank , Emitt abt 1885Head
Adank , Rhode abt 1881Wife
Johns , Ruel abt 1898Stepdaughter
Bary , Will abt 1885Head
Bary , Fanni abt 1890Wife
Bary , Clifford abt 1905Daughter
Bary , Evelyne abt 1908Daughter
Corsa, E O abt 1851
Seavey , G H abt 1845Head
Seavey , Mary abt 1861Wife
Laubanch , Berni abt 1870Lodger
Laubanch , Grace abt 1894Lodger
Laubanch , Anna abt 1898Lodger
Boromei , Juluis abt 1877Head
Fucasacce , Frank abt 1865Lodger
Lesseppe , Josep abt 1882Lodger
Arysline , Ambrogio abt 1886Lodger
Campbell, Robt E abt 1857Head
Campbell, Rebecca B abt 1861Wife
Trabue, Stephen abt 1857Lodger
Perine , Geo K abt 1823Lodger
Campbell, Edith B abt 1893Daughter
Bryans , Henry abt 1884Head
Bryans , Jennie V abt 1891Wife
Bryans , Elizabeth abt 1909Daughter
Beasley , Eliza abt 1882Head
Beasley, Olive abt 1872Wife
Alderman, John abt 1892Stepson
Alderman, Jesse abt 1894Stepson
Word , Daniel abt 1872Head
Word , Bettie abt 1872Wife
Word , Mabel abt 1898Daughter
Word , Carrie abt 1900Daughter
Word , Vincent abt 1904Son
Word , Minnie abt 1906Daughter
Rose , Jno F abt 1878Head
Rose, Annie abt 1881Wife
Rose, Lamar abt 1903Son
Rose, John abt 1906Son
Rose, S J, Jr.abt 1908Son
Halcomb , Abert abt 1874Head
Halcomb , Annie abt 1872Wife
Holcomb, A M abt 1837Head
Holcomb, Lomas abt 1844Wife
Heard , Annie May abt 1890Daughter
Heard, R H abt 1887Son-in-law
Bornes , Elbert abt 1877Head
Bornes , Rosa abt 1878Wife
Bornes , Jesse abt 1900Daughter
Williams , W K abt 1868 Head
Williams , Florence abt 1873Wife
Williams, Robert abt 1893Son
Williams, John abt 1894Son
Williams, Bruce abt 1909Son
Lowe , Bosbam abt 1845Mother-in-law
Whidden, J W abt 1860Head
Whidden, Arline abt 1905Wife
Whidden, Elta abt 1891Daughter
Whidden, Rella abt 1895Daughter
Whidden, Jim abt 1901Son
Whidden, Lomas abt 1903Son
Lowe, Riley abt 1886Head
Lowe, Delsa abt 1892Wife
Lowe, Henry abt 1908Son
Powell, Frank abt 1872Head
Powell, Florence abt 1882Wife
Powell, Edna abt 1899Daughter
Powell , June abt 1903Son
Powell, Eldry abt 1905Son
Powell, Norman abt 1907Son
Powell, Ira abt 1909Son
McGehee , Mariusz abt 1849Head
McGehee, Martha abt 1859Wife
McGehee, Pearl abt 1898Daughter
McGehee, Eula abt 1902Daughter
Robers , James abt 1875Head
Robers , Loretta abt 1876Wife
Robers , Cyntha abt 1903Daughter
Robers , Albert abt 1905Son
Robers , Lilly May abt 1908Daughter
Lomaur , Rosa abt 1882Sister
Stanley, Ed abt 1868Head
Stanley, Minnie abt 1874Wife
Stanley, Rosina abt 1899Daughter
Stanley, Jesse abt 1904Daughter
Stanley, Elvie abt 1907Daughter
Futch, Frank abt 1861Head
Futch, Melissa abt 1861Wife
Futch, Charles abt 1894Son
Futch, Robert abt 1896Son
Futch, Lonnie abt 1899Son
Futch, Raford abt 1902Son
Futch, Daniel abt 1904Son
Futch, Ornie abt 1910Daughter
Futch, Albert abt 1886Head
Futch, Francis abt 1884Wife
Bacos , O R abt 1881Head
Bacos , Marity abt 1882Wife
Bacos , J R abt 1908Son
Driggers, Lelia abt 1898Daughter
Basom, J A , Jr.abt 1873Brother
Dreggors, Nellie abt 1871Head
Ponder, G P abt 1877Head
Ponder, Cormac abt 1874Wife
Moses, Pearl abt 1895Stepdaughter
Moses, Alfonso abt 1897Stepson
Moses, Aline abt 1898Stepdaughter
Moses, Levis abt 1900Stepson
Ponder, Tenathy abt 1902Son
Ponder, Naoma abt 1906Daughter
Ponder, Dorathy abt 1908Daughter
Ponder, Neola abt 1909Daughter
Marten , Jerry abt 1853Head
Marten , Alida abt 1847Wife
Liles , Mary E abt 1850Head
, Oriannaabt 1876Son
Whidden, S K abt 1848Head
Whidden, Martha abt 1857Wife
Whidden, Ruth abt 1896Daughter
Whidden, Hudson abt 1898Son
Whidden, Rollie abt 1900Son
Whidden, Jessie abt 1837Head
Hilton , J H abt 1852Head
Hilton, Elizabeth abt 1858Wife
Amm , James abt 1837Head
Davis, H M abt 1848Head
Davis, Laura abt 1865Wife
Davis, Metta abt 1891Daughter
Davis, Herbie abt 1893Son
Davis, Eunice abt 1898Daughter
Davis, Halona abt 1904Daughter
Rhode, G D abt 1877Head
Rhode, Loria abt 1885Wife
Rhode, Byron abt 1904Son
Rhode, Erma abt 1906Daughter
Rhode, Mannie L abt 1908Daughter
Rhode, Lee abt 1889Brother
Pittman, Rufus abt 1892Lodger
Netcher , Ammie abt 1854Head
Rice , Ora abt 1889Daughter
McKenny , Louise abt 1904Niece
Sarvis, A C abt 1871Head
Sarvis, Amanda abt 1876Wife
Sarvis, Maron abt 1896Son
Sarvis, Dewey abt 1899Son
Sarvis, Alcie abt 1896Daughter
Sarvis, Gertrude abt 1908Daughter
Hall , J K abt 1866Head
Hall, Minnie abt 1870Wife
Hall, Lucile abt 1897Daughter
Hall, Virgel abt 1902Son
Melore , Darley abt 1889Head
Melore , Nellie L abt 1890Wife
Pender , Sarah abt 1860Mother-in-law
Jackson, Walter abt 1892Sister-in-law
Robbins, James abt 1845Head
Robbins, Annie abt 1861Wife
Robbins, Harry abt 1880Son
Blawat , R B abt 1876Son-in-law
Blawat , Clara abt 1883Daughter
Show , Chas W abt 1861Head
Show , Hattie M abt 1867Wife
Show , Helen abt 1887Daughter
Show , Vera abt 1893Daughter
Klinedinst , Chas abt 1887Head
Klinedinst , Robert abt 1889 Brother
Ebbs , Rachel A abt 1837Housekeeper
Wachob, Frank abt 1883Head
Wachob, P F abt 1884Wife
Wachob, Grace M abt 1908Daughter
Wachob, Fabie abt 1909Daughter
Gaston, M M abt 1843Head
Gaston, Amanda F abt 1851Wife
Brantley , Less abt 1865Head
Brantley, Mary abt 1884Wife
Parkes , J M abt 1859Head
Parkes , Elizabeth abt 1861Wife
Parkes , Lynan abt 1895Son
Parkes , Hermas abt 1899Son
Richmond, C D abt 1873Head
Richmond, Helen F abt 1873Wife
Richmond, J F abt 1899Son
Richmond, P F abt 1901Son
Richmond, W W abt 1903Son
Richmond, N C abt 1905Daughter
Richmond, H abt 1908Daughter
Farrell, H K abt 1856Head
Jach , John abt 1838Head
Jach , Jane abt 1837Wife
Hamilton, Gilbert abt 1899Grandson
Pethers , B S abt 1863Head
Pethers , Flonnie abt 1864Wife
Burros , Vioiau abt 1897Stepson
Breeland , W H abt 1855Head
Breeland , A G abt 1862Wife
Hartigan, Thos abt 1850Head
Hartigan, Sarah abt 1866Wife
Rawlde, Marge L abt 1842Head
Leboity , Edward abt 1897Lodger
Brasel , C E abt 1855Head
Brasel , Georges abt 1860Wife
Stewart, L abt 1889Lodger
Brown, Ellen J abt 1855Head
Bown , E N abt 1854Head
Bown , Julia abt 1864Wife
Sheffield, Clare abt 1892Stepdaughter
Sheffield, Wheeler abt 1901Stepson
Moore, O abt 1851Head
Moore, Elizabeth abt 1870Wife
Moore, Millie abt 1896Son
Moore, Robert abt 1900Son
Moore, Alma abt 1906Lodger
Roush , Wm Cam abt 1844Head
Roush , Nicholas abt 1883Son
William , David abt 1864Head
Feaman, See abt 1858Lodger
, Magneabt 1866Head
, Fallieabt 1871Wife
, Lesetabt 1894Son
, Alimaabt 1896Daughter
, Maryabt 1900Daughter
Lundorris , Daniel abt 1877Head
Lundorris , Lizzie abt 1888Wife
Lundorris , Willie abt 1908Son
Lundorris , Mary abt 1910Daughter
Robinson, L B abt 1880Head
Robinson, Lula abt 1883Wife
Robinson, Dawid G abt 1900Son
Robinson, Anna Bell abt 1902Daughter
Marshall , Adelaide P abt 1861Head
Marshall , A M abt 1850Mother-in-law
Mack , Aurzl abt 1880Head
Mack, Nellie abt 1831Wife
Mack, Nathanial abt 1901Son
Mack, Mary abt 1904Daughter
Mack, Emmie abt 1906Daughter
Grantham, Lonnie abt 1870Head
Grantham, Philis abt 1869Wife
Grantham, Joseph abt 1904Son
Stephens, James abt 1872Head
Stephens, Nancy E abt 1880Wife
Stephens, Cora abt 1898Daughter
Stephens, Ora abt 1901Daughter
Stephens, Noma abt 1903Daughter
Stephens, Eva abt 1905Daughter
Stephens, James L abt 1907Son
L?? , Leon abt 1884Head
L?? , Flossie abt 1888Wife
L?? , Levis abt 1902Daughter
L?? , Oscar abt 1904Son
L?? , Mary abt 1906Daughter
L?? , Otires abt 1909Son
Saffo , W M abt 1858Head
Saffo , Sarah abt 1862Wife
Saffo , John abt 1886Son
Saffo , Buert abt 1891Son
Saffo , Dora abt 1893Daughter
Saffo , Vianna abt 1895Son
Saffo , Sampson abt 1905Son
Saffo , Wallace abt 1907Son
Saker , Thos abt 1875Lodger
Watt , Nelie abt 1888Lodger
Nelon , Zelman abt 1892Lodger
Keen, Arthur abt 1888Lodger
Townsend , D abt 1855Head
Townsend, Mary abt 1862Head
Taras, Conyers abt 1880Head
Taras, Lydia abt 1873Wife
Driggers, Sibbie abt 1890Stepdaughter
Driggers, Kelcy abt 1894Stepson
Driggers, Jonnie abt 1902Stepson
Bevins, Will abt 1863Head
Bevins, Junie abt 1862Wife
Bevins, John abt 1898Stepson
Bevins, Frank abt 1900Stepson
Holwell , Wm abt 1866 Head
Holwell , Lily abt 1878Wife
Holwell , Robb abt 1895Son
Brown, Mathew abt 1887Head
Brown, Ella abt 1879Wife
Crawford, I C abt 1877Head
Crawford, Jessie abt 1886Wife
Bales, J B abt 1877Head
Braden, Jas abt 1878Lodger
Graham, Frank abt 1879Head
Graham, Annie abt 1884Wife
Braughton, Will abt 1880Head
Braughton, Nettie abt 1890Wife
Braughton, Willie abt 1907Son
Hall , Nathan J abt 1876Head
Hall, Pauline abt 1881Wife
Hall, Lovnni abt 1899Daughter
Mathew , James abt 1874Head
Mathew, Mary abt 1877Wife
Mathew, Lily abt 1902Daughter
Evans, W S abt 1863Head
Evans, Ola abt 1882Wife
Evans, Netter abt 1897Son
Evans, Burl abt 1904Son
Evans, Ola abt 1906Daughter
Evans, David abt 1908Son
Warthan , R S abt 1871Head
Warthan , Helen abt 1875Wife
Warthan , Sarah abt 1852Mother
Irene , James abt 1878Head
Lute, Henry abt 1879Head
Real , Robert abt 1870Head
Pestell , Jerry abt 1886Head
Pick , Henry abt 1865Head
Felan , Mare abt 1879Head
Millians , Henry abt 1877Head
Brown , Lean abt 1876Head
Rad, Gal abt 1877Head
Bisner, Homer abt 1891Head
Son, Sank abt 1882Head
, Willabt 1880Head
, Willabt 1863Head
Bell , Aubra abt 1885Head
McCormmick , Will abt 1878Head
, Raifordabt 1882Head
Wood , Manie abt 1884Head
Wright, James abt 1880Head
Boock , Bula abt 1885Head
Stephan , Allen abt 1864 Head
Braady , Andres abt 1889Head
Pobwson , Will abt 1867Head
Waner , Chas abt 1863Lodger
Narber, I L abt 1855Lodger
Oree, Julius abt 1892Lodger
Marbley , S abt 1868Lodger
Williams, H W abt 1885Lodger
Study , Will abt 1893Lodger
Lawrence, Bob abt 1880Lodger
Patraw , E M abt 1872Head
Patraw , Louie abt 1876Wife
Patraw , Gladie S abt 1905Daughter
Patraw , Robert L abt 1907Son
Patraw , Ethie M abt 1894Daughter
Reen , Joseph abt 1858Head
Reen , Maloy abt 1870Wife
Reen , Sephus r abt 1892Son
Weter , Davey abt 1889Daughter
Wassen, La abt 1896Head
Warren, Frances B abt 1897Daughter
Warren, Lillie abt 1897Daughter
Rude , Benjamia K abt 1843Lodger
, Laabt 1850Head
, Nellieabt 1866Wife
Harris , G L abt 1882Head
, Maudabt 1889Wife
, Gildricabt 1909Son
Harmans , W C abt 1860Head
, Seanabt 1873Wife
Raul, Wm abt 1896Son
, Ruthabt 1899Daughter
, Robertabt 1901Son
, Maxwellabt 1903Son
, Lilyabt 1902Daughter
, Ibraabt 1908Daughter
Priestman , Po abt 1861Head
Priestman , Lizzie abt 1873Wife
Priestman , Anna May abt 1896Daughter
Duba , Wm A abt 1864Head
Duba , Grace abt 1871Wife
Duba , Paul abt 1902Daughter
Duba , Lyel abt 1904
, Duba abt 1908
Garmany, Wm San abt 1899Daughter
Dunklee, Wm R abt 1848 Head
Dunklee, Eva D abt 1863Wife
Dunklee, Ethelda abt 1882Daughter
Dunklee, Raynard abt 1894Son
Dunklee, Meron abt 1896Son
Manago , Joseph abt 1872Lodger
Bethers, Fabins L abt 1872Head
Bethers, Issac N abt 1846Wife
Bethers, Emmett abt 1890Son
Nadob , Abe abt 1865Head
Nadob , Minnie abt 1877Wife
Nadab, Frances abt 1902Daughter
Nadab, Walter B abt 1906Son
Whidden, Wm M abt 1846Head
Crosland , J C abt 1878Head
Crosland , Eully abt 1888Wife
Crosland, Agnes abt 1908Daughter
Crosland, Emily abt 1910Daughter
Brawn , Kramer abt 1835Head
Brawn , Olive abt 1885Wife
Lewe , Ed abt 1885Head
Lewe , Alice abt 1883Wife
Lewe , Charlie abt 1905Son
Lewe , Innis abt 1909Son
Whitter , Louisa M abt 1886Head
Whitter , Echel abt 1886Wife
Whitter , Olar abt 1907Daughter
Cashin , Lizzie abt 1865Head
, Esteabt 1885Sister
Lamer , Jas M abt 1854Head
Lamer , Terah M abt 1854Wife
Lamer , James S abt 1880Son
Lamer , Fred M abt 1891Son
Lamer , Levis W abt 1894Son
Lamer , Lessie B abt 1899Son
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